Unlock Mi 4c Bootloader Without Official Permission

Trick Unlock Mi4c Bootloader Unofficially

Xiaomi Mi 4 was once being a flagship phone and then two of it variants emerged: Mi 4i,  Mi 4c, and the newest one is Mi 4s. Unlike the first variant, Mi 4c is shipped with locked bootloader. It means that users would not be able to just easily root and install Custom ROM on it. However, the main intention of “unlocked device” practice is basically good. Xiaomi Dev Team decided to do that practice of course for safety reasons. For instance, there is a possiblity that once a Mi phone is lost or stolen, the person who got the device could easily flash a new ROM into it, and makes it almost impossible for our the legit user to get the phones back.

On the other hand, having a locked device means more steps will be needed for the owners to unleash all of its awesomeness since normally they have to firstly apply for official unlock permission which can take days (up to 2 weeks). Also read : How to unlock Mi 4c bootloader. Generally, many users become bored waiting confirmation and sometimes they even got no luck when Xiaomi decided to reject the application.

This article shows you the steps to unofficially unlock Mi 4c in minutes and with no Xiaomi’s permission – in case if your application got rejected. However, it may still need either to use MIUI7 Developer Build or specific MIUI7 Stable Build.

Should I really do this kind-of-hacking thing? Of course not. We strongly recommend you to keep your phone’s bootloader locked unless if you really need to unlock it. And if you do, it is better for you to firstly apply for official permission. Nevertheless, the decision is on your hand – yes I know it can be so painful when your device is bricked or in bootloop.

What will change after locking bootloader?

  • Locking bootloader will not affect normal OTA updates;
  • ROOT will be disabled if user has enabled it before. Enabling ROOT will need to unlock bootloader;
  • Recovery mode is changed. Updating via Recovery will need to use Mi PC Suite;
  • After unlocking, the device can do all the things as before we locked bootloader.
  • Devices with locked bootloader can not update using Miflash. Users need to unlock bootloader if they want to flash Fastboot ROMs.

Warning : Proceed with your own risks. Flashing may lead your device into bricked state as well as bootloop problem. In addition, it may also be harmful to your device. We hold no responsibility of any damage caused of following this guide.

How to Smartly Unlock Mi 4c?


  • A Windows based computer either laptop or PC.
  • The Mi4c handset.
  • A USB cable. Just use the one comes with your phone.
  • A stable internet connection – for download.
  • Few minutes of your time.
  • An enough amount of bravery.


Unlocking Steps

Downgrading MIUI Version

Step 1 – First thing first, you need to downgrade your phone to MIUI Dev Build v6.1.21. So transfer the downloaded “miui_MI4c_6.1.21_d1d054460d_5.1.zip” file into your phone’s internal storage.

Step 2 – On your phone, launch up the Updater app >> Tap on the three dots option [] at the top right-hand corner of your screen >> select Choose Update Package option >> locate the ROM .zip file you’ve downloaded / transferred and choose it.

Step 3 – Upon choosing the ROM .zip file, your phone will start flashing it. Just wait until it finished and reboot successfully into new MIUI version.

Screenshot pic (please disregard the MIUI version)

flash MIUI recovery rom

Step 4 – Now reboot your Mi4c into fastboot mode. To achieve that, simply press Volume Down (-) and Power button all together for few seconds until you see the MIUI Rabbit Fastboot logo.

Step 5 – Connect your phone into computer using its USB cable.

Step 6 – Extract the Fastboot Minimal ADB package and go into the folder resulted from the extraction.

Step 7 –  Launch ADB interface. Hold down the Shift button on your keyboard >> right-click anywhere inside the folder >> choose Open Command Window From Here.

Step 8 – Now issue this command in Command Prompt.

fastboot oem edl

Once the command above is executed, you’ll then put your Mi4c into Download Mode (EDL) identified by a blank dark screen.

Step 9 – On your computer, extract the MIUI v6.1.7 Fastboot ROM (.tgz) file you have downloaded using WinRAr or 7zip. You may need to extract it twice to get a folder called “images.”

Step 10 – Launch MiFlash Tool you’ve installed and use it to flash the MIUI v6.1.7 Dev Build onto your phone. Read: How to flash fastboot ROM. Shortly, you have to click on Browse button, locate the “images” folder of MIUI v6.1.7 ROM you’ve extracted, and then click the Flash button. However, you have to firstly make sure the tool is capable to recognize your device (connected properly).

Step 11 – Just wait till the flashing process completed.

Step 12 – Once done, you may need to reboot your phone by pressing the Power button a little bit longer (approx. 8 seconds). Just wait for it to completely reboot which usually takes longer than usual.

Unlock Bootloader

Step 1 – So your Mi4c is now running MIUI7 v6.1.7 Dev Build. At this point, your phone should be ON and in normal state.

Step 2 – Now again, reboot your Mi4c into fastboot mode. It’s done by pressing Volume Down (-) and Power button all together for few seconds until you see the MIUI Rabbit Fastboot logo.

Step 3 – Connect your phone into your PC again (if you haven’t done it yet) and launch ADB Command Prompt interface again.

Step 4 – Finally, issue the magic command to unlock bootloader :

fastboot oem unlock

Step 5 – Voila! You have unlocked your phone at this point.

What’s next?

Of course you can install custom Recovery like TWRP or CWM and then proceed with flashing custom Android ROM. However, that’s only an optional and of course you can do whatever you want with your unlocked-bootloader phone.

This method was actually discovered by one of XDA members called wolkenjaeger. So I believe the credits can go to him. He also stated that the same method above is applicable using different ROM version including :

  • MIUI7 v7.1.4.LXKCNCK (China Stable)
  • MIUI7 v6.3.24 Developer Build
  • MIUI7 v6.3.17 Developer Build
  • MIUI7 v6.4.14 Developer Build

Using one of those ROM you’ll have greater possibility to success. Otherwise, the possibility will be lesser if you use higher version. Anyway, do not hesitate to share your experience with us and with other readers in the comment section below. Feel free to browse all other tips and tricks. Have fun!