How to Solve Bootloader Unlock Process Stuck at 50%

Bootloader Unlock Stuck Fix

One of most common problems occurs to some MIUI users who want to unlock their phone bootloader is the stuck process at 50%. As we may already know that some recent smartphone variants of Xiaomi like Redmi 3, Redmi Note 3, Mi 5, Mi Max, and Mi 4s are released with locked bootloader. Therefore, users who want to flash either custom Recovery like TWRP or flash stock MIUI Fastboot ROM through MiFlash need to firstly unlock their phone bootloader. The unlocking process requires official permission from Xiaomi Dev team. Each permission request takes few days. It could be like troublesome waiting process for some users especially those who want to fix their bricked devices. Once the official permit to unlock the bootloader is granted, users need to follow an easy process which for some users could also be so daunting – and arduous.

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Unluckily, some users who have had official permission from Xiaomi Dev Team ended up stuck at 50% during the process. This workaround is proven to work solving bootloader unlocking process that’s stuck at 50% on Mi Flash Unlock tool. Thanks to Lexie13, a member of MIUI Beta Team from China. He managed to solve this bootloader unlock issue on his Redmi Note 3 device but it should be applicable to any other MIUI devices.

Here’s the case that he underwent: He unlocked the bootloader successfully, installed TWRP and flashed SuperSU so he gained root access. Few days later, he updated his phone to newer version of MIUI China Dev build and the bootloader was again locked. He then unlocked the bootloader again and update to OTA again so the bootloader was relocked. Eventually, he had to unlock it again for the third time and luckily he succeed. It seems that he also underwent few times unlocking error: the process stopped at 50% or can’t verify device. How could he manage to solve it?

First, make sure you have updated your phone to MIUI Developer ROM and you have been using for few days (7 days or more). If this doesn’t help you with any luck then try the next possible workarounds below.

Second, make sure you have been logged in successfully in both your phone and Mi Flash Unlocking tool using your mobile phone number. Once you logged in, enable “Find Device” option on both your PC and your phone. Once it locks, the bootloader unlock process will take place as it should.

Third, the next possible workaround to fix this issue is by making sure that you have properly disabled Driver Signature Verification on your Windows system. It is strongly suggested to use 64-bit system of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10. How to do it? Simply follow these sequence. You can do that by pressing Windows button + i on keyboard to reveal the Settings page. From there you can choose Update & Security >> Recovery >> Advanced startup >> Restart now. Wait a moment for your computer to restart. Next, go to Troubleshoot >> Advanced options >> Startup settings >> Restart. Once your computer restarts, now choose Disable driver signature enforcement which is option number 7. See the video below for more details :

Forth, make sure you have installed USB ADB Drivers properly on your PC. You can do that by firstly uninstall any installed ADB Drivers or Mi PC Suite and then reinstall it. Try one of these ones (in sequential order):

  1. Mi PC Suite.
  2. Mi Flash Tool.
  3. Universal USB Drivers v2.0.
  4. Xiaomi USB Drivers.
  5. Xiaomi ADB Drivers v1.3.
  6. ADB USB Drivers v1.4.3.

Make sure your device can properly recognize your phone. You can do that via Command Prompt opened from ADB Directory. Simply launch Windows Explorer >> go to ADB folders (or download Minimal ADB Fastboot packages and extract it – but make sure you have installed one of above drivers) >> hold Shift button and right-click inside that folder >> choose “Open command window from here.”

Enable USB Debugging on your phone and connect it to your computer using its USB cable. Now then type this command in CMD window you have opened and hit Enter key to execute it:

adb devices

Make sure your device is displayed in the list. If not, uninstall the driver and try another one – and so on.

Fifth, so your device is properly recognized and the ADB USB driver is properly installed but you’re still facing the same issue (stuck at 50% in the middle of unlocking process). What’s next? Try doing all of these :

  1. Make sure you have enabled (checked) OEM Unlock option in Developer Options on your phone. It means that you should have both USB Debugging and OEM Unlock options enabled.
  2. Remove all security mechanism you have set it up including Fingerprints, password, PIN, and pattern lock. Don’t worry since you can reenable it again once your phone’s bootloader is unlocked.
  3. Open up your favorite web browser on your PC (e.g: Chrome, Firefox, etc). Now open and login using your Mi Account (the one that has been granted with unlock permission). But this time login using your User ID (UID) and not with your email or phone number.
  4. You will then see all connected device(s) there. Make sure you see only one device connected. Otherwise, you may need to firstly delete / remove other devices. Also make sure your connected device is shown online.
  5. Eventually, connect your device to your computer using its USB cable and open Mi Unlock Tool.
  6. Login to Mi Unlock Tool using your / the same UID and password (not username or phone number).
  7. Finally proceed with the unlock process as it should be.

Voila! At this point your phone’s bootloader should be successfully unlocked. However, bad thing might happen and sometimes you will just be out of luck. Therefore, if for some reason you still have not succeeded yet, simply repeat all the steps more carefully and make sure you didn’t miss any single step. Good luck! Do not hesitate to tell us whether your effort has been success or not.

  • Victor Dyadyura

    This is the same bullshit. You cant do ANYTHING but just wait. Login with phone, email, ID in all combination does not change ANYTHING.

    • farieznur

      It seems you are such a nice person. Thanks for your gratitude.

    • Heretohelpu look at this, I was tired of doing all this difficult stuff unlil I found this easy video I got my rom in 5 min

  • Victor Dyadyura

    Yes I do. This is the one of the millions post about “how I find the super secret back door”.
    You have to login with email, phone number, size of your shoes….than you have to sync that log off that jump 3 times… This is placebo post.
    I have Mi4c 6.7.21 beta. I got a permission to unlock about 20 days ago. I log and sync and backup and log on and off … all set. But every day (today is 6th day) I try to unlock and stuck as many-many-many users on 50% (current accoun is different…) I have only one device +38067…. activated, I can “find device” from pc and phone, I can backup device and so and so and so and so. BUT before “someone” do not let me to unlock there is NOTHING I can do. So I’m nice person and your post just a useless collection of letters.

    And there is no “OEM Unlock option in Developer Options”

    • DelCKS Retmus

      Hi Victor,
      Did you get around to solving this problem?

      • DelCKS Retmus

        Never mind, it worked!!

  • Doesn’t work no matter what you do. Period. The stupidity of this error is unbelievable. If one can see with his OWN EYES that it’s the same account everywhere, how is it possible that the unlock tool sees different crap?
    Bye bye, Xiaomi. Never again.

  • Baraiya Jaydeep

    i tried everthing but same probelm cound’t verify the device how to fic it guys plesse help me

  • DelCKS Retmus

    Really, really, really appreciate it Fariez! It doesn’t work though. Tried everything! And got permission to unlock but nothing… Tried this too: Any idea’s? Stops at 50% with “Couldn’t verify device”.

    • DelCKS Retmus

      Never mind!! Whoop whoop. Downloaded a fastroot rom and figured out the MiFlash (clean all settings at the right bottom). Phone didn’t want to start up but just hit the unlock button and it worked!! Rebooting didn’t work and then I adb deviced it and my screen lit up! Whoop!!!!!

      • Prima Fitra

        what is fastroot?

  • Chandra Sekhara Nagarjuna Muty

    i cant restart my device help ,e fast the boot loader has been stuck