How to Manually Install Qualcomm QDLoader Driver

I’ll just go straight to the point. This simple tutorial will show you steps to properly install Qualcomm QDLoader drivers on Windows, either Windows 8, 8.1 or 10. You may need it in few occasions involving your MIUI device powered with any variant of Qualcomm chipset. As we know it that many of Xiaomi’s most popular phones like Mi5, Mi 5, Redmi Note 3, and so on, are powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. Any way, let’s just start the guide.

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How to

Step 0 – Extract the Qualcomm QDLoader .zip file using either Winzip or Winrar.

Step 1 – Install either ADB USB Drivers or Mi PC Suite only if you have not done it yet, otherwise you don’t have to. This is necessary to make sure your computer can recognize and communicate with your phone properly.

Step 2 – Extract Minimal Fastboot .zip file and go to the folder of where the extracted files are located (via Windows Explorer).

Step 3 – Enable Developer Options on your phone. Just go toSettings >>About phones >> tap on the MIUI Version 7 times. You can skip this step if you have it enabled previously.

Step 4 – Enable USB Debugging on your phone. Go to Settings >> Additional Settings >>Developer Options >> enable USB Debugging.

Step 5 – Now reboot your phone into Fastboot mode. In most cases, you can do it by pressing Volume Down (-) button and Power button simultaneously until Fastboot Bunny logo appeared.

Step 6 – Now connect your phone into your computer.

Step 7 – In Windows Explorer opening Minimal Fastboot Files folder, hold down / press the Shift button on your keyboard and right-click anywhere in the folder, and then choose “Open Command Window from Here” option.

Step 8 – Now type following command :

adb version
adb devices
adb reboot edl

Your phone shall now reboot into EDL mode

Step 9 – Open up Device Manager from control panel and you will notice a new device is detected but its driver is not installed properly.

QSHub Device Manager

Usually it is displayed as “QHSUSB_BULK” under Other Devices.

Step 10 – Right-click on QHSUSB_BULK and choose “Update Driver Software“.

Update Driver Software Qualcomm

Step 11 – A dialog window shall appear. Choose “Browse my computer for driver software“.

Update Drivers Software Windows

Step 12 – Now click on the Browse button and locate the extracted Qualcomm QDLoader drivers.

Locate Qualcomm Drivers

Qualcomm Drivers Installation

Step 13 – The installation process shall take place immediately and a system notification will appear. Just choose “Install this driver software anyway“.

Confirm Windows Security Drivers Install

Step 14 – Once done, you will see something like this.

Qualcomm Driver Installed Successfully

Step 15 – Click the Close button and check back at Device Manager window. You will now see “Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM10)” under Ports (COM & LPT) section.

Qualcomm HS QDLoader Installed

Done! Congratulation, you have now installed Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader successfully on your computer.


  • Asif

    Hi, my redmi 3 pro has vendor rom installed with usb disabled. It only charges via usb no adb no ktp or fastboot detection. Usb settings is also not showing even when forced via custom shortcut. Could you please share some solution?

    • farieznur

      sorry I don’t really get it. What do you mean with “USB Disabled”. Is it USB Debugging or what..

      • Asif

        Mobile is not detected on pc in any mode, mtp, adb, fastboot or download, only charging. Occasionally detected as unknown device, but no drivers work. Tried to access usb settings on phone but that pops up and immediately closes. Without pc can’t root it or flash with official rom.

        • farieznur

          It seems something in your phone. Is it running stock MIUI build?

          Or, you may try to reinstall the MIUI ROM using Recovery ROM (through Updater app or Mi Recovery)

          • Asif

            Its vendor custom rom, updater doesn’t work

          • xumi

            You should still be able to get into fastboot, no matter what block the rom has

  • Mackel9

    Fariez, you are a GENIUS! I had been trying to install these drivers for over a month now and finally after going through your steps I am sorted. I can now upgrade my lenovo to marshmallow. Thanks a bunch Sir 🙂

  • arsal mubarok

    on step 8 type adb reboot edl say error device ” not find, please help

    • farieznur

      then try get into EDL mode manually. Some recent devices like Mi 5 running latest MIUI (since v7.3.x.x and up) has EDL mode disabled. If that’s the case, you may need to use Mi Engineering Deep Flash Cable –

      • arsal mubarok

        my device is Redmi Pro 3 with MIUI Global 7.2 | Stabil (LHPCDB), when phone on connect to laptop able detected but when off detected as charge phone

    • Pejom Tasi

      Same problem

  • pas!

    my pc cant see the phone as a trying to install the driver with no luck,every time my pc says that it is better with adb driver.

    i am almost sure that i disabled signature

  • Peter Kostov

    Well qualcom installed manually as some type mediatek usb device but yellow mark is present – device can not start error 10

  • Helen Heravi

    after install QHSUSB_BULK driver reconnect and connect phone show this error…

    pls help…….

  • Helen Heravi

    after install QHSUSB_BULK driver reconnect and connect phone show Unknown Device error

    • Helen Heravi

      pls hel me!!!

      • Helen Heravi

        farieznur bro i need help you!!!

    • tahta apan

      windows only 64 bit

  • Sarah Jane Frank

    Thank you – I had almost given up hope – but I think my phone seems to be fixed. x

  • Acv Vinod

    List of devices attached is empty what to do in this case?

    • paolo christian palma torriani

      I have the same problem. did you solve it ?