How to Root Mi 5 Using SuperSU

Root MIUI 8 On Mi 5

Have you bought Mi 5 officially in your country? Yeah, Xiaomi has made Mi 5 available worldwide (outside China) officially whereas some people had to import it directly from China. As usual, you might have played around with it for awhile exploring all of its features and awesomeness. However, as with many Android devices, it will not be more awesome if you have not rooted it yet. Rooting an Android device will give you many advantages over one of its disadvantage; guaranty may void. Ability to flash custom Android ROM, ability to install many root-only apps are just few of advantages of getting root access. There are few one-click-root tools or apps, like Kingroot, with ability to inject root exploit in one click but they mostly will not work properly on rooting new flagship devices.

There is also another method which is easiest but it won’t give you true native root: by flashing Developer ROM. You will have access to grant root on apps you select but it’s not on SuperSU level. Read: how to grant root without rooting.

Therefore, the only possible and reliable method is flashing SuperSU package. However, for some people it is not an easy task. This article gives you a glance of steps you have to undergo to root Xiaomi Mi 5 running either MIUI 8 or MIUI 7. Please create full backup before you proceed with the steps since we hold no responsibilities of any damage or broken devices as a result of following this guide. Please proceed with your own risks and proceed responsibly.

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  1. Install either ADB USB Drivers or Mi PC Suite on your PC. This is needed to make sure your computer can recognize and communicate properly with your phone.
  2. Unlock your phone’s bootloader. Read : How to officially unlock bootloader of Mi 5.
  3. Extract Minimal ADB Fastboot Files package into your computer.
  4. Extract TWRP Recovery .zip file into your computer. You will get a recovery.img file as a result. You may need to rename it if you get a file with another name.
  5. Enable Developer Options on your phone. Doing so is easy. Just go to Settings>>About phones >> tap on the MIUI Version 7 times. You can skip this step if you have it enabled previously.
  6. Enable USB Debugging on your phone. Go to Settings >> Additional Settings>>Developer Options >> enable USB Debugging.

Again, please create full backup of your files because this method will wipe all data and files stored in your phone.

Flashing TWRP

Simply read follow my previous guide on how to install TWRP v3 on Mi 5. However, you have to use TWRP Recovery .img file downloaded from link above and you may want to modify the last command a bit (in Step 10 – adjusting recovery .img file name) :

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

Once installed, you may follow these steps to setup TWRP on Mi 5 for the first time :

Step 1 – During initial screen, tap on “Select Language” and choose English as default language..

Step 2 – Now enter TWRP main menu by doing “Swipe to Allow Modifications“.

Step 3 – Next, you have to firstly break phone encryption since you may not be able to flash anything using TWRP at this stage. You can break Mi 5 phone encryption by wiping or formatting the data. Choose “Wipe” from the main menu.

TWRP Wipe Data Mi 5

Step 4 – In the next page, choose “Format Data“.

Format Data TWRP

Step 5 – TWRP will ask for a confirmation. Type “Yes” and hit Enter on your keypad.

Confirm Formatting TWRP

Step 6 – Just wait till the formatting process completed. Once done, go back to main menu of TWRP >> choose “Reboot” >> and then choose “Recovery“. This will reboot your phone into recovery. There is a possibility to confirm disabling stock Mi Recovery. Just do that.

Reboot TWRP Mi 5

Reboot Recovery Mi 5 TWRP

Step 7 – Once you enter TWRP main menu again, this time choose “Install“.

TWRP Install Flash Meny

Step 8 – At this stage you should already have access to your phone’s internal storage. If you can’t, then go back to main menu and choose “Mount” then select “Data“.

TWRP Data Partition

Step 9 – Now go back to main menu >> select “Reboot” again >> and then “Power off“.

Rooting Mi 5

Step 1 – Disconnect your phone from computer and then turn it on as usual.

Step 2 – Open up your web browser on your phone and download SuperSU flashable package from this link.

Step 3 – Now you have SuperSU .zip file in your phone (usually in Download folder). Now reboot your phone into recovery / TWRP again. There are two ways to achieve it :

  1. Turn off your phone and reboot it by pressing Power button and Volume Up (+) button simultaneously. Or,..
  2. On your phone, launch the Updater app (usually located in Tools folder) >> tap on the three dots (…) at the top right-hand corner >> Reboot to Recovery Mode >> Reboot now.

Reboot Into Recovery Mode MIUI

Step 4 – Choose “Install” from TWRP main menu.

TWRP Install Flash Meny

Step 2 – Now locate the downloaded SuperSU .zip file you have it downloaded. Picture below is just an illustration. Ignore the whole file names but the way it looks like should be similar:

Flashing SuperSU ZIP Redmi 3

Step 3 – Select the download SuperSU .zip file by tapping on it and then do “Swipe to confirm Flash“. TWRP will begin the flashing process. Just wait till it finished.

Install SuperSU Redmi 3 Success

Step 4 – Finally, choose “Reboot System” to reboot your phone into normal state.

Congratulation, your Mi 5 is now rooted successfully. You will find SupeSU app installed and you shall see its icon in the homescreen. The first thing you have to do is launching SuperSU app up. The app will then ask you to install addon and update its binaries. Simply tap on OK.

Now, you may verify the root access by installing Root Checker app from Play Store.

root checker confirmation

Thanks and credits go to prmanayhoga. Enjoy rooting.

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What if your TWRP still have issue with its touchscreen feature? Simply use this trick:

Just let TWRP idle for a moment. Do not touch any thing in TWRP when you firstly open it. Just let it idle until the screen goes dark (locked). Finally, try waking it up by pressing Power button and see if it works now. Have no luck? Just try it again and again. However, I expect you will not face such touchscreen issue if you flashed above version of TWRP.

Finally, tell me how you have done so far? Is it success for your? Do not hesitate to share your experience in the comment section below.