How to Repack MIUI Fastboot Image

Cook Android MIUI ROM

This guide presents you the steps to unpack and repack MIUI Fastboot ROM. The illustration shows the repacking process of MIUI 7 boot.img file for Redmi Note 3 (Kenzo) but the same steps are most likely applicable on other MIUI devices such as Redmi 3. The process makes use of Android Image Kitchen tool, a Windows based program developed by an XDA Member.

Moving on, the steps below cook MIUI 7 (China Developer Build) boot.img file so that it will be compatible for TWRP flashing on Redmi Note 3. Read on!


  • A Windows based computer either laptop or PC.
  • Download Android Image Kitchen tool into your computer.
  • Download corresponding MIUI Fastboot ROM (.tgz) package – use correct version according to your device model.
  • Do it on your own risks. We hold no responsibilities of any possible damage.

Thanks to feds64 at MIUI Forum. All credits belong to him.

Let’s Cook!

Step 1 – Extract the Android Image Kitchen package you’ve just downloaded. You can use either Winzip or Winrar to do so.

Step 2 – Extract the MIUI Fastboot ROM .tgz. For this task you can use either Winrar or 7zip.

At this point, you will have two folders: (1) Folder of Android Image Kitchen (2) Folder of MIUI Fastboot ROM

extracted rom folders

Step 3 – Go to the extracted Fastboot ROM and find the raw boot.img file within. Have found it? Now move that file to another folder: the Android Image Kitchen folder. You can right-click on the boot.img file > select cut > go to the Android Image Kitchen > then right-click > Paste.

copy boot img file

paste boot img file

Step 4 – Now still in the Android Image Kitchen folder, do these : right-click and hold the boot.img file > drag it onto unpackimg.bat file until you see “Open with unpackimg.bat” then release it.

Open With Unpackimg

Step 5 – You’ll then see a Security Warning pops out. Simply click the Run button.

Security Warning Run

Step 6 – Now you have to simply wait for the tool to proceed the unpacking mechanism.

unpacking android image

Step 7 – Go back to Windows Explorer and still in the same folder, you’ll see a folder named ramdisk. Open it up / go into it.

Step 8 – Inside the ramdisk folder, find the fstab.qcom file. Have found it? Open it using Notepad.

fstab qcom file needed

Step 9 – Hit Control+F on your keyboard to launch Notepad’s search feature. Use it to find ,verify anywhere inside the text. Have found it? Now carefully delete that part. Remember, there is a comma before “verify“.

editing fstab qcom file

Do not forget to save the change (Control+S) then quit Notepad.

Step 10 – Finally, you then need to repack the modded boot.img file. Doing so is easy, double-click on the repackimg.bat file to execute the process.

repack android image

Step 11 – Just wait till the process of repacking Android boot image finished.

process repack android image

Step 12 – Once the process has done, you’ll get a new file named image-new.img file.

image new img file

Congratulation! You now have new MIUI boot.img file. In many cases you can simply rename the image-new.img into boot.img file and use it accordingly. Do not hesitate to leave comment below this article.

  • Sasan Katebi

    i have a redmi 3, and still waiting for my unlock request to be approved by Xiaomi, I NEED TO ROOT my device, is this tutorial something that i can do to root my device without unlocking bootloader ?

    • farieznur

      No, you will still need to have account granted to unlock your phone’s bootloader

  • Nathaniel

    will this rom support fingerprint

    • farieznur

      I believe so. Because it doesn’t alter many settings of default image

  • Nathaniel

    pls tell fast

  • Alwyn Zhang

    Hi, I’m kind of new to rooting and stuff. After i’ve repacked and gotten my new boot.img file, what next? how do I flash it over to the phone?

    • farieznur

      use the newly created boot img (place it inside image folder of extracted fastboot ROM) then use MiFlash to flash the ROM.

      • Alwyn Zhang

        thanks! Does it have to be a fastboot ROM? Can it be a global stable rom? I’m using the Redmi Note 3 Snapdragon 650

        • farieznur

          Fastboot rom for either Global Stable or China Stable but not Recovery ROM

  • Den Goh

    dude do you delete or let the comma stay, i’ve been stuck just because of that lol

  • Vishnu

    Dear Sir,

    I want to request you to please give me a step by step instructions to repak boot image and install it via mi flash. The problem is that I have downloaded the fast boot rom from the above given link for my redmi note 3 which is currently on MIUI 7 Global 6.5.19 Beta .. and got the bootloader unlocked officially.. when I extracted the fast boot rom zip I did not get any folder named “image” in it .. just get to see a disk image with some other few files and two three folders. I repack that disc image and .. when tried to flash it.. via mi flash.. it said that…the repacked rom is missing some 0000*0000 file..

    • farieznur

      Fastboot rom always has .tgz extension. The one you downloaded (.zip) is recovery ROM. You have just used the wrong ROM 🙂 Try it again

  • Vishnu

    I got it downloaded from this link given above ” Thanks to feds64 at MIUI Forum. All credits belong to him.” please tell me whether I have to download the same rom I have installed in my phone which is a china dev one and repack it using kitchen tool or.. the rom downloaded form the above given link will do.

  • Vishnu

    please tell me how and where to download fast boot rom to repack it using kitchen tool..

  • Vishnu

    I am seriously requiring to do root… I wanna install dolby atoms and all.. thanks

  • Vishnu

    I have deleted comma too..

  • Vishnu

    what my problem is that when I tried to re pack the rom .. after extraction it did not appear as it is shown in the images above..
    I did not get any folder named “Image”… and when it comes to flashing the same after repacking.. it gave me an error message.. when I click on the flash tab.. it said something like… a file “000*000 ” is missing..

    • farieznur

      Download ROM with .tgz extension

  • Vishnu

    and I did not get any “boot.img” file.. it got only an image of disc which stated only “boot “

  • Vishnu

    thank you for the reply sir. I wanna ask one more thing if you don’t mind, shall I download the same rom what is currently running on my phone which is a dev rom(MIUI 7 Global 6.5.19/Beta) with .tgz extension and repack it using the Kitchen tool and flash it using MI tool.. will then I be able to flash twrp and root my phone successfully ? My phone is redmi note 3 ..snapdragon variant .. I am from India… it is a 2gb RAM one.. Thanks

  • Vishnu

    or shall I download MIUI fastboot rom for redmi note 3 from online and repack in using kitchen tool and flash it.. please suggest.. I will be greatful .. thanks.. and if I flash this rom after re-packing it by any chance.. wouldn’t I have to unlock the boot loader again. would I ?

  • Vishnu

    I am asking so many questions I know.. but the fact is that.. I am new to this redmi product.. its ui and all is slightly different from other android phones.. and I dont want to get it bricked… I wanna proceed with complete information on this.. I just wanna root it to save battery and install dolby atomos.. thanks

  • Vishnu

    and one more thing I wanna know.. once we unlock a bootloader.. it will remain unlocked even if we are flashing different roms…

    • farieznur

      if you are too worried, there are several ways to root Redmi Note 3 ( just choose one you think easier.

      • Vishnu

        sir.. please tell me which viper 4 android apk I should flash and how.. I did flash one using twrp.. loliviper and few other files.. but when tried to install driver.. it says busy box not installed properly or not rooted properly.. I had set selinux mod changer to permissive too.. please tell me how to make it working.. thanks..

  • Vishnu

    and the last but not the least question.. will I have to remove “,verify” or only “verify” … thanks

  • Vishnu

    sir.. I have got all.. how to do it.. .. my last question is.. the fast boot rom MIUI rom for redmi note 3 which I have downloaded can be used for repacking and flashing and rooting.. or will I have to go for any other fastboot rom.. awaiting ur reply.. thanks

  • Vishnu

    and being a devloper & blogger.. can you suggest me a best of the bestest sound mod to use with redmi note 3 snapdragon after rooting.. which can give me a feel as if I am sitting in a dolby atmos enabled theater..that kind of sound experience.. Thanks..

  • Vishnu

    and the best way to save maximum of its battery after rooting.. thanks

  • Vishnu

    I have got new problem now.. I installed viper by flashing it through zip ..and before flashing i installed busybox of stephen sterricson… but now when I am trying to install the driver of viper it says that busybox not found or not properly rooted.. I have checked it using busy box checker.. it said that the busy box is properly installed.. please give me soluton.. no I am unable to un install the zip file of viper too.. Please tell me how to make it working or how to completely un install the zip files I have flashed into my redmi note 3 sd.

  • piys singh

    what step to follow after cooking the image??

  • Agus R Riyanto

    Bisa buat unpack backup raw ga bos..ane ada backup.img tapi hh lain

  • Guntoro, Ade

    Hai man, how about system.img ?i want to delete some apk file in there.

  • disqus_FCcr7ozD8n

    Hello All,

    Can this method work on a Xiaomi Mi Play Global with “The System has been destroyed” error message after the official MIUI Update, endless bootloop, locked, MI account not bound to the device, etc… ?

    Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

    Be safe, you and yours.