How to Take Transparent Photos with Mi MIX: Official Guide

Hello, folks, Hope you all are fine there. We are committed to delivering the latest and hottest news and reviews related to the Xiaomi mobile company to all the Mi followers globally. You must be aware of the latest device which is trending now. If your guess is Mi MIX, congratulations, we too are talking about that very handset. After its launch, it has become the topic of discussion among the technology enthusiasts and everyone is claiming to know its one feature which no one is aware of. Some are concerned with the processor, some with bezel-free design and many are discussing its camera. Everyone wants to either switch to Mi MIX or upgrade to this flagship after knowing its potential and in a very small duration, it has managed to be the dream phone for many smartphones lovers.

The gateway to a variety of amazing features lies at the edge of this flagship phone. Earlier everyone wanted to grab either iPhone latest version or curved display flagships from its rivals. But the Xiaomi Mi MIX has stolen the show with its bezel-free smartphone and it is considered the future ready phone. The 16MP rear shooter produces some magnificent images. One of the best about its camera is that it produces a transparent photo which no one has either claimed or produced, neither we are going to hear about such smartphones in near future apart from Xiaomi. It would be great to snap some pictures out of the flagship Mi MIX! Many of you must have come across numerous transparent photos snapped by Mi MIX and uploaded on social media. I too was absolutely surprised when I first witnessed those fabulous pictures. You must be wondering how to do it. Don’t worry, relax, we are here to guide you. All you need to do is to grab a Mi MIX and one other good camera smartphone. And here we go!

Requirements: –

Two smartphones out of which one should be Mi MIX.2 smartphones

Follow these steps: –

Step 1

select a monument structure near your neighbourhood place. Now, click a picture of your hand and the structure with Mi MIX. All you have to do is to pay a close attention to

presentation of the picture, particularly the dimension of your hand and the structure.mi mix zoom

Step 2

Now Zoom in the clicked picture on your phone and stretch your hand side by side to match the size of your hand with that of zoomed picture. When both matches closely, stop zooming further. The best way to verify the zoomed photo posture with that of hand is to wrap the hand back and forth the handset to resemble as if the hand is stiff holding the handset.take picture zoom taking picture

Step 3

After adjusting the photo perfectly its time to take the screenshot. Now minimise everything and rush towards the gallery app. On tapping, you will come across various folder, just tap on the screenshot and it will open the screenshots taken till now. Search through the directory and select the latest one(which we took just now). Long press the image, a pop-up window will appear, choose the set as wallpaper option and make it your wallpaper.adjust photo

Step 4

Now, stretch you hand as you did in step one but this time while holding the Mi MIX. The background should be same, ie, the landmark monument and the angle should be suitable enough so that it becomes almost impossible to differentiate between the first and fourth step.strecth your hand out

All set, now it’s time to snap the picture with utmost care holding the other phone camera.

Congratulations, you have nailed it. You have created an excellent transparent photo which you came across while surfing social media. It’s time to greet the future ready pictures.great transparent photo

After unveiling the ‘secrets’ of snapping ‘transparent’ photos with the Mi MIX here, I hope you must have enjoyed some pleasure of shooting ‘transparent’ pictures? Now, let us share some extra enjoyment of snapping ‘transparent’ photos! Great, You need not be disappointed if it were not snapped with the Mi MIX, you can enjoy these above tricks and have some joy with other Mi handsets too!