Using WinDroid To Unlock, Flash TWRP and Root Redmi Note 3

Root Redmi Note 3 Wwindroid

Do you have not enough courage to manually unlock Redmi Note 3 bootloader as well as to flash custom recovery and to root the Android system running on it? Then you can try doing it automatically, or let me say, automagically using WinDroid Tool. This Windows based utility is designed to simplify the process of unlocking bootloader, gaining root access and something in between. Luckily, this magic utility supports Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 – or I may simply call it RN3.

Before we go on, if just in case you changed your mind and want to do the process manually, you can read our previous tutorials :

Otherwise, simply follow steps below – as recommended by feds64 on MIUI forum :

Requirements: Make sure your computer has pretty stable Internet connection.

WinDroid : To Unlock Bootloader

Step 0 – Follow Step 1 – Step 7 mentioned in this page. That will guide you on how to request unlock permission.

Step 1Download WinDroid Tool, from my previous post, into your Windows based computer (laptop/PC).

Step 2 – Grab your RN3 phone and connect it to computer using its USB cable. Make sure your phone is switched ON (in normal mode).

Step 3 – Now double-click on the .exe file you’ve downloaded to launch up WinDroid Tool.

Step 4 – The tool will then start to download and install all necessary dependencies like drivers your computer may need. Once the tool has been fully fired up, the tool will display several Android phone models.

Step 5 – Choose your device model from the menu. Obviously you have to choose Xiaomi then Redmi Note 3.

choose android device type

Step 6 – In the next stage, WinDroid will then download correspondingly download TWRP Recovery to your computer.

download custom recovery windroid'

Step 7 – Next, you can now proceed to unlock your RN3 bootloader. Just OK when you see below information.

windroid unlock update bootloader

Step 8 – Since I’ve shown you how to request unlock, now you can simply click on Setup > Unlock Bootloader (I assumed you’ve gotten your unlock permission.

setup unlock android bootloader

Step 9 – The tool will download and run a program (MiFlash Unlock Tool).

ready to unlock android bootloader

Step 10 – Just wait till the whole process finished. You can simply continue after that accordingly.

checking device before unlock

miflash unlock tool disclaimer

WinDroid : To Flash TWRP Recovery

Step 11 – Next, choose Setup >> 2. Flash Recovery >> Flash TWRP.

Setup Recovery via windroid

Step 12 – WinDroid will then ask you to reboot your phone into Fastboot mode. Luckily, you don’t need to do it manually because WinDroid can do this for you with a single click.

Reboot Fastboot Mode Windroid

Reboot In-Progress

Step 13 – Upon reboot, the tool will then start the flashing process. Once done, simply choose Yes to reboot your phone.

Reboot After TWRP Flashing

WinDroid : To Root Redmi Note 3

Step 14 – Once TWRP has been installed, now you can proceed to gain root access. Click the OK.

Step to Root Redmi Note 3 Windroid

Step 15 – WinDroid will then download the exploit, SuperSU, and copy it to your phone. Again, click Yes.

Windroid Download SuperSU

Step 16 – Your RN3 should now reboot into Recovery (which is now TWRP).

Install SuperSU Instrcution

Step 17 – As instructed, on your phone, tap on Install >>Find Upate-SuperSU .zip file >> Swipe to confirm Flash.

Flash SuperSU Redmi Note 3

That’s it. Once the SuperSU has been flashed successfully, you can now tap on Reboot System on TWRP to finish the whole rootig process. Congratulation, your Redmi Note 3 is now rooted.

Reboot To Complete Root

Do not forget to share your experience in using WinDroid in the comment section below.

  • Shiv

    Does this process also work for the international version of RN3 (Snapdragon 650 version) too?

    • farieznur

      Yes I believe so.

  • Codebreaker9199

    Can anyone please confirm whether this works with the Snapdragon version of Redmi Note 3?
    If yes, then is this step not required anymore:
    Cook custom boot.img file using Android Image Kitchen
    Is it taken care of, by this tool?

  • Malde Ahir

    i cant flash twrp succesfully on my redmi note 3 miui 8