How to Sync Mi Fit with Google Fit

Mi Fit Sync Data to Google Fit

Xiaomi has released Mi Band 2 with better, easier, and more accurate abilities to track and to monitor your health. We are utterly convinced that Xiaomi will keep releasing newer version of this fitness tracking device. It is a popular wearable device not only among MIUI Fans but also all wearable addicts. This device can sync perfectly with any Android phone with Mi Fit installed on it. However, for some Mi Band users they might previously use another wearable fitness tracking device and synced it with Google Fit app. Switching from Google Fit to Mi Fit means you will use new app and start everything from beginning.

Luckily, there is a way for you to sync Mi Fit with Google Fit. Therefore, new fitness statistic data gathered using Mi Fit can easily be added to your stats in Google Fit. The steps below, as explained by Guru.hangala, will show you how to sync fitness data on Mi Fit with Google Fit.

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Setup Mi Fit to Google Fit Syncing

Step 1Download Mi Fit app from Play Store and install it on your phone.

Step 2 – Download Google Fit app from Play Store and install it (if you haven’t done so).

Step 3 – Now launch the Mi Fit app and make sure it has been connected and synced with your Mi Band, Mi Band 2, or Mi Pulse.

Syncing Mi Fit with Mi Band

Step 4 – Now launch up Google Fit app and complete some basic configurations.

Google Fit App Basic Setup

Step 5 – Go back to Mi Fit and go through these sequence: Menu >> Accounts >> Sync with Google Fit >> and Click the Sync with Google Fit button.

Sync with Google Fit Feature

Step 6 – Now you have to choose your Google Account and grant it access permission.

Grant Mi Fit Google Access

Step 7 – Open up Google Fit app again. Go to Settings >> Scroll down the page a bit >> Apps Connected >> now just make sure that Mi Fit is shown there.

Mi Fit Synced Properly to Google Fit

Step 8 – Finally, you may go back to the main page of Google Fit and drag the page down to start syncing your fitness data in Mi Fit to Google Fit.

Google Fit Data Synced

Enjoy being always fit with Mi Fit and Google Fit.

  • herman aomi

    how to make a video Xiaomi MI4 can Smule.

  • Bill DeWall

    This is bullshit the menu shown does not even exist

  • Bill DeWall

    There is no “menu” in the mi fit app you fucktard

  • pbmonk

    That new version is a piece of shit

  • Gunter Reinitzer

    Does not work, Mi Fit reports that the Mi Band 2 is already coupled by some other user, which is not the case. This makes the device unusable

  • jfh2112

    Here’s how to do it for newer version of apps:
    1. Install Mi Fit and Google Fit. Configure both and pair the Mi Band 2.
    2. In Mi Fit, on the main screen, press Play in the bottom middle. Then scroll down. You’ll see a Add Accounts section, with Google Fit listed. Press Google Fit.
    3. From here it’s just one press. Mi Fit will now sync with Google Fit.

    I am using this to get my Band 2 info into My Fitness Pal, since they still don’t support Mi Bands.

    • Andrei Kurbiko

      thank you!

  • David Gualdron

    Great advise. Thank you so much!

  • Vivek Goel

    My Mi Fit is not showing Google fit account sync data option in add accounts menu.

  • Mathieu Jobin

    Will it sync heart rates taken using my Mi Band 3 ?