How to Fix Common ADB Device Errors

Solve ADB Device Issue

ADB USB Drivers is one of important things an Android user, especially an MIUI user, should have it installed on their computer. This piece of additional software is important to make sure a computer can recognize any Android device properly and can perform many Devs-only tasks instead of just transferring files from and into the Android device. You may also need ADB Package installed on your computer especially if you want to put your Xiaomi device into EDL mode, flash Fastboot ROM, or even to unlock MIUI bootloader. But what is ADB exactly? According to Google’s explanation, ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge which is a versatile command line tool. It is shortly a client-server program that lets you communicate with an emulator instance or connected Android-powered device. You can find out more about what ADB is from this link.

Just like any other mechanism, ADB connection can also sometimes return error. There are basically three most common issues related to ADB connection issues : device unauthorized error, waiting for device error, or device offline error. The possible workarounds to solve such ADB errors are after the jump below. Thanks to Raaj52 of MIUI forum who discovered the workarounds.

First Workaround

This is the easiest one especially if you are faced with “Device Offline” issue in ADB command line interface.

  1. Install either Mi PC Suite, MiFlash tool, ADB Drivers installer, or PDANet. These tools contain necessary drivers needed for your computer to recognize your device. Install just either one but install another one if the one you installed couldn’t detect your phone.
  2. Now enable Developer Options on your phone.
  3. Enable USB Debugging found inside Developer Options and connect your phone into your computer.
  4. Repeat the steps using different driver software above until you can get rid of the issues you found.

Enable USB Debugging MIUI 8

Second Workaround

Let’s say the steps above did not work for you whether it’s just out of luck or may be there is really something wrong with the configuration. This next workaround can be possible solution for you: reauthorizing the adb keys. This solution hopefully can fix your adb issue especially on “device unauthorized” error. Proceed accordingly and carefully:

Step 1 – Open up Windows Explorer window in your computer and go to following location : My Computer >> C:\ drive >> Users >> your username in Windows >> .android. You will find two files named adbkey and inside that folder.

android adb key

You may see it as (with the .pub extension) or you may see it as adbkey but with Microsoft Publisher icon (no .pub extension as above).

Step 2 – Now delete those two files. You knew how to do it right?

Step 3 – Still in Windows Explorer, go to ADB folder or any other folder (like if you extracted ADB Fastboot files, then go to this location).

Step 4 – Open command prompt window from that location by holding Shift button and right-clicking.

Open Command Window Minimal ADB Folder

Step 5 – Issue following command (type it and hit Enter) :

adb kill-server

Step 6 – Now grab your phone and firstly disable USB Debugging and reenable it again then connect it to your computer.

Step 7 – Next, issue this command :

adb start-server

ADB Start Server

Step 8 – Type this command to make ADB interface recognize your phone :

adb devices

Step 9 – You will notice displayed on your phone. Just tick the “Always allow from this computer” and tap the OK button.

Allow Debugging from computer

Step 10 – That’s it. You’ll see your device displayed as unique serial number in ADB interface :

adb devices success

Congratulation! You have finally fixed ADB device issue you faced it before. Enjoy!

Please drop a comment below whether you did it successfully or not. Have a nice day.

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