How to Flash MIUI Fastboot ROM On Redmi 3 (And Unbrick It)

Flashing Fastboot ROM Unbrick Redmi 3

Is your Redmi 3 bricked? Are you currently finding a way to fix bricked Redmi 3 on MIUI 7? Are you wondering how to flash MIUI Fastboot ROM on Redmi 3? This article shows you how to do it and answering all of those questions. Reinstalling MIUI ROM through Fastboot and ADB interface is most probably the first option available to fix bricked MIUI device. The whole steps are basically the same with our previous guide on how to flash Fastboot ROM. However, the only discrepancy is the use of MIUI Stable ROM (English). This method has been discovered by ManhIT. Great thanks and credits belong to him (source link).

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  • Make sure your phone’s bootloader is officially unlocked.
  • Download the MIUI Unbrick Package into your computer.
  • You’ll also need a USB cable to connect your phone into your computer.
  • Please be aware that we hold no responsibility of any risks damaging your phone. Proceed with carefully.

How to flash

Step 1 – Extract the downloaded MIUI package (.zip file). You can make use of Winzip or Winrar for this task.

Step 2 – As the result, you’ll get the MIUI Fastboot ROM (.tgz), MiFLash tool, and Qualcomm Driver files.

Step 3 – Also extract the MIUI fastboot ROM (.tgz) file.

Step 4 – Install MiFlash tool on your computer – if you haven’t done so. Just go through all the process. Windows system may aske you to confirm the installation.

Verify Driver Install on Windows

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Step 5 – Once done, install Qualcomm USB Drivers on your computer.

Install Qualcomm USB Drivers on Windows

Installation of Qualcomm Drivers

Step 6 – Once done, it is better to reboot your PC making sure new changes applied.

Step 7 – Now reboot Redmi 3 into EDL mode (download mode). Follow instruction mentioned in this video :

Step 8 – Once your Redmi 3 is in EDL mode, connect it to your computer using its USB cable.

Step 9 – Launch MiFlash tool up then click on Refresh button to make sure your phone is recognized by the tool.

Step 10 – Click the Browse button and locate the folder location / path of extracted MIUI ROM file. Alternatively, you can simply copy the path from Windows Explorer address bar and paste it to MiFlash tool.

Copy extracted ROM location

Step 11 – Finally, click the Flash button to start installing the ROM onto your phone.

Start Flashing ROM Redmi 3

Step 12 – Once done successfully, you’ll see a message something like this.

Flashing ROM on Redmi 3 Success

Congratulation! Your phone has now been resurrection from bricked state. Just reboot the phone but first time booting may take longer than usual. Enjoy..