How to Flash MIUI 8 Fastboot and Recovery ROM

Install MIUI 8

Xiaomi has started rolling out MIUI 8 for all Xiaomi devices. The program has been started from Beta, Alpha, China Developer, Global Developer, eventually then China Stable and Global Stable. There are still many MIUI fans hesitating on updating their devices to run latest MIUI 8 ROM. Especially when it comes to any non Global Stable build. But fear no more, installing MIUI 8 is actually piece of cake as long as you have an adventurous soul inside your heart. Simply follow one of these methods to install MIUI 8 either Fastboot or Recovery ROM on any of Xiaomi devices safely. The main objective of this guide is to do full MIUI 8 installation manually and is not from OTA Update mechanism.

Some important notes :

  1. Although these methods are completely safe, there is always a possibility of “things” that will go wrong. Therefore, it is always better to firstly create backup of all your important data and files.
  2. Updating to MIUI 8 from Recovery interface (Recovery method) is not fully compatible with some of Redmi MTK devices like Redmi Note 3 MTK and some devices with locked bootloader due to differences in the nature of Recovery interface.
  3. If you want to update to either Global or China Developer ROM, then make sure you have latest MIUI 7 Global Stable ROM on your device.

Method #1 – Mi Recovery

This method is perfect for devices having Mi Recovery v2.0.1 instead of the new ones. Let’s start..

Step 1 – Download any or latest version of MIUI 8 Recovery ROM. Remember that it has to have .zip extension. You can download it either directly into your phone or into your computer first then transfer it into your phone. Make sure you put the file in the root directory of your phone’s internal storage which is not inside any folder.

Step 2 – The file name should be very long in size and ending in .zip. Now you need to firstly rename that file to “” which you can do that either in File Manager or in your computer.

Update zip MIUI 8

Step 3 – Now open up Updater app in your phone. The app is usually located in the Tools folder.

MIUI 8 Updater App

Step 4 – Tap on the three dots (…) at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Three Dots Updater App

Step 5 – Now choose “Reboot to Recovery Mode” from the displayed options.

Reboot to Recovery Mode MIUI 8

Step 6 – Your phone shall now reboot automatically into Mi Recovery.

Step 7 – Now go through these sequence : Choose Install to System >> Answer Yes >> wait for the flashing process >> Complete >> Back >> Reboot into system. See screenshot pic below :

Mi Recovery Updating Flashing Process

That’s it. Upon rebooting to normal mode, your will see MIUI 8 running on it.

Method #2 – Mi Updater App

This method makes use of Mi Updater app directly without having to reboot into recovery.

Step 1 – Download any or latest version of MIUI 8 Recovery ROM. Remember that it has to have .zip extension. You can download it either directly into your phone or into your computer first then transfer it into your phone. Make sure you put the file in the root directory of your phone’s internal storage which is not inside any folder.

Step 2 – The file name should be very long in size and ending in .zip. Now can firstly rename that file to “” or simply use it as it is without renaming but it would be too long.

Update zip MIUI 8

Step 3 – Now open up Updater app in your phone. The app is usually located in the Tools folder.

MIUI 8 Updater App

Step 4 – Tap on the three dots (…) at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Three Dots Updater App

Step 5 – Several options will appear. Next, tap on “Choose Update Package“.

Choose Update Package MIUI 8

Step 6 – Now locate the MIUI Recovery ROM .zip file you have downloaded before. Choose that file and then tap on the OK button to start flashing.

SD Final

Step 7 – Mi Updater app will firstly verify the ROM package and then proceed with the flashing process. Once done, your phone should reboot automatically.

Method #3 – Fastboot

For some recent MIUI devices including Redmi Note 3, Redmi 3, Mi 5, Mi 4s, and Mi Max (and probably the next newer models) are shipped with locked bootloader. Therefore, you have to firstly unlock it if you have one of those device and want to flash, install, or reinstall MIUI 8 through Fastboot mode. Follow steps mentioned in our previous guide on how to officially unlock bootloader using Mi Flash Unlock tool.

One more thing to bear in mind, it is recommended to update using Recovery method above while you can perform Fastboot method only if you really need to do so (in case of softbrick, bootloop, or just to fully reset your phone). Are you ready? Now let’s proceed with flashing MIUI 8 Fastboot ROM.

Step 1 – Download ADB USB Drivers or Mi PC Suite (just either one) and install it on your computer to make sure your computer can recognize and communicate with your phone properly.

Step 2 – Download latest Mi Flash tool and install it on your computer. However, you may also use the Mi Flash Beta version that features performance enhancements and easier flashing process.

Step 3 – Download any or latest MIUI 8 Fastboot ROM you want to install. Make sure the file is ending in .tgz extension and not .zip. Extract the ROM package using either WinRAR or 7Zip in your computer.

Step 4 – Enable Developer Options on your phone. Doing so is easy. Just go to Settings>>About phones >> tap on the MIUI Version 7 times. You can skip this step if you have it enabled previously.

Step 5 – Enable USB Debugging on your phone. Go to Settings >> Additional Settings>>Developer Options >> enable USB Debugging.

Step 6 – Reboot your phone into Fastboot mode. Turn your phone off completely first, and then press Volume Down (-) and Power buttons simultaneously until you have seen Mi Bunny Fastboot logo.

Mi Bunny Fastboot Logo

Step 7 – Now open up Mi Flash tool you have installed earlier.

Step 8 – Connect your phone into your computer using its USB cable.

Step 9 – Locate the extracted MIUI 8 Fastboot ROM. You can do that in two ways :

First method : In MiFlash, click on the “Browse” button >> locate the location of MIUI 8 ROM folder.

Browse MiFlash Tool

Second method : Open up Windows Explorer >> go to the folder of MIUI 8 ROM >> and copy the path from Windows Explorer to MiFlash (see the blue square line below).

MiFlash Detecting ROM Files

Step 10 – Next, click the “Refresh” button and make sure the Mi Flash tool can recognize your device properly. Otherwise, it might be something wrong with installed USB drivers so you might have to reinstall it.

Step 11 – Finally, and if your device can be recognized properly, simply click the “Flash” button to start installing MIUI ROM onto your device. Just wait till the progress bar displayed is fully green. It indicates the flashing process completed.

There will be a case that you get error during flashing. The easiest workaround is to check whether you have copied the ROM path correctly or you may also try to choose “Flash All” or “Flash all except data and storage” option in the bottom.

Step 12 – Eventually, your device should now automatically reboot into normal mode. It usually takes longer time than usual but that’s normal.

Devices with unlocked bootloader will remain have their bootloader unlocked upon flashing. Those who want to re-lock bootloader need to flash a script named “flash_all_lock” which is included within the ROM package.


Once your phone has been fully turned on, head over to Settings and About device. Make sure you have MIUI 8 displayed there.

New About

Congratulation and enjoy! Go play around with some of top MIUI 8 features and see how cool it is :

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  3. MIUI 8 Hidden Features Trick.

Do not hesitate to drop comment below. Images / illustrations credits belong to Feds64 and Vincent_Khoo of MIUI community.

  • Kartik Thakur

    I have Redmi Note 3 Snapdragon 650. Bootloader is locked. If i use method 1 or method 2 to update my rom to miui 8 will it work or not?
    Current miui version is MIUI Global 7.3 Stable

    • farieznur

      Yes it should work but having bootloader unlocked is preferable. Alternative and safer method is to firstly Flash Global Dev ROM on your phone and update through OTA. Otherwise, you may simply wait for Global Stable ROM which is soon in August

      • Kartik Thakur

        Okay Thanks ?

  • Art

    Apologies guys my question is for Miui 7, im really very frustrated cause my Mi Pad 2 is as good as useless now due to crashing of application.

    When I as updater got the error “ signature verification failed”
    When I use recovery got the error again “ corrupted”
    Tried flashing Mi-Recovery but I can’t, I already followed many instructions.

    Note: my file is not corrupted.

    Any idea guys?

    • sirknightlightning

      Try official ROM if you need eng language only.

      • Art

        Yes. Thats the one I’ved downloaded.

        • sirknightlightning

          Try reflash via MiFlash.

        • farieznur

          download the Fastboot ROM and flash through MiFlash

          • A BAW

            can i flash miui 8 global rom from cm 13 custom rom,pls?

  • Mohammad Tauseef

    I tried to update my redmi note 3 SD version by Updater app and choosing the update package but I am getting an error – Couldn’t Verify Update Package.
    Could you please help me with this.
    Thanks in advance.

  • manish amarnani

    How to revert back to miui7 stable rom from miui8 developer rom on Redmi note 3 snapdragon?

  • Prem Shah

    I m not in this field…So i have no idea of any of such stuffs…So plz suggest me directly

    Which one should i go? And Y?
    : Fastboot or Recovery update for MiUI8

    And plz explain in simple common language…

    I have Redmi Note 3 (Qualcomm/16GB)

    Thank you in advance

    • farieznur

      If your current MIUI is MIUI 7 Stable, then you need to firstly flash MIUI 7 Developer Build via Recovery ROM and then you can flash MIUI 8 Developer build Recovery ROM afterwards. (that’s easier and safer)

      You may use Fastboot if you want to flash directly from MIUI 7 to MIUI 8.

      However, you can simply flash from MIUI 7 Stable to MIUI 8 stable once its released.

  • Dharma Teja

    I unlocked my bootloader and rooted my Redmi Note 3 Pro snapdragon varient .i got an miui8 update in the updater app.should update it or will i get bricked cuz i’m rooted?or is there any other way to not loose root,data but still the update takes place?
    Thank you in advance!

  • shashi

    after updating miui 8 in my redmi note 3g airtel sim network is not working while other network sim works well but not airtel, i have tried it flashing manually in both ways recovery methode and updator app, and also downgraded it to miui7 then also its not working how could i resolve this please help me…

    • shashi

      redmi note 3G it is MTK device and its recovery boot version is 2.0.1
      how to know its bootloader is loked or unlocked

    • Naveena Paramahamsa

      Same problem with my Redmi note 3G

  • muazzam munir

    Can i convert from China stable to global stable miui 8 on mu mi5? I have my bootloader locked..

    • LightSwordM

      Yes you can do it quite easily.

  • shailendra dwivedi

    taking me more than 4598 sec but till now it doesn’t complete via miflash pls. help

    • Julen Ansola

      Did it finally finish? Cuz i’m having the same issue. Elapse time keeps increasing and the device is still in fastboot screen. (flashed via miflash beta)

  • Sanchit Khanna

    Help me out with this issue please

    • Julen Ansola

      Did you unzip the ROM file? Because it seems the flashing tool cannot locate the bat file, that must be included in the FASTBOOT flashing file given by XIAOMI:

      • I have a RN3 Pro, with Redmi 3 i have no problem but in this case this new Fastboot ROM have different file names. What i can do?

    • Try to put your mobile phone in download mode instead of fastboot mode. Works for me.

    • Muneender Sabavath

      put your mobile in download mode by (fastboot edl) it was clearly shown in above video by thexfactorguy

  • Thexfactorguy

    I made a video on how to flash miui 8 stable using fastboot. Check it out

  • Muneender Sabavath

    i friends i had a redmi note 3 first i rooted it and installed nougat 7.0 but i heated it and when iam trying to get back to miui 8 i lost all software. mobile not getting on it only enters into fastboot mode i tried many things by downloading miui rom and mi flash but nothing works plz help me this is my contact no. 9989688020

  • Muneender Sabavath

    i did this after flashing it unable to power on from last 2hr it shows same plz help me

  • Reed E.C

    Hi all, is the Xiaomi Mi4 Pro/Prime Global Rom out yet?

  • Idris Morawala

    Hello Mr Fariez,
    Hope you are doing well Sir!
    My name is Idris and am from UAE ,A friend has gifted me Redmi Note 4 Which he bought from Hongkong, Now since last 4 days i am trying to figure out online that how to change the China Stable rom version 8 8.0.1 I to Global stable version, i already get the permission to unlock the fastboot but in one of your thread you mentioned that first the stable rom has to convert in developer rom and i had downloaded the fastboot rom from miui website and Miflash and unlock app..But i couldnt able to crack it yet.

    Please i am not techie guy and it will be great favor if you can help with the step by step procedures. I just need to install google services and wants to delete the default chinese apps to save memory in my phone.

    Yours Sincerely.

    • Shailesh Kharat

      Bro just find a recovery rom. dont try to use fastboot rom unless you really need to do so.

  • Sem Nss

    Can’t enter Recovery Mode. When I reoboot phone in recovery mode itt shows picture of MiPhone with pluged in cable. Even if i re-enter this with phone being charget or plug into PC it still shows this picture. When I’m trying to enter Recovery via MiPCSuite it says that I need to backup. When I’m trying to backup it shows error.

  • Lorex B

    Thanks, it worked perfect 🙂 you f*cking save my ass :)))

    • Nikhil Hanabaratti

      how you dit the update

      • Lorex B

        With the method #3- fastboot.

  • Hardik Raj
  • MrAvoidlogin

    tks man…ur simple and honest guide are what i need.