H96 PRO Review: Android 6.0 TV Box

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Who doesn’t love television? It will bring people together.

By now, most people would have heard of the Apple TV. But what about the people who use Android? Well, there is great news! Because Android now has its own Android TV. Meet the H96 Pro, and Android television box that has the latest features.

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to surprise anyone by launching a TV Box at a lower price and outstanding features list. There are plenty of similar devices packed with the latest hardware and software features. We can mention the Beelink GT1, Nexbox A1, Sunvell T95X and many more. Almost all of them come with an octa-core processor, Kodi pre-installed, Android 6.0 and/or 4K support. So it becomes more and more difficult to find the most interesting devices and introduce them to you. But we have found a new TV Box that has become popular in the globe. Meet the H96 Pro.

Generally, reviewing TV Boxes takes a couple of hours, because they have no certain design elements we can talk for hours, no decent specs we have to compare with others and no latest software. Rely upon it, this is not the case – the H96 Pro seems to be a well-thought device coming with futuristic design, the best hardware and the newest OS. All these features make the H96 Pro stand out and grab customers’ attention. So let’s take a glance at the selling points of the H96 Pro to explore the secrets how this Android TV Box has won users’ hearts.

Before we enter into the article, we would just like to give a shout out to similar television box systems, the Beeline GT1, Nexbox A1 and the Sunvell T95X as well as many of the other TV bases that are available.

In this article, get to know the reason why this television box is so special.h96-pro-2


It is important to know what the specs of a product are before it a purchase can be considered.

The H96 Pro contains the following specifications:

  • Octa core processor

  • Android 6.0

  • 4K support

  • Kodi (comes already installed)

These are only a few of the specifications that the H96 Pro has at its disposal.


Normally, the design of a TV box is not spoken about. There is a reason for the design is not spoke about. It is because the design is hidden within a TV box itself. In other words, the manufacturers do not create much of a design when they are coming up with the manufacturing of their TV boxes.

By and large, we don’t like to discuss the design of TV Boxes, because they are mostly hidden in TV stands. Moreover, manufacturers do not put much efforts in creating something unique in terms of design. But this statement doesn’t refer to all TV Boxes as well as manufacturers. For example, there is the MeeGoPad T04 looking quite eye-catching and sporting no common lineaments with other TV Boxes. The same can be said for the Nexbox A1 mentioned above. I guess this list is going to be enlarged due to the H96 Pro, because the latter sports an unusual design, and it’s going to be one of the key features of this TV Box.

However, this does not appear to be the same issue with every tv box that is created.

One example includes the MeeGoPad T04 which is quite impressive in appearance. It has no fault traits that might be associated with the other TV boxes. Another example is the Nexbox A1.

The H96 Pro allows for the list of TV boxes to be enlarged because of its unusual design.

Honestly, manufacturers have to pay more attention to design, because the market is full of different models and customers don’t know which one to choose. In such situations design plays a primary role. Look, the H96 Pro is a Chinese TV Box looking quite similar to the Q Box S905. I mean both devices have a cool LED light wrapping around the font.

Featuresh96 pro

There is no denying that the H96 Pro is a very attractive device. We would know. We have seen it already and we already like the look of it. It is also essential to look at the features that the device. How, do not allow the hefty appearance of the H96 Pro fool you.

There are a great many specifications within the H96 Pro that should be considered.

The processor is a need to know. It is an Amlogic S912 octave core CPU that is 2.0GHz that is inspired by the ARM Cortex A53.

The device also has rich graphics and is great when it comes to HD video playback. The HD playback comes equipped with 4Kx2K H.265 decoding which is perfect for watching video on a television screen in vivid high quality.

The H96 Pro comes equipped with a HDMI 2.0 port with 4K video playback that can operate at 60 fps (frames per second). HDMI 2.0 supports HDR and CEC.

  • VP9-10 profile 2 up to 4K at 60 fps,

  • 265 MP-10 at L5.1 up to 4K 60fps,

  • 264 AVC up to 4K at 30 fps,

  • 264 MVC up to 1080p60,

  • MPEG-4,

  • WMV/VC-1 SP/MP/AP,

  • AVS-P16(AVS+)/AVS-P2 JiZhun Profile,

  • MPEG-2 MP/HL,

  • MPEG-1 MP/HL,

  • RealVIDEO 8/9/10 all up to 1080p60

There are audio codecs that are supported by the H96 Pro:

  • MP3,

  • AAC,

  • WMA,

  • RM,

  • FLAC,

  • Ogg


The H96 Pro is considered a powerful Android TV box. It provides an unlimited amount of movies, TV shows, live streaming services, sporting events and more. There are free subscriptions as well as paid subscription services.

As far as paid services are concerned, there is Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Sling TV as well as others.

Free services can be streamed through YouTube and the Kodi 17.0 media center.

While using Kobi mate, apps can be installed with just one tiny click. Games can also be installed on the device if the content is updated by at least 85%. Thanks to some improvements users are able to run Android games at greater speeds and higher quality.

H96 PRO Review
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Kodi (comes already installed)
Full HD Compatible
Bland Design
It can be said that the H96 TV Box is a fantastic television box for anyone that is thinking of expanding their love of the Android brand. A lot of things have changed and now there a bucket load of different devices. It is hard to get a 4K TV box for little more than $83. The H96 Pro is probably one of the best TV boxes available today. It is affordable and it is increasingly popular. Be sure to comment on any experiences you might have had with the H96 on either this post or that of our Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts.
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