How to Fix No Network Issue on Redmi 3 (A Workaround Trick)

Signal Reception 4G Redmi 3

In some cases MIUI users keep getting network issue on their Redmi 3 devices due to some reasons including different network band, the installed MIUI ROM has been tempered (not really the stock ROM), and so on. There is actually a simple solution as suggested by one of MIUI Moderators, Sumpat89, that it can be solved by simply flashing a particular part of MIUI ROM that handles Networking onto the phone. In this article, you’ll see how to solve network problem on Redmi 3 but please do understand neither us nor Sumpat89-thanks and credits belong to him- will responsible for any damage on your phone as the result of following this guide.

We also strongly suggest you to firstly create full backup of your phone especially all of your important data. You might need that backup if anything went wrong. Therefore, taking backup is a must and it is better for you to save your backup in your computer.


  • A Redmi 3 device with bootloader unlocked.
  • A PC or laptop running Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 64-bit.
  • A USB cable to connect your phone to PC.
  • Make sure your device has at least 55% battery power remaining.
  • Download Mi Flash Tool into your computer.
  • Download MIUI Fastboot ROM into your computer. Make sure you download the same version as the one running on your phone. (MIUI, MIUI, or latest version here)


  1. Install MIUI ROM Flashing tool (Mi Flash) onto your computer.
  2. Extract MIUI Fastboot ROM .tgz file in your computer using either Winrar or 7zip tool.
  3. Enable Developer Options on your phone. Doing so is easy. Just go to Settings>>About phones >> tap on the MIUI Version 7 times. You can skip this step if you have it enabled previously.
  4. Enable USB Debugging on your phone. Go to Settings >> Additional Settings>>Developer Options >> enable USB Debugging.
  5. Connect your phone to your computer.
  6. It may need to install some necessary drivers so your computer can recognize your device. If not, you may also consider to instal this ADB USB Drivers.

Fixing Network Problem

Step 1 – On your computer, open up Windows Explorer and go to the folder of where you have extracted MIUI Fastboot ROM. Make sure you go into the “image” folder and find “NON-HLOS.bin” file.

Step 2 – Now copy that file (Right-click on it and Copy).

Step 3 – Now go to the folder of where the MIUI Flashing tool has been installed. It is usually located at this location :

C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\Xiaomi\MiPhone\Google\Android

Step 4 – Paste the previously copied .bin file into that folder (Right-click and Paste).

Step 5 – When you are still in that folder, hold the Shift button on your keyboard >> right-click >> then choose “Open command window from here”.

Step 6 – Type this command in CMD :

adb devices

Step 7 – You’ll then see your device Serial ID displayed in the list. Otherwise, you may need to reinstall the USB Drivers or Mi PC Suite.

ADB Devices Command

Step 8 – Reboot your Redmi 3 into Fastboot mode by pressing Volume Down (-) and Power button simultaneously.

Step 9 – Once your phone is in fasbboot mode, execute following command :

fastboot flash modem NON-HLOS.bin

Flash Modem Fastboot

Step 10 – Finally,reboot your phone by executing this simple command :

fastboot reboot

Fastboot Reboot Phone

That’s all. You can now disconnect your phone from your computer. Your networking reception shall now boosted or at least better than it was before. Have your tried this? What do you think?

  • Mervyn

    Worked for me. Thanks guys

  • Shins Varghese

    does it work for redmi note 4g?

  • Sidheeque Rahman

    I’m in a trouble,please help..

    Am using Redmi 3s prime for last 6 months, Sofar it was running ok.but last week onwards my 3s lost the net signal frequently, after one or two minutes it Wil come automatically and gone as I mentioned above.all the time the data button in the top bar is active.i am using jio,bur but it was working perfectly till the last week..any one please help me…
    My email id:

  • Niranjan Thapa

    plz help
    FAILED (remote: Partition flashing is not allowed)

    • Yedida Adi

      Unlock your bootloader first by official method broo..
      Then redo those steps above..

  • קוראים אותי

    I have Redmi Note 3 SD..
    can I do it too?

    If that matter I’m on custom ROM (NitrogenOS)

  • Keshav Bhardwaj

    no sim bro……….coming this message…is it helpful