How to Root Redmi 3 / Redmi 3 Pro Using SuperSU

Creative Root Redmi 3

Becoming the most popular budget Android phone in first semester of 2016, Xiaomi Redmi 3 is surely a dope. It is jump-packed with many outstanding hardware specifications and good premium body design (as well as material). However, any Android phones won’t be much more cool unless its users gain root access on it. Rooting may brick device as well as void original warranty, but rooting can also unleash the best within Android phone.

Are you ready to root your Redmi 3? Simply follow steps below carefully. In addition, the whole steps are also applicable to Redmi 3 Pro variant.

According to feds64, a member of MIUI Forum, that the process still need unlocked bootloader so you have to apply for the permission.


  • A Redmi 3 or Redmi 3 Pro handset.
  • Unlocked bootloader is a must. Use the same steps as mentioned in this tutorial.
  • A USB Cable – use the one comes with your phone.
  • A Windows based computer (PC / laptop).
  • Download SuperSU v2.71 package (.zip file).

Rooting Method

Step 1 – Download MIUI 7 Fastboot ROM package (.tgz) and extract it. Use its boot.img file then cook custom boot.img file using Android Image Kitchen. This is necessary to flash in TWRP. Read my previous guide to achieve this task.

Step 2Download TWRP v3.0.2 Combo package and follow this guide to install that awesome custom recovery.

Step 3 – Boot your phone into TWRP interface.

Step 4 – Copy SuperSU .zip file into your phone’s internal storage.

Step 5 – In TWRP, go to Main Menu >> Select ZIP file >> SD Card >> The point is, browse / locate the SuperSU .zip file you’ve copied.

Step 6 – Finally, simply Swipe to confirm Flash. The SuperSU flashing process will then start.

Flashing SuperSU ZIP Redmi 3

just wait till it finished.

Install SuperSU Redmi 3 Success

Step 7 – Once it has finished, you may need to adjust the timezone to your own, create backup and do not forget to select English language.

Setup TWRP Time Zone

TWRP Setup Language

Step 8 – Finally, go back to Main Menu and choose Reboot.

TWRP v3 Main Menu

Step 9 – Upon rebooting, launch SuperSU app. The app will then ask you to install addon and backup script to survive from custom ROM update. Simply tap on OK.

Setup SuperSU app

Voila! Your Redmi 3 / Pro has now been rooted. As usual, using Root Checker app is the easiest way to verify it.

root checker confirmation

  • Noah

    hi, will this method prevent us from getting the OTA update of the MIUI? TY

  • Ban0ng

    I’m upping the question from 2mos back.. will this prevent us from receiving OTA?

  • lastcyrol

    I’m upping the question from about a month ago..
    Will this prevent us from receiving OTA?

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  • Syam Mokhtar

    dude what if im using redmi 3 pro 8.2 global version..i follow all the step.. and now my phone had soft brick…stuck at mi logo..

    • Amirul Shahiranshah

      same to me.. stuck at mi logo after install SuperSU to reboot..