How to Fix Redmi Note 3 (Snapdragon) : Bootloop and Mi Logo Stuck

Tutorial Unbrick Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm

Many Redmi Note 3 users got panic when their devices were getting into bootloop or stuck at Mi Logo – shortly it just couldn’t boot normally. Many said that as bricked device. Yet, they were even frustrated because their devices have bootloader locked whereas flashing Fastboot MIUI ROMwhich in most cases being the easiest solution of bricked device – needs unlocked bootloader to proceed. There are few possible methods already to handle with such situation. However, when there is still a possible solution in case when any other methods simply won’t work.

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This article shows you some steps – with pictures- on how to fix Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm Snapdragon, with locked bootloader, stuck at Mi Logo or kept in bootloop without having chance to boot normally. This method has been discovered by feds64, a popular moderator of MIUI Forum. Thus, all credits belong to him. Nevertheless, this method should only work on softbrick device: broken device caused with anything related to software whereas hardbrick means something wrongs on its hardware.

Why can softbrick happens? In general, this could happen due to wrong flashing procedure either ROM flashing or Custom Recovery flashing. If you have any experience with this situation, you’ll most-likely end up at either bootloop or stuck at Mi Logo. However, in this state you’ll still be able to get into Fastboot mode, Recovery Mode, and Emergency Download Mode (EDL). Unluckily, both Fastbooot and Recovery mode are no use if your device is locked (the bootloader).

How to fix it? Simply follow these steps below :

WARNING : Please read the whole steps thoroughly first before doing it. In addition, either Feds64 or I is responsible for any risks and damage caused by following this guide. Proceed with care.


You’ll need these :

  1. A Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm Snapdragon device (RN3SD) with bootloader locked;
  2. A computer either PC or laptop running Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10;
  3. A USB cable – just use the one shipped with your phone;
  4. Download and install ADB and Fastboot drivers on your PC;
  5. Download and install MiPhone v20160401 on your PC;
  6. Download and install Intel Android Drivers Setup onto your PC and extract its content;
  7. Download Qualcomm QDLoader 64-bit Driver into your PC;
  8. Download latest MIUI Fastboot ROM (.tgz) file into your PC (links are below) – You can use either Global Stable or China Stable.

MIUI Fastboot ROM for RN3SD:

1. Get Your PC PC Ready

Install all necessary software on your PC so it can recognize your device correctly. Furthermore, you have to also disable Driver Signature Enforcement and Digital Signature Check. You can do that by pressing Windows button + i on keyboard to reveal the Settings page. From there you can choose Update & Security >> Recovery >> Advanced startup >> Restart now. Wait a moment for your computer to restart. Next, go to Troubleshoot >>Advanced options >> Startup settings >> Restart. Once your computer restarts, now choose Disable driver signature enforcement which is option number 7.

Here’s a nice video to help you with that :

2. Putting your phone into EDL Mode

There are two methods to achieve this : the fast but little bit difficult or the slow but little bit easy.

The easy method

Ok, I’ll start with the easier first. This method is easy because you don’t have to bother with opening your phone’s hard case / back cover and disconnecting the battery. However, this way is longer because you need to leave your phone till it runs out of battery power which can be time consuming if you have much power left in it. I’ve explained it in my previous post so please read : method to boot Rednote 3 into EDL mode.

The quick method

Don’t have enough patience in you to wait till the battery drained off? Or may be you’ve tried the first method but failed? Then try the faster method by disconnecting the power between the circuit board and battery as explained in these steps below.

Step 1 – Remove the SIM-card try from your phone.

Step 2 – Use your finger nail to get in between the slit of the screen and back cover, and then run along the slit around the phone. On top of that, make sure you gently lift up from the power or volume rocker side because you don’t want to accidentally put apart the fingerprint ribbon cable. Make sure you place all the parts as in the picture below. Again, please be very careful.

Open Redmi Note 3 Rear Try Cover

Step 3 – Next, please slowly lift up the metal cum ribbon cable using your finger nail at an angle where the red arrows are, as shown below.

Redmi Note 3 Battery Connector

Step 4 – Just disconnect it and leave it unconnected for approximately 5 seconds. The below picture shows you how the battery looks like after being dismantled from the phone.

Redmi Note 3 Battery Standard

Step 5 – You should now reconnect the connector back as well as placing the battery to its proper place. Make sure the connector is “click” in its place. Your phone should now in OFF state.

Step 6 – Now connect your phone to the USB cable but just don’t connect it to the computer yet.

Step 7 – Open up Windows Explorer in your computer and go to either drive C:\ or C:\adb folder.

Step 8 – Hold down the Shift button on your keyboard and right-click on your mouse then select “Open command window here“.

Command Window

Step 9 – Now connect your phone using its USB cable to the computer and type this command in command prompt window :

adb version
adb devices
adb reboot edl

It should looks similar like :

adb edl command

3. Updating Drivers

At this point, your phone should should show a steady flashing red light from its LED. Now launch up Device Manager.

2 cents tip : How to open Windows Device Manager? Right-click on the Computer icon >> choose Properties >> choose Device Manager.

At this point, your computer should detect your phone and install needed driver driver. However, you should use the Qualcomm 64-bit Driver you’ve download. Just double-click on the “Relink HS-USB QDLOADER 9008 (COM3)” and update the driver with Qualcomm HS-USB QDLOADER 9008 instead. Just go through as what the pictures below describes.

Update Qualcomm Driver

Update Qualcomm Driver Part 2

Update Qualcomm Driver Part 3

Update Qualcomm Driver Part 4

Do not forget to restart your computer.

Restart Computer

4. Flashing MIUI Fastboot ROM

Step 1 – Extract the .tgz file you have downloaded. Just use either Winrar or 7zip for this task and make sure you extract until you get a folder called images.

Step 2 – Make sure you have downloaded and installed MiFlash tool on your computer. Now launch it up.

Step 3 – On MiFlash tool, click on Refresh button then Browse. Now locate where’s the location of where the extracted files are.

MiFlash Locate Fastboot ROM

Step 4 – Now click on the little arrow next to the Browse button then choose Advanced. Next, just make sure you have the same settings as what shown below:

MiFlash Settings Advanced

MiFlash Settings Advanced 2

MiFlash Settings Advanced 3

Step 5 – Once everything has been set up as it should be, now click on the Flash button.

Proper MiFlash Setup

Step 6 – The tool will begin the flashing process. Just wait till it completely finished.

Flashing Process of MIUI Fastboot ROM

Flashing Complete MIUI Fastboot ROM

Step 7 – That’s it. Once you reboot your phone, it may take longer than usual but it’s normal since it’s the first time your phone is booting the newly installed system.

Redmi Note 3 Unbrick Success

Voila! Your phone has been recovered.

Do not hesitate to share your experience in the comment section below. Also, do check all other MIUI tips and tricks.

  • Matt Steven

    Thanks for putting together this guide – unfortunately, I’m totally unable to access edl mode using both methods. The volume keys takes me to the ‘Mi’ page, and when i type in the commands, i either get “error device not found” or “error: device unauthorized. This adbd’s $ADB_VENDOR_KEYS is not set; try ‘adb kill-server’ if that seems wrong. Otherwise check for a confirmation dialog on your device.” Any tips?

  • Soham Bhagat

    Mi Note Hang on Mi Logo

    Not rebooting

    Please Help

  • teja

    i had unlocked bootloader and now my evice is softbricked
    plz tell me how to get a solution through this

  • yogesh

    its telling device ‘(null)’ not found. plzz help me

    • farieznur

      what do you mean by that? Is it in your PC? try reinstalling ADB USB Drivers and make sure you put your device in EDL mode

      • face the same probem.

        CMD “adb devices” show no device attached

        and if we run CMD “adb reboot edl”
        it shows device null not found.

        • Andrés Felipe Vélez Ramírez

          do you fix the problem?

  • Amit Raha

    Flash done smoothly, but the problem is not solved, its remain as before. Please help me

  • Rishav Mishra

    I have a locked bootloader. Then what to do?

    • farieznur

      you can follow the guide. The key point is you have to be able to enter EDL mode than flash MIUI Fastboot ROM on it. EDL mode will bypass bootloader when flashing.

  • Tarique Siddiqui

    hello… I have flash rom successfully into EDL mod but device is not power on any more….and also not comming into fastboot bunny image….what to do….please help

  • Shahril Sahari

    Just buy the phone and not yet sign in any account. Then update miui. During the reboot, it stuck at mi logo and i keeping press it power button so it can be better. But the result still same stuck at mi logo. Help my new phone. :((

  • Josef Izchaki

    So the trick worked! Thanks!! But the ribbon did detach. What is this ribbon connecting? Is it fixable? Any assistance would be appreciated.

  • DheerajAnaremoChetri

    Hi. The method worked without any error. No boot loops now. But a new problem has come up. My WiFi, bluetooth, GPS, proximity sensor are not working. Did I damage the hardware? I am freaked out right now. Please help!!!!!!

  • Helle Laanes

    My computer doesn’t find the phone in cmd adb devices… what now???

  • Jasi

    Is that mehtod just for red mi note3? Can`t I use for red mi 3?

  • Atul Bisht
  • Aashish Keoliya

    had same problem with boot loop,just followed the step to open the phone,disconnected the battery,reconnected in a minute.closed the casing back,restarted the phone..Worked..!!

  • irfan mokoginta

    watch this video, unbrick RN3 Pro (Snapdragon Version) and its work for me,

    my problem RN3 Pro (2/16) dead and just give a blink (red notification),

    –>login to windows (disable driver signature)

  • OM Rahul Kumar Singh

    adb virsion is out of date how can fix it

  • U Ag Ng

    In Mi logo stuck problem i was do as per above procedure but it is still happen .

  • Tech World

    if you want to switch off your phone without doing above procedure here no need to remove battery just hold power button for 30 seconds to switch off..
    for going to bootloader just hold volume down and power button simintiously for 30 sec when you stuck in bootloop….

  • androidbrick
  • Haz

    This always Works for me had done this like 12 time to my phone and still works (5/4/17)

  • Nurkay Erbay

    it says not enough storage is avalialbe.

  • Sidharth Sreekumar

    All the download links are either broken or results in failed download.

  • Safvan TK

    No need to wait till the battery drains…Press power button,volume up and down simultaneously for 30 seconds while boot looping will switch off the phone. Then follow the normal procedures to go to EDL mode. This is worked for me.