How to Flash MIUI Fastboot ROM on Locked Redmi 3

Flash MIUI 7.2 on Locked Redmi 3 Fastboot

Normally, you can only flash fastboot ROM on Redmi 3 only when the handset’s bootloader has been unlocked. Fastboot flashing is a great way to kick your device out of bootloop as well as to fix soft-brick problem. But what if your Redmi 3 device still has locked bootloader and you simply can’t wait to get official unlock permission from MIUI Developer Team? Can you still do the upgrade or flashing MIUI via Fastboot? The answer is, fortunately, yes.

Doing fastboot update may need more tricks than just Recovery update. However, at some cases fastboot flashing could simply inevitable. The steps below show you how to properly install MIUI 7.x fastboot ROM on locked Redmi 3 device. As what this article is meant to, please do not try these steps on unlocked device. Thanks to a member of MIUI Forum namely Clayton@ that has shared the trick.


Before you proceed

  • Please create a full backup of your data if possible;
  • Make sure USB Debugging option has been enabled on your phone – Doing so is easy: simply go to Settings >> About Phone >> tap 7 -10 time on the MIUI version. That will activate Developer Options menu. Now go to Settings >> Developer Options then enable USB Debugging;
  • We will hold no responsibility of any risks or effects caused by this tutorial;
  • Proceed with your own risks.

Installing MIUI Fastboot ROM

Step 1 – First ting first, turn off your Redmi 3 device.

Step 2 – On your computer, open up the MiFlash Tool you’ve just installed.

Step 3 – Now put your Redmi 3 device into Download Mode. I can say that doing so is not so easy. Nevertheless, you can try this: Press the Volume Up (+) button and the Power button at the same time for few seconds until you enter Download mode.

Step 4 – Then connect the device to your computer (PC/laptop) using its micro USB cable.

Step 5 – Make sure MiFlash Tool can recognize your device. It usually recognizes your device as COM10 or COM-something. The number will vary but it usually starts with COM. Otherwise, close MiFlash and then try installing Qualcomm QDLoader driver first.

MiFlash Tool Detects Redmi 3

Step 6 – Now in your computer, find the Fastboot file (.tgz) you have downloaded and extract it using WinRAR (or 7zip). The first time you will get a folder with a .tar file in it. Again, extract that .tar file. It means in this step you have to do file extraction twice.

Step 7 – You will then get a folder containing several files. Copy the path in Windows Explorer address bar.

Inside Fastboot Package

Step 8 – Back to MiFlash Tool again. Now paste into the path from address bar copied in the last step into MiFlash address bar.

**ignore the 21761cfc device in the picture which is just an example. It should be COM10 or COM-something.

MiFlash Detecting ROM Files

Step 9 – Click on the Refresh button. The tool should now recognize your device (circled in yellow above).

Step 10 – Make sure you select either Flash all or Flash all except storage from the option in the bottom.

Step 11 – Finally, click on the Flash button to start installing fastboot ROM.

Step 12 – Sit tight and wait for the progress bar to reach 100%. The process should take only few seconds to complete.

Fastboot ROM Flashing Success

That’s all.

Please do not hesitate to share your experience in the comment section below. Moreover, make sure you also check other MIUI tips out to enrich your knowledge.

  • crmne

    Thanks for the tip. Is this gonna work with Cofface’s CyanogenMod rom?

    • farieznur

      I believe you’ll need to have unlocked bootloader and custom recovery like TWRP to flash custom ROM

      • rehan rao

        this process unlocked the pattre of redmi 3

        plezzz replay

  • droidz

    thxz for the tip bro!. 🙂
    is there any update MIUI 8 for redmi 3 pro?.

    • farieznur

      there will be obviously

  • lightkey

    hi there i was trying to use this guide, but miflash can’t recognise my phone…is it possible that is not compatible with windows 10 ?

    • farieznur

      I’m not quite sure. Is it 64-bit version?

  • jesusprice

    Thank you for this guide. I was able to bring my redmi 3 back to life. This was perfectly laid out.

  • Dhani Rio

    i try to flash, but the process takes more than 6000 sec, till now, it still runing.. actually how long i must wait it till end?

  • Jaydeep Patel

    it says device is locked


    gan, mau tanya nih
    saya pakai windows 32 bit
    sudah seperti proses diatas .kemudian proses itu 29% gagal.
    sekarang bootloop tanpa ada recovery, dan download mode.
    tapi fastboot masih bisa masuk.
    sudah tekan vol up hanya keluar screen bergambar XIAOMI ngecharg
    ada solusi gan?
    trimksh…SALAM OPREKER

  • Emilie Collot

    Perfect ! Worked with Redmi 3 Pro, windows 10 and developper ROM. You just saved my day =)

  • Umbe

    thank you for your guide, mi flash is now loading the rom after a software brick (i just did a reboot and stuck at mi logo since yesterday), i’ll let you know if the phone will come back to life

  • Ean Lee

    Hi there, could I use different ROM pack for this guide? Because it’s taking me forever to download this pack =/

    • farieznur

      The ROM pack is hosted in my VPS in US (Atlanta), where is your location anyway? Try downloading from its original link instead.

  • Daniele Reda

    The flashing part for me is taking forever. It has reached 900+ seconds, the bar is completely green and the status keeps changing as if it is continuing to write. What could it be?

    • farieznur

      that should be weird and abnormal

    • john

      Hi, did you flash your phone already? i have the same problem now, it’s already 5000s and not finished yet. How long did your flashing take?

  • Ghani Aziz

    Hi, thanks for posting this guide, but i have a question, I have Reno 3 with MIUI global stable ROM installed, and now I wanted to flash my Reno 3 to MIUI china stable/developer, can I do that thing with this (your) guide? Thanks before

    • farieznur

      This guide is for Redmi 3.

      You can flash to Global Dev ROM using Recovery (.zip) or via updater app. After that you can request for bootloader unlock and once unlocked, you can flash to any ROM you want through Fastboot

      • Teffy Sam

        I have Redmi Note 3 SD 650. So you’re saying we can flash China stable/dev (recovery ROM) with LOCKED bootloader? I still haven’t unlocked. 5 days since I got permission. Should I keep waiting now or try unofficial unlock method?

  • Endy Lim

    first of all.. the link you give was not for miflash tool but mi flash unlock..
    secondly my device cannot be detected at miflash tool..
    third. when i extract the miui i did not find any tar file..

    damn this is really hard

    • farieznur

      Thanks. Fixed the link.

      You can try reinstalling ADB Drivers or use PDANet. Read this :

      Just make sure you extracted the .tgz file until you get all the ROM files including the images folder

      • L. Kindi G.

        sometimes you need to rename file extension type from .tar to .tgz

  • Muhammad Ardian YuliAliWardana

    playstore nothing ?

  • Jacob Bisror

    Hi, Mi Flash wrote that the operation was completed but now my Redmi 3 entered in brick (stucked in MI logo) after I reboot it from Download mode.
    Is there a solution?

    • Jaohan Maulana

      same with me any solution?

  • Michael Jones

    there was no .tar file but still it worked perfectly on my Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro
    You Sir are a hero I didn’t deserve but a hero I needed, nothing less than a knight, shining.

  • GamerX

    will it work without USB debugging on

    • farieznur

      it should be since your phone will be in EDL mode.

  • BatmanG7

    gan udah 300s tapi belum kelar, ada solusi gan? trims.

    best regards

    • BatmanG7

      Sekarang malah bricked nih gan haduh 🙁

      • farieznur

        Some Redmi 3 phones in Indonesia are not running official MIUI ROM. Usually the “About phone” section says it has MIUI Global Stable whereas there is no Global ROM at the moment.

  • Jaka Haritstyo Prabowo

    Gan kalau fastboot di windows 8.1 apa perlu disable driver signature dulu?

    • farieznur

      Yes of course.

  • Heartbreak_One

    Thank you so much for the guide. I am finally able to flash my bricked redmi 3s !.

  • Darko Stavljanin

    Mod please answer me, with my redmi 3, i have done all the steps up to miflash, it recognizes device when i enter fastboot mod,but it doesnt write com1 or smthing, its like in your picture 21761cfc or smthing. Should i flash it even if its not com1 or should i abandon whole operation? Thank you

    • farieznur

      Try reinstalling Qualcomm qdloader driver first

  • Andra Extrevolis

    How long this process is complete?
    I ‘ve been waiting until 5000s, flashing still not finish, but WriteFilePosition is still going well.
    Someone pleasse help.
    Bantu saya dong, share info kalau sudah ada yang sukses.

    • john

      i have the same problem now, it’s already 5000s and not finished yet. How long did your flashing take?

      • Czibere Balázs

        Hi! Did it ended? I want to do it, but i don’t want to brick my phone.

  • Sim Sheeraz

    The rom file is corrupt plz provide the rom 😖😖😖😖😖😭😭😭😭😭

    • farieznur

      try again. Our bandwidth was running out.

  • donnykurnia

    One things to remember, before reboot into flashboot mode, please disable screen lock, unless you will doing flash_all. I learn this the hard way last night. After flashing the new flashboot ROM using flash_all_except_user_data, the phone ask for screen password after booting. The keyboard shown is alphabet, while I set the password using pattern lock. Fortunately, I can afford losing all data, so I kept put wrong password until it said the phone will be wiped.
    Always remember to disable any password prior flashing, otherwise, the new ROM might unable to decrypt the user data partition and you had to do factory reset.

    • farieznur

      Thanks mas Donny

  • Adrian F

    I can use any other rom i supose.

  • Fre Mo

    I tried to update my Redmi 3 Pro (Custom ROM to the latest developer fastboot ROM by following the tutorial here.

    I tried a few times without success but everytime I’m pointing „Flash all“ in Miflash I got the report „error loading type libary/DLL (0x80029c4a:wait port ready to use)“.

    So is there any solution for this error?

  • Raviex

    Did it for me, thank you very much!

  • Marshood Ansari

    I m getting error. Saying cannot find device on com10. Did as you said. Help

  • lsoares13

    Hi. I’m using the latest version. But it takes forever… any tip? Pic and logs below Thanks!

    • Czibere Balázs


      What happened in the end? Did it ever ended?

      • lsoares13

        Never ended. I checked the logs and realized there was an issue wirh the drivers. I tried on another PC and it worked.

        • Czibere Balázs

          I see, but did it brick it? Or your’s was already bricked?

          • lsoares13

            This fixed it.

            I had bricked it before while trying to update to Android 5 (Redmi 2).

  • Judge Judy

    bricked my redmi 3,bootloop,mi flash tool cant flash second time(locked bootloader)

  • Rick Dietrich

    So I have bricked my new Redmi 4. I applied for unlocking- did so–installed a cofface twrp (I know now that it was wrong twrp). Anyway I tried an install- wiped system and install was not successful- now no rom on phone. I still had recovery so went to twrp to try to install the china rom again. Upon rebooting, the phone was dead ie no lights at all, no vibrations, no charging lights- Spent about 20 hours going through everything to “unbrick”. Here is what I have done— beta mi flash plus 2 older flash versions, disabled signature and reinstlled driver to qs-whtever.inf that comes with the flasher–no luck– I try to flash, program recognizes phone as com 20 or 30 or 10 depending on which version, I open the unzipped rom and set to file of rom (not images folder), press flash and always-500 times get the message- read hello—then cant read from port 20-error. Tried the same on windows 8 and vista computers, same result. I dissected a usb cable- tried shorting black and green- computer recognized nothing for 5 seconds, I remove the short and computer recognizes as com 20 again- press flash- exactly the same result- cannot read from port 20. I have tried china developer rom and stable rom- downloaded each 3 times, but same result each time. If the phone was not 1 week old I would have thrown it in the river. Any new suggestions would be appreciated- I have come to the end of the internet and pretty much to the end of my rope– Thanks

  • Lester Sianoza

    please help, i lost my simcard and forgot the password, how can i fix this?

  • Lester Sianoza

    please help, i lost my simcard and forgot the password, how can i fix this?

  • Lester Sianoza


  • Devender Kumar

    I ok download mode then restart my mobile

  • Mario Ramírez Muñoz

    I´ve tried everything EVERYTHING in order to flash this crappy rom. But gearbest won this battle against me. I want to thank you all for the posts and advices that I read throughout the unsuccesful flashing process.

    TBH the problem was no pc recognize the qualcomm drivers cuz windows never let me install it. And this redmi 3 pro has the EDL mode locked.

  • Albri

    Thanks for the guide.
    just try updating my redmi 3 pro using to the latest global ROM 9.2 and it works.
    For me the flashing process took 421s and the first booting took around 5-8 minutes.

    note: for step 3, my device shows menu in chinese and i choose the Download menu and my screen goes blank, but device is detected in device manager.