How to Root Locked Redmi Note 3 (Snapdragon)

Locked Redmi Note 3 Rooted With No Unlock Permission

Normally, you won’t be able root access on MIUI device with locked bootloader including on Redmi Note 3. Luckily, some heavy users of MIUI users have managed various method to come up with workarounds for the situation. There is a method to unlock Redmi Note 3 unofficially with no official permission required. However, the method is, apparently, difficult at too risky for some users. Many of them ended up in bootloop or even soft-bricked.

In this article, you will see a method to: temporarily unlock bootloader, flash TWRP, and root your Redmi Note 3 Snapdragon (RN3SD). What’s the difference between this method and another one (the previous one)? This method, discovered by and thanks to Raaj52, is said to be a brick-free method and it utilizes a Windows-based tool (command prompt script) to make the process may easier than the previous one – Read: How to unlock Redmi Note 3 Bootloader Without Official Permission.

And here’s what you gonna need..



  • Make sure your RN3SD has enough battery power (more than 75% is advised).
  • Extract the downloaded Fastboot ROM (.tgz) using either WinRAR or 7zip. You may need to extract several times until you have the images folder.
  • Enable USB debugging on your phone. Follow these direction: simply go to Settings >> About Phone >> tap 7 – 10 time on the MIUI version. That will activate Developer Options menu. Now go to Settings >> Developer Options then enable USB Debugging.
  • Enable OEM Unlock option as well. This is available in Developer Options as well.
    Enable OEM Unlock Dev Options
  • Install MiFlash tool on your PC.
  • Extract the downloaded file in your PC.
  • Backup all your important data of your phone. This method involves wiping all data so obviously all data will be erased.
  • Copy SuperSu .zip file to your phone and place it at external SD Card / storage.
  • Disable driver signature enforcement in your PC. You can do that by pressing Windows button + i on keyboard to reveal the Settings page. From there you can choose Update & Security >> Recovery >> Advanced startup >> Restart now. Wait a moment for your computer to restart. Next, go to Troubleshoot >> Advanced options >>Startup settings >> Restart. Once your computer restarts, now choose Disable driver signature enforcement which is option number 7. See the video below for more details :

Some Known Limitations

As what Raaj52 mentioned, this method has some known limitations that every user implementing it need to aware. Therefore, before you continue, please read the limitations first :

  • This method is a temporary unlock method. It means you are advised to keep trying your best applying for official permission.
  • You will not be able to flash any Custom ROMs using TWRP even if the phone has been rooted. The biggest risk of doing so is bootloop. Sadly, the only solution to kick your phone out of bootloop is only testpoint unbrick method.
  • Flashing official MIUI Fastboot ROM through MiFlash tool is, however, still possible but it may relock the bootloader again.

The Method

Stage 1 – Flashing Fastboot ROM

Step 1 – Open up File Explorer on your PC and navigate to the folder where you have downloaded safe_emmc_appsboot.mbn file.

Step 2 – Rename that file from safe_emmc_appsboot.mbn to emmc_appsboot.mbn.

Step 3 – Open up another File Explorer window and navigate to the folder of where you have extracted the Fastboot ROM.

Step 4 – Find the original safe_emmc_appsboot.mbn file and copy it to somewhere else for a backup.

Step 5 – Now copy the downloaded – and renamed – safe_emmc_appsboot.mbn file to the same location of original safe_emmc_appsboot.mbn inside extracted Fastboot ROM files.

copying safe_emmc_apsboot mbn file

Step 6 – Connect your phone to your PC using its USB cable. Just wait the authorization pops up in your phone, otherwise you can follow these additional steps (or you can simply continue to step 7 if you do not face the problem) :

Step 6.1 – Disconnect your device from PC.

Step 6.2 – On your PC, go to C:\Users\”your pc name here”\.android

Step 6.3 – Delete adbkey file and file.

Step 6.4 – Open up Command Prompt window and issue command below :

adb kill-server
adb start-server

Step 6.5 – Try connecting your device to PC again.

Step 6.6 – Type this in command prompt window:

adb devices

Step 6.7 – You should now see the authorization popup in your phone and your phone is recognized properly by your PC.

Do not forget to tick “Always allow from this PC” on your device.

Step 7 – In Windows Explorer window, go to the location of where you have extracted the file. Open up the README.txt file and understand all the instruction.

Step 8 – Still in the same location, hold down the Shift button on your keyboard and right-click o any empty space in the same folder. Now choose “Open command window from here.”

Step 9 – Issue this command (type in then press Enter) :

adb reboot edl

Failed to do so? You may also try this method of booting Redmi Note 3 to EDL mode.

Step 10 – EDL mode is indicated by a blinking red LED. Now you can open up MiFlash tool.

Step 11 – Click the Browse button then locate the location of Fastboot ROM folder.

Step 12 – Make sure the “Flash All” option in the bottom is selected, and then click the Flash button to start installing MIUI7 Fastboot ROM on your locked Redmi Note 3. Pay attention to the screenshot below..

MiFlash Settings Flashing Fastboot ROM

Step 13 – Just wait till the flashing process finished. Once it’s completed, you can now disconnect your phone from your PC but do not switch your phone ON. Otherwise, it will end up in a bootloop mode.

Stage 2 – Unlocking Bootloader

Step 14 – Now put your device into Fastboot mode by pressing Volume Down (-) button and Power button at once until you see the Bunny mechanic (Fastboot logo).

Step 15 – Connect your phone to the PC again.

Step 16 – On your PC, open up Windows Explorer (if you haven’t done so) and go to the folder of where you have extracted file. You’ll see several files there such as adb.exe, aapt.exe, emmc_patch_twrp.img, fastboot.exe, and so on.

Step 17 – Now double-click on Root.bat file to run it. Read all displayed instruction thoroughly and proceed as instructed which in this case you may only need to press any key on your keyboard. That’s an easy task to do.

Unlocking RB3 Snapdragon Bootloader Part 1

Step 18 – You’ll see something similar to this one indicating information of initial state of your device. Now just press any key again.

Unlocking RB3 Snapdragon Bootloader Part 2

Step 19 – Upon hitting another button on your keyboard, the tool will unlock your phone bootloader. See? How cool is that to unlock your phone in just one single press of a button.

Unlocking RB3 Snapdragon Bootloader Part 3

Stage 3 – Installing TWRP Recovery

Step 20 – Next, just press any key again and the tool should automatically flash TWRP on your Redmi Note 3.

Unlocking RB3 Snapdragon Bootloader Part 4

Rooting Redmi Note 3

Step 21 – Again, just press any key to reboot your device into TWRP.

Step 22 – Once your phone entering TWRP, you can now flash file that you have copied early. To make the task easier, you should firstly change the language to English (unless you understand Chinese).

Change TWRP Language

Step 22 – Now in TWRP’s main menu, choose Install >> look for the SuperSU .zip file >> then Swipe right to flash. Once done, choose Wipe Cache/Dalvik the Reboot.

TWRP Flashing SuperSU on Locked Redmi Note 3

Step 23 – Just wait for the first reboot sequence. It may take a little bit longer than usual but that’s normal. Upon rebooting, your phone is now rooted. Congratulation.

Error in Flashing Fastboot ROM?

Just follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect your phone from PC
  2. Press Volume Down (-) and Power button simultaneously to enter Fastboot mode.
  3. Connect your device to PC again.
  4. Launch MiFlash tool up and click the Refresh button.
  5. You’ll now see your device name displayed. It’s something like “5dfe6hg“.
  6. Click the Browse button and locate the Fastboot ROM folder you’ve extracted. Make sure you have replaced the emmc_appsboot.mbn file with the one modified/downloaded.
  7. Finally click the Flash button to start installing MIUI Fastboot ROM.
  8. Once done flashing, your phone should reboot.Your phone will end up in bootloop mode but it’s normal. Therefore, please no worries!
  9. Put your device into Fastboot mode again by pressing Volume Down (-) and Power button simultaneously.
  10. Now run Root.bat tool again and proceed accordingly.
  11. Your RN3SD should now reboot successfully. Enjoy!

Congratulation! Your Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm Snapdragon is now rooted and hey! It also has TWRP installed. However, do not try to flash any Custom ROM through usual method.

  • Ashish

    Can we flash xposed framework after unlocking with this method?

    • farieznur

      I believe so. It should be no problem

  • Ankush sharma

    So can i root My device in global develore version using same method?
    and i have win8 32 bit is it gonna work?

    • Dipankar

      yes ! any miui can be flashed by this methord ! even if it is older then what your phone have pre install !
      it works for every miui !!

  • Rahul Madhyan

    Not working. i am on and followed each and every steps.
    INFO Device unlocked: false
    INFO Charger screen enabled: true
    INFO Display panel:
    OKAY [ 0.005s]
    finished. total time: 0.005s
    Press any key to continue . . .
    … FAILED (remote: Token verification failed, reb
    oot the device)

    • Petr Kresta

      same in here, did you already solved this?

  • Von Von

    dude you were missing Letter “p” it’s (emmc_appsboot.mbn) Rename that file from safe_emmc_apsboot.mbn to emmc_apsboot.mbn (wrong), emmc_appsboot.mbn (right)

    • farieznur

      thanks for pointing it out. It’s crucial.

  • Grzegorz Jurga

    I had the same problem as Rahul Madhyan. I made all the steps including 18.
    Unfortunately, I received a message … FAILED (remote: Token verification failed, reb
    oot the device).
    Imagine my surprise when after rebooting my phone(I had to do it twice) it turned out that the software was changed from China to Global version.
    Now I can enjoy the official Global version of software with Polish language and Google Play store.
    It works.
    Thank you !

    • farieznur

      glad knowing that it works for you and thanks for sharing your experience. I really appreciate it

    • robert

      kolega pomógł by przy RN3 zaktualizowac soft ? może zdalnie?

  • Amer Fiqri

    thank you very much for your complete instruction , it worked for me 🙂

    • farieznur

      glad knowing that it works for you

  • Preetham Rao

    I have a 32 bit windows 7 laptop. Will it work? Because you mentioned 64bit in the requirements.

    • farieznur

      use 64-bit Windows

  • BKD

    I can’t download safe_emmc_apsboot.mbn file and Please give me anoher mirror.

    • farieznur

      we run out of bandwidth. Will be reset soon in 3 days (August 12th, 2016). Check our server status here

      • BKD

        Woaaaa… Can’t wait for that long! Someone please help…

  • Shivam Soni

    Hey Developer ! Thanks Man! That just saved my time and worked for me. (y)

  • Harsoon

    Thanks! this worked flawlessly after dealing with some driver’s issues. It helped me to move from seller’s rom miui 7 which had malwares, into current developer’s miui 8 🙂

  • Agraha Fajri

    Hallo, could I use this method with miui 8 global stable? Thx

  • Wilson Leong

    If future wanna flash to custom rom, what should be done? Flash back to official MIUM ROM with locked Bootloader, get official unlocked?

  • Wilson Leong

    and how to go back to unlocked bootloader and unrooting with clean global ROM? Do factory reset?

  • Leo

    Will this method works on Marshmallow (Global Dev 6.9.9 and onwards)?

  • NaCl Junior TI

    It works in redmi note 3 pro Kenzo?

  • Jaime Alan Mendez Castro

    Should i relock the bootloader after this?

    • abhishek

      yaa , by Re Flash New ROM

  • Subi

    Please never ever provide download links from your site, full waste of time, not just once, several times.

  • bootlooped

    i was trying this & now i am stuck at bootloop

    i am sure i turned of oem option still i am getting this error

  • bootlooped

    i was trying this & not i am stuck at boot loop

    i am sure i tured on oem option still getting this error

    i am on latest miui (8.1 marshmellow )

    please help

    • Dipankar

      hey , unlock boot loader and then try ! it worked for me ! FIRST FLASH MIUI in EDL mode and then again go to fastboot and then type the command of unlocking bootloader in CMD ! ONCE IT IS UNLOCK it will again boot up ! and this time you will get into the android !! 🙂

    • First you have to “Turn on OEM Unlocking” and “USB Debugging” on in Developer Options then try again the flashing process. If not worked the try it Flashing MIUI Stable rom, it worked for me.

    • i have develop and same problem

    • Alpha King

      Dear Mr Fariez, hope u still viewing this thread~ im facing same problem as others, after flashing new stable rom, (miui 8.0++), it seems like the oem locked back, since it cant be detect by the root.bat~ is it because of the version of the rom? do i need to downgrade to miui 7 for this step to work? others that know the solution also can reply to help me~ thnkz in advance~^^

  • Yatharth Sharawat

    Do we get updates after doing this, do we void our warranty after this

    • Ryu Weimsburg

      Not sure about updates but it’ll sure void your warranty

  • mansy digra

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