Using Hidden Folder Feature On MIUI 7.1 File Explorer App

Since the release of MIUI 7.1, Xiaomi has added Hidden Folders feature in the new File Explorer app. Here’s how to use it and take advantage of it to store your private photos, videos or even any private files hidden from everyone accessing your phone.

For your information, MIUI 7.1 comes to several supported Xiaomi devices including Xiaomi Mi 2, Xiaomi Mi 2S, Xiaomi Mi 3, Xiaomi Mi 4, Xiaomi Mi 4i, Xiaomi Redmi 1s (3G), Xiaomi Redmi Note (3G), Xiaomi Redmi Note (4G), Xiaomi Redmi Note Prime (4G Dual SIM), Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, Xiaomi Redmi 2 / Prime (4G), Xiaomi Mi Pad, and Xiaomi Mi Pad 2. It means if you have one of those supported devices, let’s say Redmi Note 2 for example, then simply update your phone via OTA mechanism or download the MIUI 7.1 Global Stable ROM then follow this guide to install it on your phone to get several new features including the new File Explorer app.

Well, I know there are already many apps available in Play Store offering file or folder protection even app locking, but instead of installing and using third-party app, using built-in app allows you to preserve your phone’s memory and storage so it won’t get slower in term of performance.

Are you ready? Is your phone ready? Follow steps below to make use of Hidden Folders in MIUI’s File Explorer app :

Step 1 – Get your Xiaomi phone, unlock its screen if you haven’t do that yet.

Step 2 – From your app drawer, look for File Explorer app then tap on it to launch it.

Step 3 – Now the File Explorer app will open. To activate Hidden Folders in it, you have to -simply- tap, hold and drag down the screen.

miui file explorer

Step 4 – The app needs additional security to be enabled which in this case you need to setup security Pattern lock.

pattern lock hidden folder

Step 5 – Voila! You are now entering Hidden Folder. Now let’s try to add your first private file and hide that file inside that secured hidden folder.

Step 6 – To do that you have to tap on three dots [] at top right corner of the screen then you’ll see several available options like: Add files, Sort by, Create new folder, Refresh. In this case simply tap Add files option.

add files hidden file

Step 7 – Next, you’ll have to browse where’s the file located at: whether at your phone’s Internal Storage or at your SD Card.

select storage

Step 8 – Again, navigate to the location of where the file is located at. In which folder it is. Once you have found the file you want to be hidden, simply tap on that file. Upon tapping on it, the file will be hidden inside File Explorer’s hidden folder, secured and kept from anyone else to see but you.

select files to hide

How to unhide hidden file from File Explorer

Let’s say you have many files stored inside hidden folder and you want few of it or one of it to be removed from hidden folder and put it back to any location accessible by anyone. How to do that? Simple!

First, launch File Explorer app and enter hidden folder. Do not forget to provide correct security answer (Pattern or PIN lock).

Next, browse through hidden files and folder and find the file you want it to unhide.

Long press (tap and hold for about two and half seconds) on it then tap remove. You can select for several files before clicking the Remove option to remove batch files.

select hidden file to remove

Upon tapping Remove, you’ll be asked to choose to which location your file(s) will be restored at. Is it your phone’s storage or SD Card, you decide. That’s it, the file(s) is now removed from hidden folder and restored back to the location you want.

Credits, via, and thanks to: Xiaomi Advices.

  • Abinesh S

    I have some problem on “Hidden Folder Feature On MIUI 7.1 File Explorer App”.
    That is, I can able to hide the files or folders, but the file(s) is not able to removed from hidden folder and restored back to the location i want (By, following the above procedure). Why so ?

  • gulfam


    I forget my mi4i hidden albam patten who can i open plz help me

  • Mudassar Mansuri

    Thanx Alot For The Tips. It’s Help me so much to find ma hidden folder. Thank you so much.

  • vanhelz

    is there any way to mass transfer to private folder?

    • DreamAccio

      Same question!

  • Shirish

    I accidentally deleted a part of the theme from the main screen. I tried reinstalling the theme multiple times & tried the other themes as well, but the central part of the theme deleted is missing in all of them. How do I get it back?

    • farieznur

      what kind of theme you are using?

      • Shirish

        The tiger theme – the pic attached alongwith my message. The central part of the theme with the tiger sleeping is now missing – not only this, the central part of any theme that I install is now missing.

  • Yudhy Mardianto

    Not smart enough phone,I’ve hide several pictures,forgot if I create hidden folder or not,and now I’m loosing,maybe too hard for a noob like me,miui

    • farieznur

      do you use the same security mechanism (PIN/Password/Pattern) as your phone’s lockscreen? If so, then you can reset it with ease

  • sajal

    I’ve got an issue with file explorer. None of the images I hide can be seen. I tried to refresh and open app again and again but it didn’t work. Now I see only one image and if I unhide it it doesn’t load. What might be the problem?

    • Rachans

      When I hide images then sm pictures are there in the hidden folder but sm pictures just disappear… I follow the same steps to hide pictures but sm images cant be find in the hidden folder even after hiding them

  • Parvatheesam Nagamalli

    How can we increase the hidden storage memory in Redmi Note 3? can’t we increase the hidden storage ? if we dont have such feature we may have to go for external apps just like ES Explorer ?

  • Bisheshwar Oinam

    In most android phones, there is “Open file with” menu to open media files from the gallery as well as explorer. But, there is no such menu or option in Xiaomi redmi note 2 prime i.e. media files are opened with default apps and not any other options to open the file with other apps. How to solve this problem?

  • xiaomi user

    I forgot my hidden folder password and now I cant even change my lock screen password
    as it is asking me to conform my saved password which I don’t know
    my phone is Redmi 2 prime
    please help

  • Srinivas Reddy

    hi Fariez my name is srinivas reddy.I have Redmi 1S mobile.Actually i was added some hidden files to my file explorer, After that i updated 3 versions.Now i did not get my hidden files.I want that photos again. My girl friend photos are there.Kindly help me how to get back my hidden photos….

    • dipak

      i also same problem. can anyone tell me solution. plzzzzz
      srinivas reddy did u got solution for that

  • Abhishek Goel

    After unhiding to a specific location as well, the files are not getting unhidden and are showing under hidden folder only.

  • Delver P

    After update mi note 3 i lost my hidden folder. How to get my private folder?

  • Delver P

    My Hidden File was lost when I finished upgrade file explorer app from mi market.How to get my files?

    • Rajesh Kumar

      same problem here I lost my hidden files

      • Karim

        Did u get the solution?

  • Richard Malinao

    Lost all my hidden filea after updating but still ita consuming my memory on my sd card. How to recover those files

  • Sreenath Sreekumar

    After updating my redmi note 4g mobile the hidden files are not opening. It shows as if they are there. But not opening. Kindly help me to fix this problem

  • Bejawada Veera

    Sir, I am using redmi 2 Mobile yesterday I hide some pics. and it will be shown in hidden folder. But today morning there is no pics in hidden folder. Please explain Me why photos are not showing. And suggest me to unhide the pics

    • Preet Kaur

      Same issue with me as well. Anyone’s help will be highly appreciated.. my phone Mi Max

  • Shajahan Basheer

    I have hidden 2 files from gallery( done in this way long press an image and clicked hide file and shown your file is hidden) when I checked in hidden folder from file explorer i can’t see the images only can see the hidden files i done from file explorer. how can i access the files i hided from gallery ???

  • Shajahan Basheer

    I have hidden 2 files from gallery in MIUI 8 Mi note 3( done in this way long press an image and clicked hide file and shown your file is hidden) when I checked in hidden folder from file explorer i can’t see the images only can see the hidden files i done from file explorer. how can i access the files i hided from gallery ???

  • Mayur yerwal

    Sir i hidden my file form sd card bt they doesnt show after that file in my device plzzz help me out…. How can i get that files back

    • Karim

      Same problem did u get the solution??

  • Nayantara Patil

    Last night I wanted to hide a folder from my Redmi Note 3, I went to my default gallery and selected the folder and pressed on hide icon at the bottom. Now today I went back to see those images in that folder but Im not able to see that folder in my hidden photos. Please Help.

    • Sandesh Kulal

      If you could send me the screenshot I can try to help…….

    • gaurav baman

      go to sytem apps in settings
      N then there click on galary n the there u will find a unhide option

    • Suriya Chaitanya

      U didn’t hide it in d hidden folder of file explorer… U actually hid it on d cloud hidden folders if u want to unlock it go to gallery…and then slide sidewards so u open albums tile..then pull down as to open the hidden albums and there Ur file is

  • Raika Chaudhuri

    All my pictures and videos were in the hidden folder in the explorer. Yesterday o saw nothing was there. And I didn’t even do anything about it. So what am I suppose to do?
    Please help me.
    Thank you.

    • Karim

      Did you get the solution???

  • Patrik Hodapp

    If I hide the files on the SD Card and the phone gets for example stolen and somebody puts the SD card in a PC, will they see the files or do they still remain hidden / encrypted?