Granting Root Access on MIUI 7 without Rooting

get root access without root tutorial

So recently Xiaomi has managed to release MIUI version 7.1 Developer build for all supported devices (check all devices getting MIUI 7.1 here). Many users are still wondering whether they can root MIUI 7.1 or not, but you know what! Actually, Xiaomi has provided root access as one of MIUI 7 key features and the feature is still available on version 7.1 as well. Yet, I believe Xiaomi will always include that feature for every next MIUI release.

So what does it mean? Long story short, you can have root access on your Xiaomi device running MIUI 7 without having to root it first. This article will show you how to do that exactly.

How to enable root permission

Step 1 – Grab your Xiaomi phone on hand and unlock its lockscreen (if you haven’t do that yet).

Step 2 – Look for Security icon, tap on it to launch MIUI’s built-in security settings page.

Step 3 – Found it? Now go ahead tap on Permissions > then tap in the gear symbol in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 4 – Now you are in the Security Settings page. Activate the Permission manager option.

see illustration below:

How to grant root access on apps

There are so many useful root-only apps in the Play Store which are useless if your phone is unrooted. By using this technique, you can grant root permission on any root-only app without having to root your Xiaomi phone, especially the new shinny one, Redmi Note 3.

For example, you want to install Titanium Backup or Root Explorer app. Just go to Play Store then download and install it as usual but do not run / open that app just yet.

Now go to Security > Permissions > Root access then enable the app you wish it to be granted with root access. That’s it.

This is necessary because without proper root permission, any root-only app will never get work on your Android phone.

Finally, go ahead try to open the root-only app you want like Titanium Backup and it should be open and running like a charm.

How cool is that dude! Any way, if you do still want to “really” gain root access on your phone, you can try KingRoot, a one-click root app with highest success rate. Or, if your device is Redmi Note 2, you can follow my previous tutorial about how to root MIUI 7 on Redmi Note 2 and install TWRP recovery on it.

One more thing, great thanks and credits belong to Also, do not forget to share this article if you feel it useful so your friends can also install and use root-only apps without rooting.

  • Venkateshkumar Polisetty

    my cell has miui7.1.1 gobal i am not getting root permission

  • Vishan Rana

    Said option as described in artical is not found on miui stable 7.2.3 or higher from 7.1.1!

    • fullname

      This article is only relevant for dev weekly builds.

      • farieznur

        So sorry if it was not again relevant. I’ll update it soon and thanks for pointing it out.

      • Vishan Rana

        pls tell which rom with name?

  • Mati Bloch

    Indeed as Vishan Rana indicated below, on Miui V7.2.7.0.LHPCNDB the Root access option is missing.
    Any suggestions?

  • shapath shah

    Root Access Option Is Not Found :(Please Help Me.

  • matteo masi

    I have the tab “about root” and in there a lots of chinese word..what is it???

  • TylerC

    Well, it worked for me, thanks!
    I have latest weekly update to date (jun/2016).
    Unfortunatly the Xiaomi community are so messy… I may probably follow your webpage in order to find more tips for my Xiaomi.

  • Peeyush Goswami


  • Aayush Aggarwal

    I didnt found the root access option in permissions on xioami hm note ltew 1 miui v7 rom.

  • Elliot Ching

    let take eg on Redmi Note 3. The “STABLE ROM” do not have the ROOT ACCESS option while the “DEVELOPER ROM” does. Please take note “DEV ROM” is more buggy and unstable. Keep update almost every 2~3 days or every week.

  • ItsTheWolf

    Hi, I’m on Dev Rom but I can’t find Root Access permission

    • Harsha Rao

      Can any one suggest on this I am also finding same isuse

  • Kalem

    useless article… on 7.2.x version and higher, there’s no such of that option anymore….

  • Sithu PM

    i’m currently installed china stable rom/miui8,  i want to install global dev rom, is it possible ?