How to Install Xposed Framework on Redmi Note 3

Install Xposed Framework Redmi Note 3

Gaining root and having Super User access on your Redmi Note 3 would not be officially complete if you do not install custom ROM yet. However, for some users, flashing custom ROM is not a piece of cake. Xposed Framework comes to answer the needs of users who want to tweak many aspects in their Android system without having to actually flash any other ROM.

Here in this page, you’ll see the steps on how to install Xposed Framework on your rooted Redmi Note 3 running MIUI 7.x as well as on SphinX v1b. OK then, let’s go through the steps immediately:

Step 1 – Root your device following one of these tutorial accordingly :

Step 2 – Once your device has been rooted, download and install SuperSU app either from Google Play Store or via its .apk file. Once installed, do not forget to update its binaries.

Step 3 – Now install FlashFire app as well.

Step 4Download Xposed Framework for Redmi Note 3 package.

Step 5 – Launch FlashFire app up and and use it to install Xposed Framework you’ve just downloaded. Just tap on the Flash menu and follow the process accordingly.

Step 6 – Your phone will reboot and it may take longer time than usual.

p.s: During installation, never choose Automount option.

Watch the video below for more clear instruction:

Step 7Download Xposed Installer .apk file.

Step 8 – Install Xposed Installer app and follow all the process.

Watch the video below:

Ok. So now Xposed Framework has been installed on your RN3. You can now start to explore all available modules to tweak your phone and max out all of its awesomeness.

Credit belongs to: Nguyentankiet of MIUI Forum.