How to Root Redmi Note 3 (Snapdragon Variant)

Just follow this step-by-step tutorial on how to get root access on Redmi Note 3, powered with Snapdragon 650 chipset, via TWRP 3.0 making use of SuperSU v2.68. Well, I have not see yet any compatible one-click root app for Redmi Note 3 (till the time of writing this article) like Framaroot or KingRoot. But let’s hope there will be any in the near future but meanwhile you can simply follow this complete guide below.

For your information, do understand this guide is for the Snapdragon variant of Redmi Note 3 only. Xiaomi has released two variants of the phone: Mediatek-powered and Snapdragon-powered. In a glance, the specs of the Snapdragon version of Redmi Note 3 include a 1.4GHz hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 processor, 2GB or 3GB of RAM, Adreno 51 GPU, integrated X8 4G+ LTE modem, 16MP rear camera, and 4,050mAh battery.

Warning : Flashing can potentially brick or bootloop your device. We don’t hold responsibility of any error or problem caused of following this guide. Do with your own risks. And this is only for Snapdragon model of Redmi Note 3 / Pro.

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What you are going to do – for a glance :

  1. Flash TWRP
  2. Go to TWRP
  3. Flash SuperSU
  4. Reboot your phone
  5. Install SuperSU app
  6. Root access gained

Root Requirements

  • A Redmi Note 3 Snapdragon model (make sure you have same model)
  • Phone’s Bootloader has been unlocked – Read : How to unlock bootloader
  • USB Cable
  • A Windows based computer (PC/laptop) running Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
  • Proper knowledge and proper reasons to get root access
  • 30 minutes of your time


Install TWRP v3 on Redmi Note 3

Follow steps below to flash TWRP Recovery on your phone :

Step 1 –  Enable USB Debugging mode on your phone via Developer Options. Of course you have to firstly activate Developer Options in your Settings page. To do that, simply go to Settings >> About Phone >> then tap on the MIUI version around 7 – 10 times. Now you can go back to main Settings page and you should see Developer Options appear there.

enable usb debugging

Step 2 – Now connect your phone to computer using its USB cable but you have to firstly make sure you have ADB Drivers installed properly.

Step 3 – Extract the TWRP v3 package file (.zip) using your favorite unarchiever tool like WinRAR or Winzip on your PC.

Step 4 – On your PC, open up the Boot.bat file then proceed as instructed on screen.

Step 5 – Once done, double-click on the Twrp3.bat and follow on-screen instruction. This will install TWRP 3 on your phone. At the end your phone will reboot and enter TWRP Recovery.

twrp v3 redmi note 3 installed

Please do aware that ticking the “Mount system partition read-only” on TWRP you will get OTA updates for the official ROM and not otherwise.

Alternative method

Instead of using above steps, you can also flash TWRP on Redmi Note 3 following this alternative method. Once flashed, simply follow below steps to gain root.

Flash SuperSU on Redmi Note 3

Step 1 – Transfer the downloaded SupesSU .zip file into your phone’s internal storage but make sure it is not inside any folder.

Step 2 – Now, if you have not done it yet, boot into TWRP.

Step 3 – On the main menu of TWRP, select Settings and adjust the time to your time zone and select the suitable language for you. This may come in handy for creating backup.

edit twrp language

edit twrp time zone

Step 4 – Go back to TWRP main menu. Tap on the Install menu.

Step 5 – Then now select the SuperSU .zip file you’ve transferred early. You may also need to do “Swipe to confirm flash” so the process can start.

install supersu twrp 3 redmi note 3

Step 6 – Once SuperSU has been flashed successfully, go back to main menu then select Reboot >> System.

reboot system twrp 3 redmi note 3

Step 7 – Wait for a moment till your phone normally reboots. Next, open up Play Store then download SuperSU app.

Step 8 – Open up SuperSU app then install an addon backup script that will let SuperSU survive custom ROM updates and nightlies.

supersu app addon script

Step 9 – That’s it. Now you can verify the root using Root Checker app.

verify redmi note 3 root

Done. Credits and great thanks to Feds64, Chainfire’s SuperSU and TWRP Team.

What do you think? Have you rooted your phone successfully? Why and why not?

  • No way to root without pc?

    • siddhant pratap singh

      App based rooting is not advisable. They most of the times fails to root and may brick your phone. Always go for conventional pc method. Pc method are more reliable becase they are prepared for specific devices.

  • george kim

    i did it on global dev 3.6.18 and it worked. The wifi is not working thou now ..

    • Vishal

      how did you get it back to work? I am screwed!

      • George Kimionis

        Don’t fret. Just rein
        stall an official firmware (id say global) via download mode. With a little research you will find it ! No damage is done
        BTW I’m not gonna reply again, I’m deleting this good forsaken thing called desqus

      • Sumit Kumar

        you have to Create a specific “Boot.img” for the respective ROM version Using software Android Image Kitchen
        go to this thread
        thanks to feds64

  • Mark Giardini

    I keep getting “C:adb>fastboot flash boot boot_1.img

    even tho USB is enabled

    • teja

      reboot to fast boot mode
      press volume- + power botton
      now connect and flash

      • miecho

        how to flash on fastboot mode? i’m newbie btw

    • farieznur

      have you installed either ADB USB Drivers or Mi PC Suite. Or try as what Teja suggested

  • Pankaj Gehloach

    For all those getting , You need to go into fastboot mode first. And for all those who are stuck in bootloop or wifi is fucked up. This guide apparently is missing one step.
    You just have to flash a customized boot.img. Look up here for bootimages and if isn’t there extract from the ROM. Don’t forget that the boot image should match your current build.

    *Cook it and flash it.

    *How to cook? Here-

    *And here is how to flash boot.img–

    -Put your mobile into fastboot mode

    -open cmd and type

    “fastboot flash boot boot.img”

    —where boot.img is name of your boot image.

    *Wondering what to do next? Install AOSP 5.1.1

    • farieznur

      Yeah I’m sorry. It suppose executing boot.bat script will reboot RN3 to Fastboot mode. Regarding custom boot.img file, yes I dd forget that one. Gonna edit it

      • Saarthak Singh Dholiya

        Hey have you made the changes as i am going to try to root the phone.

    • Dipanjan Malakar

      I just flashed the wrong boot image and now I’m unable to turn on the the WiFi and also facing other issues. So can you please give that modified boot image file for MIUI

  • siddhant pratap singh

    Hello, so will this process work for latest MI update that is MIUI STABLE with installed lollipop 5.1.1
    I have redmi note 3 Snapdragon variant with 16 gb.

    • Pankaj Gehloach

      hell yeah

      • siddhant pratap singh

        and now I’ve received I have read on other sites that say there is different methods for every single OTA update. are you sure that it will work and won’t brick my device. please help

  • Codebreaker9199

    After unlocking the bootloader and rooting the phone, will I be able to update via OTA or should that be be done manually, after this?

  • Rehan Khan

    after opening boot.bat my wifi cant open

  • Naveena Paramahamsa

    I think my device is screwed too. I did boot.bat and twrp.bat. Now when I restarted my device and tried to go to recovery mod. It is showing same old screen of Mi phone connecting a USB cable. Wifi is not working now.
    Someone please tell me how go back to how my device was before.

  • Sunny Jari

    I have redmi note3 3gb ram 32gb rom and 5.1.1 and miui how to root please halp me guys

  • Sunny Jari

    I have redmi note3 3gb ram 32gb rom and 5.1.1 and miui how to root please halp me guys

    • farieznur

      follow steps above

      • Gin Yamato

        so just do the same? muiu global . also if after root, can i still update?
        do you also have link for bloatware list

  • Aarif Mohamed

    Dear Admin
    Will my device data gets wipe after rooting?

    • Sachin Alam


  • Hemphiz

    Hey fariez, first off nice work. Will this method work on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro Prime (aka kate) I have spent hours looking for a guide specifically for the Kate but have found nothing, I really don’t want to flash anything that’s not compatible. Regards

  • I don’t have windows pc, I have a Mac

    • Sachin Alam

      Download for Mac from google

  • Ctx DollUtion

    can this method work on windows running 32bit or must 64bit pc?

    • Sachin Alam


  • piys singh

    after executing the boot.bat from twrp package the only thing mobile is showing is the mi logo, please reply asap

    • your device is bootlooped now. You can flash stock firmware to get back your device in working condition.

  • Sohail Sheikh

    I followed the steps given above, the twrp recovery is starting but the phone is getting stuck to MI logo. Only logo is being shown. Miui 6.8.18 beta, snapdragon,

    • Sachin Alam

      use cafface twrp recovery.

      • abhishek1994

        Links have expired

  • Thexfactorguy

    I have been trying to contact but there is no contact page anyway so as you are a xiaomi enthusiast, would you be willing to embed my youtube video and make a post in your blog about a small trick or tip about the mi band 2 ” how to enable running mode” which i explained in my video. It will be helpful for everyone.

    Here is the link

  • Emerson Novais

    Does miui 8 beta android 6.0.1 work?

  • Emerson Novais

    I downloaded the fastboot ROM for my device, Miui 8.0.1 and already made the process of cooking the boot.img more I saw in the comments below that the boot.img has to be from the msm rom that I am, and I am in the miui 8 beta Android 6.0.1 can i do the msm process so?

  • Dhruv Bhagat

    Root redmi note 3..
    ( Developer / stable ) (Marshmellow / Lollipop )
    Easy And Fast Must Watch Video : –

  • Harry Zalessky

    it’s asking me for a password, PLEASE HELP

  • kUuHaKu

    I know that rooting is a bit unstable….but are these methods safe….safe enough that even if it fails, no noticeable change is there…?

  • jonartha petra

    I Like Nice Post. Thanks for admin


  • abhishek1994

    The phone doesn’t boot after flashing the TWRP. It’s stuck in boot loop.
    Also, tried flashing supersu by pushing the file through cmd, still gets stuck in boot loop. Tried factory reset, still doesn’t work. Tried flashing custom rom, gives “Could not find ‘META-INF……….zip file’ error