How to Install TWRP v3 on Mi 5

Install TWRP Recovery Xiaomi Mi 5

Finding a way to flash TWRP Custom Recovery on your Mi5? Well, then take a look on the steps below. I’ve found a piece of useful information on how can you manage to install TWRP v3 replacing default Mi Recovery comes with your Mi 5 device. This version of TWRP is compiled by a Chinese Developer called Cofface along with short instruction on how to flash it through ADB interface on your PC. Read on the steps after the jump.



  • Flashing custom recovery is not really recommended unless you know what you are up to;
  • We will hold no responsibility of any risks or effects caused by this tutorial.
  • Proceed with your own risks.

TWRP Recovery Mi 5 v3

How to Flash TWRP

Step 1 – Enable USB Debugging on your Mi 5 phone. In case if you have not known it yet, simply go to Settings >> About Phone >> tap 7 -10 time on the MIUI version. That will activate Developer Options menu. Now go to Settings >> Developer Options then enable USB Debugging.

Step 2 – Install Mi PC Suite on your PC.

Step 3 – Extract and install Fastboot and ADB Tools on your PC as well.

Step 4 – Boot your Mi 5 into Fastboot mode. To do that simply Switch off your phone. Once it is off, press and hold the Power and Volume Down button at the same time.

Step 5 – Connect your phone – while it is in Fastboot mode – into your PC.

Step 6 – Launch Windows Explorer on your PC. Go to the location of where you’ve extracted Fastbooot and ADB tool. You must now see a file named fastboot.exe.

Step 7 – Now also extract TWRP .zip file and copy the cofface_twrp_recovery_gemini.img file into the same folder as fastboot.exe file.

Step 8 – Hold Shift key on keyboard and right-click anywhere in Windows Explorer then choose “Open command prompt from this location”.

Step 9 – Now in the command prompt, execute this command :

fastboot devices

Step 10 – Depend on your device mode, replace x with either \’1\’ or \’3\’. Execute command below in the command prompt window :

fastboot flash recovery cofface_twrp_recovery_gemini.img

Step 11 – Now it will begin the flashing process. It should take only few minutes to complete, of course, if you have done it correctly.

Step 12 – Once it has done, you can disconnect your phone and boot to normal mode to switch it on.

Step 13 – Done! You can now give it a test by booting into Recovery mode which this time you’ll see TWRP interface instead of Mi Recovery.

Please note that default language of TWRP interface is in Chinese. You can have it in English by installing this TWRP theme.


Source: MIUI Forum.