Restore IMEI on Redmi Note 2

Trick Restore IMEI Redmi Note 2

In some cases you might lose the IMEI / Serial Number of your Redmi Note 2 whether for inappropriate ROM flashing or unsuccessful root attempts. Well, there are several reasons though, but whatever your reason is, you can follow steps below to restore or re-install the lost IMEI number to Redmi Note 2 which is powered with MediaTek MT6795 Helio X10 running MIUI 7.

Before we go through to steps, it is good to firstly have basic understanding of what IMEI is. Well, the term itself stands for International Mobile Equipment Identify which has 15 digit code containing information about the handset like its model and and specifications.

How to check phone’s IMEI? Simply launch Phone app and dial *#06# and the IMEI will be revealed and you can enter it at in your browser to reveal all information about your device. In this tutorial, we will use Serial Number Writing tool released officially by MediaTeck, Inc.

Warning: Please be aware that process below involves changing your phone’s system files that has risks to brick your device. Proceed with care and full responsibilities because we as well as the MIUI community held none. Credits go to MIUI Forum.


The Steps to Restore IMEI

Step 1 – Launch up SN Writing tool.

Step 2 – Enter IMEI1 and IMEI2 in the input box.

Enter IMEI Number

Step 3 – Now generate MP0B_001 file.

Generate MP0B 001

Step 4 – Another screen will show up indicating the process is complete. Just click OK.

Step 5 – You’ll be able to find the newly generated IMEI in the MP0B_001 file.


The Steps to Replace IMEI

Step 1 – Connect your device with your computer using its USB cable.

Step 2 – Now transfer / copy the generated MP0B_001 file to your device.

Step 3 – Done copying the file? You can now simply disconnect it from computer.

Step 4 – Launch File Manager up, make sure you have root access and locate the newly copied file.

Root Access on File Manager

Step 5 – Have you found it? Great! Now copy that file to following location (see the path below)

phone / data / nvram / md / NVRAM / NVD_IMEI




Step 6 – You may be asked to replace old file. Just confirm it.

Step 7 – Ensure that the file has following permission setup: rw-rw-rw

Check File Permission Explorer

Change File Permission Android

Step 8 – You can restart your phone to apply changes.


  • Prashanjeet Singh

    this method is not working
    i am following all steps carefully

    but not recover

    AND ALSO NOT SHOW AUTOMATIV MAKE phone / data / nvram / md / NVRAM / NVD_IMEI folder I am alse make folder in folder phone / data / nvram / md / NVRAM / NVD_IMEI /than paste MPOB_001 file but no success

    • Oleg Skaskiv

      It will work for MTK versions only/

  • Prashanjeet Singh

    i have HM2LTE-in Model