How to Fix Yi IP Cam Error 5400

Fix Xiaomi Yi IP Cam Error

Xiaomi Yi IP Camera or people usually call it XiaoYi is really a modern CCTV-like private camera featuring 720p video recording ability plus built-in microphone and speaker that also supports two-way remote dialogue. Users can watch live condition of whatever  the camera is recording at. Moreover, its 110 degree wide-angle lens bring a sense of immersive screen clearly. Being so popular and gained many users, some reported a weird error with a message saying “Camera connection fail. Please try again later (-5400).”

This kind of error, commonly known as error 5400, usually happens when the users tried to view the Yi IP Camera remotely located somewhere else. For example, the camera is at home and a user is trying to access the camera through computer at his/her office. It has no confirmation yet regarding the main reason of what caused that. Most-likely it is related with connection peers.

Faced the same thing? No worries! As explained by mitch002, there are two possible solutions you can choose to solve the problem :

First, connect to Wifi at your home and view the camera. Once connection to your camera has been established successfully, then switch the connection to mobile data immediately and try viewing the camera again. This should work perfectly with no error 5400 emerging again.

Second, if above method still gives you no luck then try this one. Get a pin and use it to press the reset button located at the back of the camera for about 5 seconds until the light turns orange. Finally, firstly remove that specified device from Mi Home app then install the camera device once again. Once installed, try connecting to view the camera then switch to mobile data immediately.

That’s it. The first method is simpler but however to some extent it might not work so you have to implement method #2 that requires you to reset the camera. Mitch002 also confirmed that he was able to use the method above to fix error 5400 on his Yi IP Cam Night Vision edition. What about you? Again, do not hesitate to share your experience and let other users know what works and what doesn’t. Feel free to browse around other tips and tricks about Xiaomi here in this blog.

  • arrieyo

    Hello, do you know what error -30006 is? I’m using Mi Home on iOS, installation was succesfuly done, but when i trying to connect to camera, it’s only 30% loaded then error (-30006).