How to Flash TWRP On and Root Redmi 3S

Rooted Redmi 3S

Redmi 3S is another new variant of Redmi 3 which is affordable but boasting monster hardware specifications. The phone also has 5.0-inch touchscreen display running MIUI based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Also read : Redmi 3S vs Redmi 3X. Just like many other Android phone, it will be more awesome to maximize all the device’s potentials by installing custom recovery on it and gaining root access on it. This article will just help you to do that.

Flashing custom recovery is such arduous task for some people but thanks to Devilsking who has managed to create TWRP auto-installer tool making the task way easier. Once you have TWRP installed, getting root access is just one step away. This article will show you all the easy steps to flash TWRP v3.0.2 on Redmi 3S and root it in a snap – thanks to auto-installer tool. The whole process should be safe and easy but bad luck might happen. Therefore, it is always recommended to create backup of all your important files and data.


Flash TWRP

Step 1 – Grab your Redmi 3S phone and put it into Fastboot mode. Turn off your phone completely. While your phone is off, press Volume Down  (-) and Power buttons simultaneously until you see MIUI Rabbit or Fastboot logo.

Step 2 – Connect your phone to your computer using its USB cable.

Step 3 – Open up Windows Explorer and go to the folder in which all extracted TWRP Installer files are. Double-click twrp-installer.bat to run it. You will see something like this ;

TWRP Installer Redmi 3S

Step 4 – Now your phone has been in Fastboot mode so you can simply press any key on your keyboard to start flashing TWRP.

Step 5 – Wait till the flashing process completely finished. Once done, your device will automatically reboot into recovery mode which in this case you will see TWRP interface.

Step 6 – The first time you run TWRP, it will ask you permission for system modification. Please keep take this for consideration :

  1. “Allowing system modifications” will make TWRP modifying system partition and allows you to gain root access easily – but you won’t be able to flash OTA update.
  2. “Keep Read Only” will make TWRP leave system partition unmodified. You will still have OTA update but if you do then TWRP will be replaced.

TWRP Initial Interface

In this case I will suggest you to do “Swipe to Allow Modifications” so you can proceed with rooting your device.

Step 7 – Once you swiped to allow modifications, go to Advanced Setting >> and choose “Disable dm-verity“. Failed to do so will result to bootloop error / stuck at Mi Logo.

Step 8 – Reboot your phone into normal mode and disconnect it from your PC.

Root with SuperSU

Step 1 – Now open up your mobile web browser and download SuperSU flashable package here. Normally it will be downloaded into Download folder.

Step 2 – Reboot your phone into TWRP Recovery through one of these ways :

  • Turn off your phone. While your phone is off, press and hold Volume Up (+) button and Power button simultaneously until it reboot into recovery.
  • Via Updater app. Open up Updater app (usually in Tools folder) >> tap on three dots (…) at the top right-hand corner of the screen >> choose Reboot into recovery.

Step 3 – Choose “Install” from TWRP main menu.

Install TWRP Menu

Step 4 – Now locate the downloaded SuperSU .zip file and choose / tap that file. Please ignore the SuperSU version in the image below. You can always use latest stable version of SuperSU.

Select SuperSU Zip

Step 5 – Do “Swipe to confirm flash” and the flashing process shall begin.

Flash SuperSu Redmi 3S TWRP

Step 6 – Just wait until the flashing process completed.

Rooting Complete

Step 1 – Finally, choose “Reboot System” to reboot your phone into normal state.

Congratulation, your Redmi 3S is now rooted successfully. You will find SupeSU app installed and you shall see its icon in the homescreen. The first thing you have to do is launching SuperSU app up. The app will then ask you to install addon and update its binaries. Simply tap on OK.

Now, you may verify the root access by installing Root Checker app from Play Store.

root checker confirmation

What about you? Do not hesitate to tell us on how you have done so far? Is it success for your? Share your experience in the comment section below.

  • Baba


    i want Global Stable rom of redmi 3S Prime

    can you will provide me

    Thanks in Advance

  • Khalid Qureshi

    Can we root redmi 3s prime without pc?

    • Baba

      twrp you can root your device

      • Khalid Qureshi

        Can u please tell me process of twrp

  • Hakim

    infomartion; redmi 3x can use this tool, (miui 8 global dev) happy rooting 🙂

  • Berkay

    Hi, My redmi 3S doesn’t reboot into recovery after process is finished. I’m running Global Stabil official ROM, My bootloader is unlocked which I’ve confirmed. I have tried switching to another PC, however it didn’t work? Any ideas?

    • RockinG Daily Update

      Hey bro can u explain how u unlock the bootloader of redmi 3s… My mail is
      Thnks in advance..

  • Faran

    i skipped step 7 , got bootloobed , please help me

    • LarryH77

      Yes that step is so important, it should highlighted!!!

      Need to get back into Recovery >>> Hold [Vol Up] + [Vol Down] + [Power], when vibrates and MI logo appears, release Power key only. TWRP will start, can release Vol keys.

  • Pascoal Soares

    how do u get new updates once we do the root ? as u said OTA updates will not work anymore… i am using MIUI 8 global 6.11.31 Beta

  • Markus Schwemmle

    Is there any possibility to actually download the required (“TWRP”) program instead of trying several alleged “download” buttons or wait endless teims until at least nothing is downloaded?

  • Michal Šindelář

    What to do when the phone does not automatically reboot into TWRP mode and stays in FASTBOOT mode after the TWRP flash?

    • Michal Šindelář

      Nevermind, I got it!!!

      • musy hama

        hi. how you do?


    i have a problem, said error, cannot load recovery.img, help

  • Inggar Ibnu Hasan


    thanks very helpful tutorial

  • Raj Onerai

    Tried flashing TWRP but got an error – “fastboot is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file”.

    Help Please

  • Jim Karas

    does this process clear the user data/apps from the phone?

    • Faisal Reza

      no it isnt

  • yashkt

    thank you very much fariez and xiaomitips . i have been searching the web for any alternate method to flash twrp recovery after failing in the traditional method . finally i got here and successfully flashed the recovery . once again thank you very much .

  • William Blondel

    It’s stuck at “downloading ‘boot.img'”…