How to Fix App Null Error and No GPS on Mi Drone App

Mi Drone - GPS Assisted Hover System

Announced few weeks ago, the Mi Drone seems now available unofficially for anyone around the world to buy it. The first Xiaomi UAV is powered with many awesomeness including those advanced features available on professional drones like DJI Phantom 3 or Yunex. Full HD video capturing either on 1080p or 4k is just one of its key features. There are many specifications of Mi Drone you can take a look at. However, since the UAV is not officially available globally so the app used to control the drone is available in Chinese only. Therefore, many non-Chinese users have difficulties understanding how to use the drone via its app. For you who are so lucky to have this Xiaomi’s first UAV on hands and somehow you found an error saying “Null” on the FiMi app, this workaround will help you to get through the situation successfully.

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The Workaround

Step 1Download FiMi (Mi UAV / Mi Drone App) English version .apk file into your Android phone.

Step 2 – Now open up your web browser (you better do it on PC) make sure you have logged out any Mi account. Now signup for another Mi Account (link: using another email of yours and you must set its region to China.

Step 3 – Now install FiMi (Mi UAV App) English version onto your phone. Make sure you have enabled installation from Unknown Sources inside Settings area.

Step 4 – Launch the app and follow displayed instruction to connect the app with the UAV.

Mi Drone App English

Step 5 – Upon tapping on the Next button, the app will check for hardware status of your Mi Drone.

Mi Drone App English Check Hardware

Step 6 – There is a possibility that the app will check for new firmware and will ask you to update the firmware. Simply ignore it and tap on Download Later button. Many users reported the app will keep crashing if the firmware updated.

Mi Drone App English Update Firmware

Step 7 – Now simply continue to establish proper connection between the app, the controller, and the UAV. You may also need to turn on your phone’s GPS and data connection (Internet). Do not forget to connect your phone to the controller using its USB cable.

Step 8 – Next, follow all instructions displayed on your phone. It’s in English anyway so you will easily understand each instruction.

Mi Drone App Beginners Guide

Flight Safety

Mi Drone App Learn UAV

Mi Drone App Controller

Mi Drone App Controller Right

Mi Drone App Start UAV

Mi Drone App Ready to Take Off

Mi Drone App Settings Complete


Step 9 – So your drone is now connected to both the app and the controller. Next, you’ll be asked to firstly calibrate Mi Drone’s compass following displayed guide on the app.

Mi Drone App Compass Calibration

This video on YouTube shows exactly how to calibrate Mi Drone properly.

That’s it. Those steps above shall help you to get rid of app “Null” error when you want to fly your Mi Drone to the sky.

Fix No GPS Issue

Some Mi Drone users encountered No GPS issue displayed as Internal UAV Fault on the app. However, Xiaomi has managed to fix this issue in the new firmware. Unfortunately you’ll find the app keeps crashing if you updated it to newer version. Here’s a simple workaround :

Step 1 – Uninstall the FiMi English version you have installed.

Step 2 – Now reinstall the Chinese version of the app by scanning the QRCode on its Manual book.

Step 3 – Next, continue to establish proper connection between the app, the controller, and the UAV. You may also need to turn on your phone’s GPS and data connection (Internet). Do not forget to connect your phone to the controller using its USB cable.

Step 4 – Make sure your phone is connected to the Internet and proceed by connecting the app to the UAV.

Step 5 – Again, at the point when the app asks to update drone’s firmware, simply proceed with the firmware update process.

Step 6 – The app will then download latest firmware and install it into the UAV. The process usually takes place for several minutes. You will hear the beeping sounds from the UAV indicating the update process has completed.

Step 7 – That’s it. Eventually you just need to wait till the positioning system (GPS and GLONASS) can get a hold of the position of UAV. Once done, you will see the X mark replaced by the Check mark on top.

At this point, you can try flying the UAV for a while (just let it hovering for a moment).

Finally, you can revert back to install the English version of the app once you feel the UAV is OK. There is a nice video showing a short guide on how to fly Mi Drone. Watch it here on YouTube.

That’s all. Do not forget to say thanks to Mitch002, a well-known moderator of Xiaomi community, for discovering the workaround.

  • Serega Peshkov

    I’ve already managed to run it but for some reason he does not get me a GPS … my question for some reason is not getting me the GPS?