How to Fix Bricked Mi 5 with Locked Bootloader and Update to Global ROM

Fix Bricked Mi 5 Guide

Xiaomi Mi 5 was the most well-known flagship phone before then Xiaomi rolled out Redmi Pro. Powered with a monster chipset – Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 – featured with quadcore processors, Mi 5 is really a high-end Android phone but with budget-friendly price. The most common problem of having this flagship phone is to end up at bricked state. Moreover, the fact that Xiaomi locks its bootloader makes the situation even worst. Need more than worst scenario? Knowing that your phone’s bootloader is locked plus the fact that it runs tampered version of MIUI ROM is the “more than worst” scenario you could expect in your life.

Necessary reading :

Now let’s say you have one of following situations :

  • Your Mi 5 is bricked and it was on fake ROM; or,..
  • Your Mi 5 is bricked and it was on China MIUI ROM; or,..
  • Your Mi 5 is not bricked and it is on China MIUI ROM.

and you want to fix it as well as you wan to flash latest MIUI Global ROM on it. This article will show you easiest way to fix broken Mi 5 (soft-brick) with locked bootloader and then to install latest MIUI Global Stable build without Fastboot method.


Before you proceed:

  1. Please take time to read and try our previous guide on how to easily fix bricked Mi 5 with Mi PC Suite.
  2. Neither us nor anyone affiliated with this trick is responsible for your actions. Credits belong to Gizbeat.
  3. Make full backup of all important files and data before you proceed once you managed to fix it.

Steps to Fix Bricked Mi 5

Step 1 – Install English version of Mi PC Suite you’ve downloaded above. You may need to firstly uninstall any previous version or any Chinese version.

Step 2 – Now grab your Mi 5 phone. Press and hold Volume Up (+) and Power buttons simultaneously until you see an image of a phone with USB cable.

Step 3 – Launch up Mi PC Suite (English edition) on your PC.

Step 4 – Now grab the USB cable you have prepared and use it to connect your phone with your PC. You might see any popup window appearing. Simply close it you saw it.

Step 5 – Next, click the tiny drop-down icon next to the Update button and then choose R.Flash which stands for Recovery Flash.

Recovery Flash Mi PC Suite

Step 6 – A Recovery Flash window will popup checking for updates. You will then see the current MIUI version at the top left-hand corner of Mi PC Suite. A circle animation will also show up followed with an approval button. Simply confirm to start updating through recovery method.

Step 7 – Depending on your internet connection (and its speed), the entire Recovery flashing process should take quite awhile. Just please be patient and make sure the internet connection is not interrupted.

Step 8 – Once the progress bar reached 100%, do not unplug it but leave it like about 30 minutes to make sure the whole process completed.

Updating to MIUI Global Stable ROM

So your phone is now resurrected from its bricked state. Next, you may want to replace current Chinese MIUI ROM into Global Stable ROM.

Step 1 – Uninstall the English version of Mi PC Suite and then reinstall the Chinese one. Make sure you firstly clean all traces, leftovers, and registry entries using a program like CCleaner.

Step 2 – Boot your Mi 5 into Recovery Mode. You can do that by pressing the Volume Up (+) button and Power button together simultaneously until you’ve seen Mi Logo and release the buttons immediately. You shall notice a picture of a phone with cable appearing or otherwise it means you failed.

Step 3 – Launch up Mi PC Suite you’ve installed in step 1 above.

Step 4 – Connect your Mi 5 device to your PC using its USB cable.

Step 5 – Now press the Shift button on your keyboard and click the Flash button on Mi PC Suite (as indicated in picture below).

Flash MIUI on Mi PC Suite Chinese

Step 6 – Now browse for the location of downloaded MIUI Recovery ROM .zip file. Select the .zip file to be flashed through Mi PC Suite.

Step 7 – The Mi PC Suite will start flashing the ROM upon selecting the .zip file. Just wait for it to complete.

Flashing MIUI 7 on Mi 5

Step 8 – That’s it. Once the flashing process has completed, your phone will reboot and you’ll see a message something like this:

Success Fix Bricked Mi 5

Step 9 – Simply click the Done button.

That’s all. Now your Mi 5 phone is live again and it is now running latest MIUI Global Stable ROM. If you want, you can then install Play Store and any other GApps on it.

  • Vuksab18

    When i open my rom .zip file (downloaded from miui) it wont work for global rom, works only for china rom, how can i install global rom?
    with respect

  • KK

    Step 2 – Now grab your Mi 5 phone. Press and hold Volume Up (+) and Power buttons simultaneously until you see an image of a phone with USB cable.

    Can’t do that as MI logo is appearing only and no cable image anymore…

  • Kurniawan Adi Putra

    checking the updates tooks such a long time, my internet connection is ok, no problem at all.

    but pc suite didn’t detect my device. any step i’ve missed?