Install Gapps on Stock MIUI Using Google Installer

Installing GappsGoogle Services Framework, Play Store, Gmail, etc. – on stock MIUI can be super easy using Google Installer app. This article is will cover an alternative method of what I’ve posted previously (installing Play Store via Mi App Store). Some users still reported about the “force close error” when using Play Store installed via Mi App Store while this method suppose to have no such kind of error.

As you may or may not know that Xiaomi has omitted Google Apps (Gapps) from the stock MIUI ROM because of China’s relevant policies. But that doesn’t mean Xiaomi devices are incompatible with Gapps at all. Users can still download, install and use Gapps freely and easily on their devices.

Meet Google Installer app, a very amazing Android app allows you to have many Google apps installed in a snap. This article shows you how to use it on your MIUI based device.

Anyway, the app has been available in several versions but in this article I use version 2 of the app which is compatible with many latest Xiaomi devices including Mi 5, Mi 4s, Redmi 3 and Redmi Note 3. Read on!

Install Play Store on MIUI Device

Step 1 – Play Store is downloadable and install-able via Google Installer so you have to firstly grab the app. Download the installer app here. As usual, you’ll get a .zip file containing several .apk files. Now extract the .zip file then copy those .apk files into your phone’s storage.

Step 2 – Grab your phone and open up the Settings icon. Go to Additional settings >> Privacy >> tick or activate Unknown Sources. This will allow you to install any .apk file other than the ones downloaded from official App Store.

enable install unknown sources

Step 3 – Now on your phone, go to Tools >> File Explorer >> APKs >> then tap on Google_Installer_2.0.apk. This will install the Google Installer app on your phone. Just follow through the direction / process. Just tap OK then Install but never tap on Launch at anytime during / after the installation.

Step 4 – Go back to the front page of your phone. Look for and tap on the Google Installer v2 icon (as shown below) to launch it.

gapps installer icon

Step 5 – Once launched, tap on the blue Install button then wait till the process reached 100%. The process will install Google Services Framework, Account Manager, Play service, Calendar synchronization, and Contact synchronization service. Just tap in Install then OK when asked.

Google Installer v2 MIUI

Step 6 – At some point you’ll need to login using your Google credentials (or gmail account) and the app will be busy syncing contacts. Just follow the whole process till it finished.

Step 7 – Done? Now open up File Explorer again the tap on APKs. Now install the rest .apk files: Google Play Services and Google Play Store.

install google play services apk

Step 8 – The system will then ask for a confirmation of replacing existing app. Simply tap OK then Install. Replacing existing Google Play Services and Store app is necessary to avoid any compatibility issue, system error and performance sluggishness.

Step 9 – Finally, restart your phone to make sure all Google Services will load completely. One your phone has restarted, try launching up Google Play for the very first time by tapping on its icon.

  • yosafat ardiansyah

    Gan, aku punya Mi 4LTE-CT, MIUI 7 China Stable. Kok Communicate with google server error ya ?
    Thank you

  • mrvalgard

    why i have instalation in chinesse? it shouldnt be en app? or MiUI 7 translate it somehow? (i got setup en in phone)

  • Bishal Basnet

    Why is it always problematic following your instructions ? I flashed ROM accordingly and installed Gapps only to get stuck with this irritating Chinese ver.and signature verification error on the other….? would appreciate if you could get all out one after another to fool us in the name of spread luv… thanks !

  • Sahil Garg

    i brought xioami mi5 from china and i change it language to english but app store still in chinese what should i do?? plssss help

  • Sahil Garg

    and i downloaded play store but it doesnt downloading the app

  • Ko Htike

    Hello, i just download google installer v2 from the link and lunched the installer. Followed all steps as you described on above. Unfortunately, i got error happened in step 5, abt installation on google play services. So why stopped at 80% installation. My phone is redmi 3. Help me abt that problem. Thanks for your times. And again thank you all.

  • Narto Tumin

    Parse error when install google play services… what should i do? Pls help

    • farieznur

      What is your device and what version of MIUI is running on it? I believe some latest xiaomi devices with latest MIUI version are no longer compatible.

      • Narto Tumin

        Redmi Note 4G with MIUI 8… but I try already thru Google Playstore update..

  • afzal

    my google play service is not getting installed in xiaomi after 81 % please help me asap…

    • farieznur

      what is your phone? and what version of MIUI is running on it?

  • tiqus

    my google play store always shows error sign, stated that i need to login to my account, which i have login into my google play account

    • farieznur

      yes obviously you have to login to your Google/gmail account. If you can’t-after installing-try updating the Play Store app first

  • didz

    I’ve follwed all the steps n everything is fine but I can not download apps from play store showing an error notification…
    I’m on miui 7.3/ stable

    • farieznur

      try updating the Play Store app first. Look for the corresponding apk from

  • Andreana Ramdhani

    Thank you very much very nice share ;), eventually it works. After getting error downloading from play store finally it works. Just give a little patient. When play store has been installed and can’t download any apk from it, keep showing error bla bla.. Just be patient. At that time Google is installing correct version Google play store for your mi device without notice. Takes view minutes to complete. Try too reboot your mi, enjoy ?

    • farieznur

      Great. Thanks for sharing your experience

  • Janaka Mahindapala

    My phone is Redmi Note 3.MIUI version is 7.1.20 anddroid version 5.1.1LMY47V.
    my google play service is not getting installed after 80 % please help me.

    • Janaka Mahindapala

      I manage to do it by installing Google Play store first and followed by he other google applications.
      Now my question is how to access to the contacts which i have saved in google account (How to get those contacts back to this device which i have saved in Google AC

  • Why we need Step 7? Google Installer 2.0 already install Google Play Store and Google Play Services right?

  • Faraz Anwar

    Thanks for the info. I followed all the instructions. Initially Google play store starts but do not install any app and give error “authentication is required.You need to sign into your google account . As I am already signed in to my account, I don’t know what to do next.
    Hope to get some help from you.

  • Dutchman Jay

    Please do not follow the advise in this article. It will infect your phone with a virus. I downloaded the apk from the link in this article. After a while my phone started showing pop up phishing messages a few times per day. Later it was installing fake browser and yahoo apps. The only thing to red rid of this horrible virus was to install a fastboot from the xiaomi website. There are many great versions of miui and if you google the official forum, you will find a guide on how to re-install the latest miui (global version) on your phone. The google app store will be installled by default and it works like a charm!

  • Vishal Ichijou

    Getting rh_01 error.

  • Fur Ry

    Very good no error I searched the whole website trying to find this. No need root my phone is Chinese version ZenFone Max , after unzipping 2.0 installer only use the colourful play store logo, the other 2 files I nv use(google play store and google play services)
    ZenFone Max has 2 version ww world wide and CN China, mine is CN. There is no way to flash to WW Rom so I used the V2.0 installer and it work, the version 1.2 cannot work.

  • Sara Khan

    WHY THE RED ICON google installer is not here but is present in your screen shot

  • Manoj Shrestha