How to Fix “Couldn’t Verify Device” Error During Bootloader Unlock Process

MIUI Bootloader Unlocked

Many MIUI users who want to unlock their phone’s bootloader are faced with several problems preventing them to proceed the unlocking mechanism successfully even if they already have official permission from Xiaomi. Previously, we have posted some possible workarounds to solve bootloader unlocking process that is stuck at 50%. However, there is another possible issue that might happen to you when you try to do the unlocking process: Couldn’t Verify Device. The most possible reason causing such problem is the fact that Mi Flash Unlock tool seems seeing your Mi account logged in in your device is not the same account or might be the same account but with different device.

Luckily, one of MIUI Device Team called Nivu has discovered a simple workaround to deal with this situation. The workaround is basically easy and not too techy. Therefore, I believe anyone including you can easily follow the workaround.

Step 1 – Apply for bootloader unlocking permission from this page – if you haven’t done it yet. It may take days or few weeks for the application to be approved.

Step 2 – Once you are granted with unlock permission, download and install Mi Flash Unlock tool into your computer.

Step 3 – This step is optional but you may try it. Download latest MIUI Global Beta Recovery ROM (.zip) file and flash it to your phone through either Updater app or stock Mi Recovery. However, it is also fine to stick with current MIUI Developer ROM.

Step 4 – On your phone, login to your Mi Account using your phone number – the one has been granted with unlock permission.

Step 5 – Also switch on “Find My Device” service in your device.

Step 6 – Next, open up your favorite web browser in your computer and access Mi Cloud via following url : and sign in using the same Mi Account (use your mobile phone number). However, if it is your first time using Mi Cloud, the system will send a verification code to your mobile number. Use that code to verify your Mi Cloud account.

Signin Mi Cloud

Step 7 – Once you logged in, you’ll be able to see a list of connected devices. Your duty is to check whether your device status is online or not. You may need to remove all other connected device(s) (temporarily) if you have ones.

Connected Mi Device

For some reason you may only have one actual device but Mi Cloud may display two devices. In this case you may also need to delete one of them.

Step 8 – Now leave that for a day.

Step 9 – Assuming it is the day after you did Step 7 above. Now open up Mi Flash Unlock tool you have installed and login to your Mi Account using the same mobile number instead of email / ID.

Step 10 – Grab your phone and open up Settings >> Developer Options >> Enable OEM Unlock and USB Debugging.

Also read: How to enable Developer Options on MIUI device.

Step 11 – Turn your phone off first and then reboot it into Fastboot mode by pressing Volume Down (-) and Power buttons simultaneously until you see Mi Bunny Fastboot logo.

Step 12 – Connect your phone into your computer, wait for a few seconds until your computer (and the tool) fully recognize your device.

Step 13 – Finally, hit the “Unlock” button.

Voila! Your phone’s bootloader should be unlocked successfully.

I’m not quite sure if bootloader unlocking process can be done on MIUI Global Stable ROM but Nivu says it could be done – AFAIK it should be on MIUI Developer ROM. However, it’s free to try it first and upgrade to Developer ROM if your first attempt on Global Stable was failed. Another MIUI user has confirmed that this method works successfully on Global Stable so yes, you may try it.

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  • Saish Mandavkar

    What if the device is showing offline. Please help. My device is showing offine in Mi Cloud. Find Device is ON in my Phone.

    • farieznur

      make sure both GPS/Location and Mobile Data are on

      • Saish Mandavkar

        Thank you. It worked!

  • Where is OEM unlock option? I can’t find it in global ROM dev. options

  • Kevin Spiteri

    What if I have a forgotten pattern lock? I cannot perform Steps 5 and 10.


  • Saptarshi Bandyopadhyay

    thanks dud….sucessfully unlocked my device…..please share me link for rooting redmi note 3…

  • Abhishek sharma

    Didnt worked for mi max…. any solutions please

  • Thexfactorguy

    I made a video explaining how to switch from MIUI 8 beta to MIUI 8 stable using Fastboot check out on

  • Sagar Tiwari

    weird error! i log into mi unlock tool, it starts checking for permission and then this error appears..

  • Rahul Gange

    bootloader unlocking stuck 50% . Getting couldant verify device error- Try this


    1.Flash developer ROM ( this is necessary or not i cant say surely as i
    had flashed developer rom after to much reserch on youtube & google
    to solve problem but that not worked )

    2.Open Mi Account app on phone &check that u hav registered same no
    which u have used to get permission. Best way register both no i.e.
    Sim1 & Sim 2

    3. The mobile no which u hav used to get permission , insert it only in
    SIM SLOT 1 not SIM slot 2 As our phone by default uses sim 1 to
    synchronise MI clould. Do not insert any other sim which is not
    registered on Mi Account in Second Sim Slot also.

    4.Now logout Mi account in phone & sign in with mobile no(sim 1 no).
    Also sign in MI cloud on PC using same mobile no & check that ur
    device is online under Find Device Section
    5. Now try Unlocking. NO need to wait 1-2 d

    • Kailash

      I did everything there except 2 things – didn’t register both SIMS and I had both SIM cards in while trying to unlock. So as I understand, I need to have the only SIM in first slot for which I got the unlock SMS confirmation?

      I will try this method today evening and report back.

      • MaxtheRipper

        And did it work?

  • Stuart Forrest

    Worked for me. I have tried for months to unlock my Mi Max but it wouldnt. I tried doing this but cutting out the day wait but that didnt work. Came back today and tried again and it worked 🙂 Thanks for the tip.

    • Ahmed Mohamedeen

      So you Do have to wait a day right?

  • Spejs Manki

    It still says it’s offline, all turned on and connected?

  • Dipjoty Jazz

    Tried it. No use. Still the same error. Even left it for a day. Any other working solution?

  • Tonesz586

    On Redmi 3 it doesn’t seem to work.

  • Denis Brown

    doesn’t work as cannot login to device with mi account. Error that device cannot be verified and then stuck in loop. cannot even get to log in part of miui. THIS is the error. some sort of problem on the device that causes it to be unable to connect to MI

  • Pruthvi Chandra

    Apply For The Mi unlock, After Confirmation then proceed with below status.
    Just Go to:
    1. Developer Options
    2. Mi unlock status
    3. Add Device Option. Thats It.

    Now You dont get any error.

    • Alexandros Tsifilitakos

      You sir deserve the crown! Did that and it worked!

    • nik izkyl

      all hail the king

    • Robby Bee Hardiansyah

      Thanks soooooo much. :*

    • i can find that option on my redmi 3 pro MIUI please help

  • Arya Rohit

    I try to unlick my Mi Note 3 bootloader.i was got the permission to unlock boot loader.when i try to unlock with new MIUI unlock tool(2.2.406.5) it say.

    ‘Account is not bound to this device’
    In the “setting –◆ DEVELOPER OPTION–◆MI UNLOCK STATUS”binding account and equipment

    And when i try to add my MIUI Account to mi unlock status it show “86012”and some Chinese language

    I use stable rom 8.2(marshmallow)

    Give me some suggestions