How to Get Back Your Data From A Lost MIUI Device

Lost MIUI Device Tricks

Did you lose your Xiaomi phone tablet (Mi Pad)? Please never get panic! You might still have some important data, personal files either pictures or videos, and sensitive business documents on that lost MIUI device. It could be an utter disaster if your lost device is in the wrong hands. That’s why it is very necessary to secure your important files using some kind of app locker or security apps to encrypt all your data. But what if you forgot doing so and your phone has been stolen or lost somewhere? There is still a trick to track, to get back and to retrieve data from lost MIUI phone making use of Android Device Manager and Mi Cloud service. It is so far the easiest method we know.

Methods below are some preventive ways you can try, so you can to retrieve your data when your have lost your phone.

Track and Retrieve Lost Phone

1. Using Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager Web Version

Google has included interesting ability on Android called Google Android Device Manager. The most important features including ability to track your device location. It means you can easily spot where’s your phone located at the map so you can go there and retrieve your phone. However, if you couldn’t find the device at the actual location, there are still few more features to secure your device.

Remote Locking is another feature of Android Device Manager allowing you to either change current lockscreen password/PIN or set password/PIN if no previously one provided. On top of that, you can also wipe / delete all data stored in your lost phone so anyone found it would never be able to find out what has been in your phone.

You can access Android Device Manager through either your computer’s web browser or its app installed on your another Android device.

Visit Android Device Manager or Download the app from Play Store.

2. Using Xiaomi Mi Cloud

Mi Cloud Find Device

Xiaomi has also included a nice application called Find Device which is activated if you have installed and used Mi Cloud. Once you have Find Device service activated, there is no one can have access to your device. Anyone has the lost MIUI device on hands will need to link their device to corresponding Mi Account.

Save Contacts Data

1. Gmail Syncing

It is a great idea to always sync your contact with the cloud, and the easiest way to do that is by syncing your contacts list with your Google account. Google services usually sync your phone’s contacts with the one listed in Gmail’s contact.

2. Mi Account Syncing

Mi Account Contact Sync

Just like Google, Xiaomi basically provides the same feature. You can sync your phone’s contacts list with your Mi Account to be stored in the cloud. It means whenever you lost your phone, you can easily get that very important data back.

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Keep Photos and Videos

Photos/images and videos are two important pieces of memorable events stored in your device. As usual, you can always make use of Google Photos and Mi Account. Simply download it from Play Store (if you haven’t done it yet) and make it sync by your Google account by creating a backup of all your photos and videos. Similarly, you can upload your photos and videos to your Mi Cloud account.

Messages and Calls History

For your information, your Mi Account also allows you to create backup of all your messages and call logs. Once synced, you can retrieve theme anytime in the future.

Any Other Files and Data

Files and data can be saved easily through Google Drive. Simply install the app from Play Store (if you haven’t done it yet), and make it sync your important files. There is also third-party but trustworthy service like Dropbox that you can use. It’s free.

Backup Apps

Mi Backup and Restore feature

Basically, all installed and purchased apps are available in your Google Account connected to your device so whenever you have new device, you can simply login to Play Store app and download all of your previous app. However, there is an advanced method making use of your Mi Account. You can backup all your apps, homescreen layout, and even phone’s Settings.

Be careful

Those services / apps may be very useful but however if you don’t setup either lockscreen password/PIN and the person in possession of your phone reset and/or delete all data in your phones, then all of your entire data stored in the cloud will also be wiped since your phone is still synced. The key point is, setting up proper lockscreen password, PIN, lock patterns are important.

What to do?

Having those in mind, make sure you have Android Device Manager properly activated and setup on your phone. The first thing to do once you have lost your phone is to track where the location of your phone is. Furthermore, if you still could not get back your phone physically, make sure you use Android Device Manager to change / setup lockscreen password.

So, have you experienced such situation? Were you able to get your phone back? Do not hesitate to share your experience with all of us.

Thanks and credits go to I.P.S, an Intern Moderator of MIUI forum – source.

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    My Redmi phone is stolen… Can I retrieve all the data especially the pictures? I had no Google back up or mi cloud back up…
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