MIUI “To Start Android, Enter Your Password” Issue

wokaround start android pattern lock

Some users reported that they were faced with¬†“To Start Android, Enter Your Password” even though they actually use pattern lock. This condition could be confusing because they thought they could not use their phones since they did not have the password needed to pass that challenge. Before we tell you how to pass such issue on your MIUI device, let’s have a look to what cause this problem. Google plants security mechanism in every Android ROM to detect any suspicious activities. Such challenge you’ve seen is one of such security features. Whenever you have rooted your phone, installed apps from unknown sources, installed root-only apps, unlocked the phone, or even updated the ROM, you may have a chance to see such security mechanism activated by Google’s Android Device Manager. Therefore, that’s basically normal to avoid unauthorized access to your device if you have lockscreen secured with password, PIN, or pattern lock.

The problem is the fact that some users use pattern lock whereas the device asks for password or PIN. This simple workaround will allow you pass that security mechanism using your pattern lock.

enter android password

The Workaround

For your information, a pattern lock is basically a number-based PIN converted into a pattern. Therefore, in this case you just need to convert your lockscreen pattern into a PIN combination. The point is you should remember that the pattern is nothing but coordinates to the numbers 1 to 9 in the old T9 dialer format. Here’s how to do it. Pay attention to this cheat :

miui pattern lock

Now take this pattern lock for instance :

pattern lock example

Assuming your pattern lock is like above. Now let’s interpret the PIN based on that pattern lock :

pattern to pin converter

It means that the PIN you can use based on your pattern lock is 1257863. Simply enter that PIN to start your Android phone as asked.

Wait! There is no option to bring up pattern lock? Yes of course. Therefore you can use that pic above as your cheat or you can simply imagine that in your head. Simple, isn’t it?

Credits belong to FunkSpunk.

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  • kellywilliamsgreta

    Honestly its not work for me, this is for phone if you settup password,pin or pattern in your phone, but what if you never sett password on your phone and face this issue ?

    My phone get this issue 1 week ago, and untill now, cant find solustion for this..
    my phone feels like dead phone now!

    • Bhanu prakash Buddha

      even for me .. it was saying password entered was wrong..
      please someone help me

  • Calvin Putra

    how if my password contains number n alphabet ?

  • Kaushal kumar

    not working for me, i am unable to use PIN even i have changed my password form Mi website sill no result