How to Install Google Play Store on MIUI

Commonly but not necessarily, Google Play Store app will not be found each time you’ve flashed, updated or reinstalled MIUI ROM on your phone. Especially when you’ve flashed MIUI China Stable or Developer edition on any Xiaomi phones such as Redmi 2, Redmi 3, Redmi Note 2, Redmi Note 3 or even Mi 4 and Mi 5. Whatever your Xiaomi phone is, as long as it runs MIUI 6 or 7 and it seems you see no Play Store app in it, so here’s how you can install it.

Basically there are two ways or methods to install Play Store app on your MIUI device: First, by flashing third-party Gapps package using TWRP recovery. I couldn’t say it is easiest one because you’ll need to firstly replace MI Recovery with TWRP. Second, you can also install Play Store app via Mi App Store. Well I’m going to show you the second method which I think it would be easiest for many users.

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Follow These Steps

Step 1 – Grab your phone and open up the Settings icon. Go to Additional settings >> Privacy >> tick or activate Unknown Sources.

enable install unknown sources

Step 2 – This step is optional. Do this only if your phone connects to the Internet using cellular data network and not wifi. Go to Tools >> Downloads >> Options (the three dots in corner) >> Settings >> Download Size Limit >> then choose Unlimited. See pic below:

remove data limitation miui

remove data limitation miui 2

Step 3 – Now you will firstly need to install Google Installer. Launch up Mi App Store. Type Google as the keyword in the search field. Look for the Google Installer icon then click on Install.

install google installer

Wait till the app has been fully installed.

Step 4 – Now open up Google Installer you’ve just installed. You’ll then see a list of available Google Apps (Gapps) to install. Simply look for Google Play then tap on the Install button.

install google play installer

Most probably you’ll be asked to firstly install Google Service Framework. Simply tap on the OK button to continue the process. Once the process has finished, you’ll notice four new Gapps are installed including: Google Service Framework, Google Account Manager, Google Play service and the Google Play Store app itself.

play store installed

Step 5 – Now go back to Mi App Store and search for Google again. Make sure all Gapps you’ve just installed are up to date. Otherwise you need to update it to avoid “app force close” when you open it.

update gapps

Step 6 – Finally, restart your phone to make sure all Google Services will load completely. One your phone has restarted, try launching up Google Play for the very first time and login using your Google credentials (or, gmail account). Once logged in, you can simply then install any other apps you think it’s necessary for you. Enjoy..

This trick was found at TeknikIt, so all credits including images go to and belong to that blog.

  • Justin Yeoh

    Hi once i have downloaded Google play store, will all apps run properly and will there be any other issues with the redmi 3 such as not supporting apps?

    • farieznur

      As long as you downloaded the apps from Play Store and the app developers say that their apps are compatible, then there should be no issue

  • Kuldeep Verma

    hi, I am kuldeep verma just bought Mi MAX phone from china, i want to download google play services in my phone. I followed above said steps but in google apps two apps download and installed ok but in third app ( google play services) it downloaded but during installation it showing App not installed. please guide, what need to be done? after this app two more app remain to download but since google play service did not installed so remaining two apps also can not install.

  • همبا الله

    i already follow the instruction above but keep getting this message “error retrieving information from server df-dla-15”

    Why ?

    • farieznur

      what your device is and what MIUI version runs on it?

      • همبا الله

        thanks bro, i try few times. and its okay now. i used xiaomi note 3 MTK run MIUI (LHNCNDE)

    • Jason

      hey i get this too – how did you fix it?

  • no name

    help I cannot log in to google

  • Ryondo

    i try everything above but when installing good play services I get to %80 and then it asks for permission to install play services again. I say ok then I get a red X. The installer does not move past %80

    • farieznur

      what your phone is and what MIUI version it runs?

      • Ryondo

        redmi note 3 and it has miui 8. I bought it in China at a phone company store

        • Yukishiro Honoka

          I have the same problem. Mi4S MIUI8. Would be good if can get some help cause my calendar is not synchronising

      • disqus_Qyi3Dv9Lri

        I have the same issue on a Redmi 4x that runs MIUI 8.2

  • Edz Rollan Mendoza

    I follow all the steps and then when I am downloading the 4 something pop out and it says “THere was a problem parsing the package” what will i do now ?

  • farhan

    i download all the things but cant signing in in google play

  • Bivek Aryal

    how to downlaod google installer? there is no google installer in MI store? please give me easy technique

  • Toby

    I am getting a new phone and I’m thinking of getting redmi 3s prime. However, I speak zero Chinese and I’m worried that I want be able to do anything on it. Secondly, I really like android os and I don’t want to not be able to use things such as google play and stuff. Are you 100% sure this will work?

  • Ijaz Ahmad

    how to downlaod google installer? there is no google installer in MI store? please give me easy technique. My cell phone is MI Note 4. I have bought it from Beijing and now using it in Pakistan.

  • Ramar Kottaichamy

    very useful. thanks

  • Whitney

    BIG THANKS for this tip. Very useful.