How to Setup Fingerprint Security Feature on Mi 5

Activate Fingerprint Recognition

How can I configure Mi 5’s Fingerprint security recognition? Well, this article shows you how exactly you can enable and setup the sophisticated security function on Mi 5 – the Xiaomi’s flagship device. Using accurate ultrasonic sensor, the feature will surely enhance the way you protect your phone. It also acts as alternative mechanism to Password, PIN or Pattern lock.

Enabling the feature is essential and easy. Yet, it can also make you look cool as you can unlock your phone by simply placing your finger into phone’s sensor. Simply follow steps below to activate that sensory feature :

Step 1 – On your phone, open up Settings.

Step 2 – Now tap on Lockscreen and Password, then choose Screenlock and Fingerprint.

Step 3 – Tap on the “Add Fingerprint” option.

Step 4 – You’ll then see Pattern, PIN and Password. Just set them up accordingly.

Step 5 – Before Mi 5 can recognize your fingerprint, it is obvious that you have to firstly register your fingerprint to phone’s database.

Step 6 – Place your finger on home button to register your fingerprint.

Register Fingerprint Sensor

Step 7 – You’ll need to do that several times until you get a confirmation message.

Mi 5 Fingerprint Lock

Step 8 – Once the phone has registered your fingerprint features, you’ll then be able to choose to which feature(s) the newly setup fingerprint be used including at Lock screen, Child mode, and File explorer features. Nevertheless, MIUI usually set it to be used at File Explorer by default. Hence, you can disable it there.

Finger Print File Explorer

See? Easy isn’t it?

Furthermore, if you want to be more in detail then simply watch a video guide below :

via YouTube.