How to Hard Reset Redmi Note 3

Factory Reset Redmi Note 3

Sometimes, to a certain extent, you might want to do a factory reset to your Android device. For example, when you planned to sell your phone, to give it to your friends – since you don’t need it anymore. Or may be you just want ti make it tastes like new again without having to reinstall its ROM. If that the case, you can simply do the factory reset by yourself which is easy.

Xiaomi Redmi Note (RN3) is a popular budget flagship phone boasting either Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 or MediaTek MT6795 Helio X10 (depends on which version you have). The phone is so powerful and really worth its price. In addition to that, the RN3 is also shipped with 16MP main camera and 5.5 inches IPS touchscreen display with 403 ppi pixel density.

However, there is always chance for error during its usage period. However if bad thing happened and your RN3 got bricked or you found something error or bricked, then the first thing to do is to reset your phone. Doing factory / hard reset on RN3 is the first aid you can give to your phone instead of re-flashing its Android ROM.

Below tutorial shows you how to do factory hard reset on Redmi Note 3. But, there are few things you should know before continuing to the process. Resetting your device will erase all your data, apps, settings, contacts, call history, and many other things. So it is strongly suggested for you to do the backup.

Steps to Reset

Step 1 – First thing first, turn your RN3 off by pressing the Power button as usual.

Step 2 – Just for precaution, take off the SD card and SIM card from the phone.

Step 3 – Boot your RN3 phone into Recovery Mode. Follow these procedure : Press Power and Volume Down (-) buttons together and hold it for awhile until you see Mi Logo. Release the buttons once you’ve seen it.

Step 4 – Now in the Recovery mode, choose Wipe Data / Factory Reset. Use Volume Up and Down buttons to navigate (because touchscreen doesn’t work there). Use Power button to choose.

Step 5 – Next, simply choose Yes – delete all user data. Confirm the action by pressing Power button.

Step 6 – Sit tight and wait till the factory reset process is complete.

Step 7 – Once done, boot your device into normal mode by choosing Reboot System Now from the menu.

Step 8 – Your phone will reboot into normal mode and you’ll be able to see that your Redmi Note 3 has been restored to its factory settings.

Simpler Method

There is simpler method to do phone reset but the one above is more thorough, extensive and safe. Anyway, you can also try this: On your phone, go to Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone > then finally choose Erase everything.

Done! It was easy, wasn’t it? Do not hesitate to leave comment in below section. Anyway, you can also use the same above methods on Redmi Note 3 Pro.

  • Rani Rahmawati

    this methode bring me to fastboot (redmi note 3 qcm)

    • AStarbucks

      Same here, it goes only to fastboot (Redmi Note 3 MTK)

  • ganesh salve

    plz help me how to reset my redmi note 3 phone

  • ganesh salve

    MI drop and mobile data coming on and off then i selected default themes now my mobile data is not working plz help me

    • farieznur

      why don’t your try reflashing / reinstalling MIUI on it? Just download its full ROM and flash it on your phone

  • Phoebe F Kuky

    hello FARIEZ, i recently purchased a RN3 but it froze today and after a few minutes went off and i can’t seem to get it back on.. it’s just shows the MI start up logo and that’s it. I have tried hard resetting like above but it doesn’t seem to work.. what should i do?

    • farieznur

      can you enter either Recovery or Fastboot mode? if you can, simply reinstall MIUI on it.

  • Utpol Cartman

    hello ,am having a weir promlem here with my phn. when i plunged in my headphone it on appears on the screen that headphone is on but when i remove or unplugged it the headphone sign stays on ,it doesn’t go ,the profile stay as headphone, cant talk without headphone then. what should i do?

    • Sunil Kumar

      there must be some dust in headphone jack, just blow air in headphone jack and then try again inserting and then remove headphone.

  • Utpol Cartman

    please help

  • Harendra Singh

    Hii Fariez,
    I switch on my Redme note 3 phone very first time after purchasing and pic a photo and suddenly screen went blur and after rebooting it asks for pattern lock which i never set. I turn off my phone and tried to reset the factory system using Volume up and Power Button together but it asks for charge the phone. I have fully charged the phone still it asks for same. I tried Volume Down and Power Button together. It appears for fast boot and never goes ahead. Also used both volume button and power off button together there is no option for wipe or reset factory system. I am in big trouble. So please help me. What should I do for reset or wipe data?

    • Amish Dutt

      I am facing the same problem. How have u solved it?

      • Harendra Singh

        I returned my phone to the dealer and buy a new one. Coz it is in guarantee period so why i compromise. I just returned it.

      • Olanimas J Sampson

        Hi.. i have the problem. help.

      • aiko

        Hi, have you guys solve this problem? i have the same problem as well.. please help

  • Lars Andersson

    It did not work at all, it booted normal. I have no backup & reset under settings at all. Completely useless advice!

  • Lars Andersson

    When I press both buttons for a while a picture comes up with FASTBOOT under it. But nothing have happen in several minutes, looks like slow boot to me.

  • ritesh

    hi my redmi note 3 touch screen is not working… n has pattern lock, i hav to take backup before give it to service center guy.. how i take back of locked redmi note 3 ??

    • Srinivasan Ramakrishnan

      Has I am also facing same problem.can u please tell me how u resolve

  • Hagai Hadad

    working only if bootloader is unlocked

  • vaibhav parashar

    But I forgot my pin. Please help. Its not going into recovery mode. It only shows fast boot.

  • Dev Bose

    when I going to reset the mi4i phone for decrypt the phone. Then wipe user data failed,wipe sd card failed,wipe all data failed, only cache wipe is complete then I go to the install update option it is also failed I have the zip file of the miui version 8.Something is problem with the phone. Please tell me what i do.

  • MD.Iqbal Khan


  • Vlad Piero

    Hello, I just got my redmi note 4 from (1 day ago), it came with Google Playstore and services pre-installed (thankfully) as well as MIUI 8 Global ROM.
    I had already registered it with my Mi Account, and installed all my other accounts (google, facebook, outlook, etc), but my friend’s friend says he wants to buy it from me…and I agreed. My question is, if I do a Hard-Reset will the Google Services also be erased? will it be all in Chinese after that? if so, how could I re-install Google Play and Google services as well as Update to the Global ROM since as I was told by Geekbuying, it only came with the Chinese and English ROM (NOT the global one) although it does say Global ROM, so I am confused about that…
    I hope you can help and thank you for your time!

  • venkatasuresh yandra

    Hey, useless fellows, don’t write such articles. Its recovery is locked. How you can fool others. write any accurate ones.

  • Rupal Jain

    i tried the above method of hard reset but it’s not working. when pressed power button+volume down together it entered into fastboot mode and is not responding everafter that.please tell me what to do