How to Flash Stock MIUI from Fake MIUI ROM on Mi 5 with Locked Bootloader

Mi 5 Original MIUI

You have just bought a brand new shinny Mi 5 but it is not officially released on your country yet? Then you must firstly check whether it’s an original Xiaomi phone or not? Most likely, the phone you have is original but the MIUI running on it is not. That what actually happens on one of my friends. He bought a Redmi 3 phone while it’s actually not yet available globally but the ROM running on it is a fake one. We believe the same thing might also happen on everyone buying any Xiaomi phones. In this article, you’ll see the way on how to install stock/original MIUI ROM on Mi 5 running unofficial MIUI ROM even its bootloader is locked.

There are 4 (four) options you can try one by one – in case the one you have tried do not work – to reinstall fake MIUI ROM with the original one. But why should you flash stock ROM instead of using the one comes with your phone? Installing custom ROM can be handy and cool if you knew what you do especially if you knew what and who created the ROM. The case would be different with the one (custom ROM) coming with your brand new phone while you don’t know what kind of ROM is installed. Flashing back to original ROM is useful to avoid unwanted apps or services like malware, spyware, or even viruses.

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Flashing Official ROM on Mi 5

1st Method – The first one is obviously the easiest one you could try. Simply download MIUI 7 or MIUI 8 Recovery ROM for corresponding device (which is Mi 5) either from official download page or from our download page. Make sure you obtained the file in .zip extension. Copy that file in your phone’s internal storage.

Next, launch the updater app and try flashing the ROM from there. Try all the 4 ROM builds one by one (Global Stable, China Stable, Global Developer, or China Developer). Launch the Updater app >> tap on the three dots (…) in the top right-hand corner >> then tap “Choose update package”. Click here to read the full tutorial.

Some people managed to do it that way and they succeeded. However, if you tried all of those ROMs but returned with no luck, simply move to the next method.

2nd Method – Some unofficial ROMs disabled Updater app function to prevent the ROM being replaced by the original one. In this case, you can try the second method: using Mi PC Suite. This method is safe and still easy. Here’s the sequence to go in case you failed in the first attempt:

  1. Use English version of Mi PC Suite
  2. Failed? Then use its Chinese version.
  3. Failed? Try in another computer using Mi PC Suite English edition.
  4. Failed? Then try in another computer using Mi PC Suite Chinese edition.
  5. Failed? Try again the steps above but this time use different USB cable.
  6. Failed? try the next method.

3rd Method – Most tampered / unofficial MIUI ROMs are based on China build. Therefore, you can also follow this nice guide to flash Global Stable ROM from China Stable ROM on locked Mi 5 here.

4th Method – This last one should be not the safest one so use this only if you did all methods above but ended up with no luck. Moreover, this method works only on Mi 5 running ROM based on MIUI prior to version 7.3.x.x. Download any MIUI Fastboot ROM (.tgz) file and flash it on your phone using Mi Flash tool while your phone is in EDL mode. Read: How to put Mi 5 into EDL mode. This also could be tricky since it bypasses bootloader unlock feature planted within the phone.

That’s it. I hope you could do it using either first or second method only. Thanks to MSB2016, one of moderators in MIUI community for discovering this method.