How to Setup Fingerprint Scanner on Redmi Note 3

Fingerprint Scanner on Redmi Note 3

This article is just another basic trick every MIUI users must know. We have posted several “two cents” tips and tricks similar to this one but this time we will show you a basic task a user of Xiaomi device with fingerprint feature must know. There are many Xiaomi devices equipped with fingerprint scanner on its rear including Redmi Note 3, Mi 5, Mi Max, and so on. For some users they might think it as useless feature except for unlocking the device. In fact, there are a number of tasks can be activated using fingerprint features. On top of that, fingerprint is something unique to individual person so utilizing it as security mechanism is better than password protection which can be brute-forced.

Some scenarios you can make use of fingerprint scanner :

  • Capture selfie picture (fingerprint as camera shutter);
  • Capture photos using rear camera (fingerprint as camera shutter);
  • Unlock lockscreen;
  • Unlock Hidden Folder feature;
  • Lock and unlock apps;
  • Thirdparty app login;
  • and so on.

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How to enable Fingerprint scanner feature?

Of course the main point is to record your fingerprint pattern which is unique to everyone into your phone database. MIUI allows its user to store up to 5 fingerprint profiles. On top of that, the scanner not only capable to scan fingerprint but also capable to scan other body parts like your lips. Of course it is also possible to scan the fingerprints of your feet but using them would be difficult if you need to unlock your  phone for tens or even hundreds times a day.

Here’s the basic sequence you need to follow to setup Fingerprint scanner on Redmi Note 3 :

First, prepare your finger. Make sure it is clean and it is not in wet condition. Now on your phone go to Settings >> Lockscreen & Password >> Password & fingerprint. Next, you have to firstly setup a backup password, PIN, or pattern in case you have failed fingerprint scanner several times. Done? Now you simply need to scan your finger by putting it on and lifting it up several times (10x). This process is necessary for your phone to collect different part of your finger and collect its profile in database. This nice video from 91mobiles may help you.