How to Spot Fake MIUI ROM on Your Phone

Check Unofficial MIUI ROM

Xiaomi has a tendency to release new phone (or device) firstly in China, the company’s origin. Hence, the phone runs MIUI China build whereas the Global build is not yet available-not until the phone is available globally in many countries. However, there is a chance that the phone has also been available unofficially on several countries outside China. That is possible if the buyer or the reseller got the phone directly from China trough online stores like AliBaba, AliExpress, Banggood, or GearBest.

Usually, if you bought the phone directly from such China-based online stores then you have the phone running Chinese version of MIUI ROM (China Stable build) with no Play Store installed. Otherwise, you might have either a fake phone or original phone with fake MIUI ROM. We have posted several ways to distinguish fake Xiaomi phone from original one. This time, we will share several ways to easily spot unofficial MIUI ROM.

The Symptom

The first symptom is the existence of Google Play Store. MIUI China Stable ROM doesn’t have Play Store and any other Google Apps preinstalled. Therefore, you should have curiosity if you found any GApps like Play Store, Gmail, etc. If you did, there are two possibilities: First, it is an official MIUI ROM but the reseller have installed GApps for you; Second, it is a fake MIUI ROM.

OK, so you have found the symptom and now let’s see the ways how to spot it – and make sure whether your phone runs fake ROM or not.

How to Check If You Have Unofficial MIUI ROM

There are few things you can use them to help you spotting unofficial ROM :

First, official MIUI Stable ROM always has 4 digits number at its version and the Developer ROM always has 3 digits. Having that in mind, launch up Settings and go to About phone section. Note the MIUI version displayed there. Here’s an example of fake ROM:


Official Stable ROM will never have when it’s displayed as Stable ROM.

Official Developer ROM will also never have 6.5.30 but never have or

You can check what’s the latest version of MIUI from its official download page. Alternatively, Googling may come in handy for this task.

Secondly, check the whole version code of the MIUI ROM. Every China stable build should have “CN” in the version code. In example above, it has silly combination of the word “Stable” and the version code “MAACNDD.” Stable ROM doesn’t have the CN part in its version code.

Why Should You Care About It?

Personally, we believe that we should know any important things about what we bought. Installing custom ROM on your phone is something different because you knew that you are going to install custom ROM. On top of that, having your phone comes with unofficial ROM may have a risks of unwanted malware since you don’t know what kind of custom ROM it is. Unless you were told by the seller and you agree to buy it.

What do you think? Did you have similar experience? Have you ever checked what kind of and what version your phone’s MIUI ROM is.

  • Thiru ®

    hey I have (LHNCNDA) looks to be a fake rom on my redmi note 3 MTK .
    What can i do put a different version so i use the weather app and other apps

  • Jay Madio

    Can you recommend a legit store to buy a Mi Max phone? I am from philippines.

  • Bez Scott

    The problem is, one of the apps installed decided to use up all of my data. The app SCWeather was the issue and purchased via GearBest. Look, I really needed a phone at the time, and I don’t really care, but what do I do next? What to people recommend? Can I install a legit rom on the phone? Or can I try something else like Cyanogen?

    • Duncan M D Pringle Jr.

      I bought my MI5 from GearBest and my Mi4 and both game with fake MIUI, I downloaded MI Studio and activated developer options on the phone (go to settings>about then tap MIUI version 7 times I believe) then you need to activate USB debugging via developer options and connect to your computer to restore using Mi Studio. Hope that helps, if not I’d suggest you visit the forums for further help here:

  • Dk Saputra

    Mine have 6 digit why??? it’s fake right? And how to solve it???

  • Dhanny

    mine have 4 digits ,have pre installed google apps and have ‘mi’ on the 4th and 5th letter ,but when i go to the official rom website the download link show a ‘cn’ on the 4th and 5th letter. so should i or should i not download it?

  • Sandy Septiansyah

    How about distributor ROM that have 4 Digit? I found cases.