How to Put Redmi Note 3 Into EDL Mode

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is still the big “thing” today even after the Mi Max announcement due to the number of devices Xiaomi has shipped either for its MediaTek (MTK) variant or its Snapdragon (SD) variant. Yet, this popular device is also eligible to have an MIUI8 update. However, many users have tried to explore RN3 to some extent until it bricked or it’s in bootloop state. Many cases need to put the device entering Download Mode (EDL Mode). Normally, EDL mode can be achieved through ADB interface on computer by simply typing this command :

adb reboot edl

However, for some users it simply didn’t work properly and made them ended up with bricked device eventually. In this article you’ll see a nice simple trick to reboot Redmi Note 3 into EDL mode by pressing Volume buttons combination without typing ADB command above.

Redmi Note 3 EDL Mode Trick

Entering EDL Mode

Step 1 – Turn off your phone. How to turn off bricked / in-bootloop Redmi Note 3? Well, so far there is no other way I know but to leave your phone discharged until it runs out of juice.

Step 2 – Now it has turned off. Next, you have to charge your phone to have at least 30% power.

Step 3 – Done? While it is turned off, connect your phone’s USB cable to computer but not to the phone yet.

Step 4 – At this point, your phone is off but it is not connected to USB cable yet while theUSB cable is connected to computer. Now hold the phone on hand.

Step 5 – Make sure you hold it properly and conveniently in a position that you can easily press both Volume Down (-) and Volume Up (-) button together but just don’t press it yet.

Step 6 – Now get ready in the position. Here’s what you have to do : push in  the USB cable into the phone just half way thru. Make sure it is still in a disconnected state.

Step 7 – Are you ready? Now push in the USB connector and immediately press both volume buttons. This should be done carefully. The basic principal is you have to firstly insert the USB connector and then press the volume buttons immediately. Failing to do so will bring you to Test Mode or Mi Logo.

Step 8 – Take a look at your computer. You will see that your device is detected by the computer if you have done everything correctly. It should be displayed as : Qualcomm HSUSB QLoader 9008

Step 9 – That’s all. Now you can follow another guide to unbrick your Redmi Note 3 phone.

Here’s a nice video of how to do the above steps. Credits belong to BharatG.

Alternatively, you can also use Redmi Note 3 Flasher Toolkit. Download it on your computer, run it, and choose option #6:

EDL Mode Kenzo