How to Flash TWRP on Redmi 3

TWRP Redmi3 Flashing Guide

Team Win Recovery / TWRP is still the most favorite custom recovery tool for MIUI users especially because of its compatibility and its easy to use. Flashing TWRP on your phone is basically a one-step away to getting root access. Previously we have posted a short guide on how to flash TWRP on Redmi 3 (IDO). However, some users still get confused with it and sometimes they ended up getting error. Today, we are going to do the same thing but with different TWRP build. Moreover, the method will also be slightly different since you can also install TWRP temporarily (not permanent) in addition to standard installation (the permanent one). Are you curious? As usual, we have moral responsibility to remind you that flashing TWRP on your phone might have damage risks for your device. Therefore, please proceed cautiously, responsibly, and do not forget to create full backup of your important files.

Neither nor Satyajit_ghana, the one discovered this method, will hold responsibility of any damage happens to your phone as a result of following this guide. Just be caution.


  1. A Redmi 3 device with unlocked bootloader;
  2. A computer (PC/Laptop) running Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 64-bit system;
  3. A USB cable – just use the one came with your phone;
  4. Download latest Xiaomi MiFlash tool;
  5. Download TWRP v3 Cofface Build for Redmi 3.

Also read : How to unlock bootloader – for RN3 but the process should similar.


Firstly, Disable Windows Drivers Signature Enforcement on your computer. How to do it? Simply follow these sequence. You can do that by pressing Windows button + i on keyboard to reveal the Settings page. From there you can choose Update & Security >> Recovery >> Advanced startup >> Restart now. Wait a moment for your computer to restart. Next, go to Troubleshoot >> Advanced options >> Startup settings >> Restart. Once your computer restarts, now choose Disable driver signature enforcement which is option number 7. See the video below for more details :

Secondly, install MIUI Flashing tool you’ve just downloaded into your computer. This is necessary to make sure that you need all required drivers come within MiFlash tool.

Thirdly, extract TWRP v3 package (.zip file) you have downloaded. Use Winzip or Winrar. You will have twrp_rm3.img file.

Finally, enable USB Debugging on your phone’s Settings. Read : How to enable Developer Options and USB Debugging on MIUI.

TWRP on Redmi 3 (Temporary Method)

Step 1 – Turn of your phone completely and then reboot into Fastboot mode by pressing Volume Down (-) and Power buttons simultaneously. Release the buttons once you’ve seen Fastboot logo.

Step 2 – Connect your phone to your PC using its USB cable.

Step 3 – Now open up Windows Explorer in your computer and go to following location :

C:/Program Files(x86)/Xiaomi/MiPhone/Google/Android/

Step 4 – Hold down the Shift button on your keyboard and right-click inside that folder. Choose “Open command window here

CMD MiPhone

Step 5 – Next, type this command to see if your device has been connected properly and recognized by your computer.

fastboot devices

It should be displayed similar to below picture :

Fastboot Devices

Step 6 – Copy the twrp_rm3.img file into the same location via Windows Explorer. Copy it to :

C:/Program Files(x86)/Xiaomi/MiPhone/Google/Android/

Step 7 – Now issue this command to flash TWRP into your Redmi 3 :

fastboot boot twrp_rm3.img

The flashing process should take only few seconds to complete:

downloading 'boot.img'...
OKAY [ 0.398s]
OKAY [ 0.002s]
finished. total time: 0.400s

Step 8 – Once finished, your phone will then reboot automatically into recovery mode and TWRP interface will be displayed.

Step 9 – Now you can do anything you want to do with TWRP like flashing SuperSU, flashing GApps, and so on.

Step 10 – Make sure you have finished doing your thing with it and once you have done, simply reboot into system and disconnect your phone.

That way you will not lose your stock Mi Recovery so next time you reboot into recovery you will not see TWRP again.

Basically the Step 7 above is a command to boot your device into TWRP Recovery instead of installing it. Shortly, you will only use TWRP temporarily without having to actually flashing it.

TWRP on Redmi 3 (Permanent Method)

Simply follow the same sequence as Step 1 – Step 6 above and continue with the Steps below :

Step 7 – Now issue this magic command to truly flash TWRP on Redmi 3 :

fastboot flash recovery twrp_rm3

The flashing process should take only few seconds to complete.

sending 'recovery' (16922 KB) . . .
OKAY [ 0.338s]
writing 'recovery' . . .
OKAY [ 0.494s]
finished. total time: 0.833s

Step 8 – Once done, you may turn of your phone by pressing (and holding) the Power button until the Fastboot logo disappears.

Step 9 – Disconnect your phone from your PC.

Step 10 – Next, let’s reboot into TWRP interface for the very first time by pressing Volume Up (+) and Volume Down (-) and Power buttons all together until it reboots into TWRP. This is needed to make sure TWRP is flashed properly.

Default language of this TWRP build is Chinese therefore you may need to change that to English.

That’s it. You can now reboot back to normal Android system. The next time you reboot into Recovery by pressing Volume Up + Power buttons.


What’s next? You can flash Custom ROM, Google Apps, SuperSU,(root) and so on.

Also read : How to root Redmi 3 / Redmi 3 Pro.

  • umang mehra

    To flash twrp through this method we didn’t need the modified boot.img ? and after flashing twrp by this method can we flash cm13 on our device ?

  • tony

    does it work for redmi note 3 with MTK????
    if not, is there any working method for mtk ??? thanks


    How to change Chinese to English ?

    • Shoukath Ali

      Press the second chinese button you see in the first screen of TWRP and you can select English or whatever language.
      I don’t know chinese. Believe me, I just tried the second button and luckily it worked and I thought to share this missing information in the thread.


    Here is the most easy way to Flash TWRP on your Redmi 3

  • Andreana Ramdhani

    thank you, matur suwun, kamsiyah gan 🙂