The Fantastic Hubsan H501S X4 Quadcopter

Drones and quadcopters are becoming increasingly popular gadgets to play with because people of almost any age can use them and there is so much you can do with one! However, some drones or quadcopters will still stand out among the numerous others – the Hubsan H501S X4 being one of them!

This quadcopter is a small drone with a 1080p camera, First Person View (commonly abbreviated to FPV) and GPS support. It’s so small you don’t need a completely separate case for your quadcopter, it’ll fit well in most other bags!Husban Quadcopter

This will also be listed with my final thoughts at the end of the article, but the current price for the Hubsan H501S X4 is around $250 and very few are still in stock. Those of you who are still interested in seeing what it has to offer, continue reading! It is a very high quality quadcopter that I believe is worth every penny spent on it.

What Does the Hubsan H501S X4 Come with?Hubsan-H501-X4-new-box

When you purchase the Hubsan H501S X4, the box it come in includes the drone itself, a remote control with the FPV already installed, 1 battery, 4 spare propellers, a charge with an EU adapter, and a tool for the drone.

In addition to these items, it is typical for a quadcopter to come with some type of warranty if your quadcopter breaks, which is a common occurrence. Make sure to check your box for such a warranty and see if you can get another if it breaks naturally on its own!

Sadly, warranties don’t often cover the breaking of a quadcopter when it breaks due to running into a tree or suddenly falling out of the sky. Be careful when flying your quadcopter!

That’s just what the quadcopter physically comes with. The features are numerous and are exceptional in how they function and can improve your flying experience! Many of these are mentioned within this next section.

What Makes the Hubsan H501S X4 Stand Out?Hubsan-H501-X4-box-open

The main reason this particular quadcopter stands out is the design. With its metallic gold blades along with its white or black color scheme, it looks very professional and like it is an incredibly high-end quadcopter. Which, to be fair, it is incredibly well built and leans closer to the more expensive side of the drone industry. Not by much, but just a little bit.

The weight and the shape of the brushless motors further showcase the high-quality design Hubsan has produced. The motors are positioned in such a way that makes it so stable that you don’t have to worry about your quadcopter being carried away with the wind. This may not apply to incredibly high speed winds, but those small gusts won’t carry it away at least!

The quadcopter also comes with LED lights so you can fly it in the dark and the front-facing camera on the drone also allows you to have the best angle to view where you are flying. These help make the quadcopter look and feel less like a mere toy and more like a professional piece of equipment.

Another major selling point of the Hubsan H501S X4 is the FPV display on the controller. The display on the controller features a live feed from the camera and telemetry data, such as the elevation of the quadcopter. For those who only occasionally fly a quadcopter just for fun, this may not be as interesting to you. To those who are invested in quadcopters, this may be an interesting addition to play around with and to see how your quadcopter functions while it flies.

GPS Additions to The Quadcopter

There’s even a GPS system in place to help you navigate your drone as you fly it! It also helps you to relocate your drone thanks to the Follow-me Mode you can activate on your quadcopter. This will make the quadcopter fly towards the remote due to the GPS receiver within the remote control. Another added bonus: it allows constant contact with the GPS module inside of the quadcopter so you can fly it a pretty fair distance.

The Hubsan also has 4 satellite signals on it so you can enable the GPS Hold standing mode in the air. This allows you to make your quadcopter hover within the same position.

There’s also a return-to-home feature, where the Hubsan will automatically return to a landing area near the remote. This can create the possibility of Altitude Mode so you can fully concentrate on the camera no matter what altitude it is at.

This is a feature many other drones have, but the Hubsan also has a headless mode. This means that the drone is controlled independently of the position of the pilots of the drone. This and all the features mentioned above can be turned on or off with the sticks on the controllers.

How Well Does It Fly?Hubsan-H501-X4-follow-me-mode

The Hubsan H501S X4 engines are started by pressing both sticks that are in the outer bottom corner of the remote. With the stable placement of the motors on the quadcopter, it lifts off without any unbalancing. The motors are also incredibly quiet so flying it around creates very minimal noise.

The drone is also so stable that any air turbulence is essentially unimportant. That, along with the activated GPS mode, will help the drone remain in a fixed position despite any strong gusts of wind. The Altitude mode also allows its users to stay within a particular height range.

There’s often a problem where the pilot will disappear from the frame because the drone isn’t capable of moving fast enough to follow the movements of the remote control. The drone solves this problem by turning the drone 180° when the pilot is underneath the quadcopter. The return-to-home feature also automatically activates when the remote control is turned off or when the drone reaches the farthest limit it can reach, which is 800 meters.

Additional Camera FeaturesHubsan-H501S-X4-features

As all products have, there are flaws to this quadcopter. The FPV transmission from the drone is advertised to function within a 300-meter range, but the FPV feed isn’t very stable and flickers often. If you want to take a long flight with this quadcopter and film it, it won’t turn out as well as it would with a short distance flight. But the telemetry data received from the drone functions properly despite the distance.

Despite the fact that the transmission isn’t always very good, the camera can record a video or take a picture in 1920x1080p. These recording won’t look very shaky due to the stability of the quadcopter, so you will always get a beautiful in-the-air shot of whatever you decide to record.

Even the photos taken on the quadcopter’s camera are incredibly beautiful. They are very colorful, full of good contrasts, and often have a very good light and dark balance. Any photos and videos taken are stored on a microSD chip that is put directly into the Hubsan H501S X4 itself. You may need to find a device that is compatible with microSD chips in order to get the pictures and videos off of it, especially if you have an older computer.

Average Flight Time

This section won’t be very long, it’s just here for those of you who are curious. This quadcopter has an average flight time of 20 minutes, which is based on how flight times can increase or decrease depending on the direction you fly in as well as the wind speed.

This is a very good amount of time because many other quadcopters can typically only last 10 or 15 minutes. It’s enough time to take a long flight around, take a stunning video, and fly your drone back home.

Just make sure your battery in your remote and your drone are fully charged before you decide to sit outside and fly for 20 minutes straight! The amount of charge a battery has and how long it can retain it will impact your flight time significantly.

General Specifications of the Hubsan H501S X4

This section is included near the end of the article so those who are really interested could see it along with the final thoughts on the quadcopter. Here is a list of the specifics of the quadcopter for those of you who want to see a clear list of what has been mentioned so far in the article!

  • Dimension: 25 x 25.5 x 7.5 cm
  • Uses Brushless Motors
  • Remote Control: 2.4 GHz, 10 channel mode 2/1
  • Altitude limit is 800 meters
  • 6 axis gyro system
  • Camera: .3 MP with full HD recording
  • FPV Live View up to 300 meters
  • GPS support
  • Comes with 4 spare propellers, a charger, and a remote control

The quadcopter also has various functions that don’t fit into a single category, particularly the ones that can be seen and activated by your controller. This includes:

  • A forward and backward-facing camera
  • FPV
  • GPS tracking
  • Headless Mode
  • Quadcopter Follows Hot Point
  • Automatic Return
  • Self-Position Holding Mode
  • Turns right, left, up, and down

Final Thoughts

This quadcopter, overall, is a very good design with many pros! It is an amazing quadcopter, although it may appear a bit too expensive for some. For those who have a passion for flying wuadcopters and are willing to pay several hundred dollars for something many consider simply a toy, this is a good drone to buy!

Now here is a small list of what I would really take into considerations when buying a product, especially a quadcopter that appears to be of high caliber: the pros and cons a person believes the product.


  • Precise GPS tracking
  • Has features many quadcopters have plus others it had advertised (FPV, GPS, follow-me mode, etc.)
  • Amazing camera resolution
  • Minimal noise made during flight
  • Broad flight range


  • Occasionally weak FPV transmission

This is a very shortened version of the article written above, but I believe it clearly demonstrates how good of a product this is. It has several more pros than cons, in my opinion, and they are fairly important factors that could make or break your decision to purchase this product.

The Hubsan H501S X4 is a very compact but strong design full of features every quadcopter should have to maximize the user’s experience when flying it. As of right now, it is priced at $260. If you are really interested in drones or would like to fly one, it is well worth the price.

Especially when you consider the fact that there are drones priced up around $600 or $700, this is an incredibly good price for an incredibly well built drone. It is a good drone to get if you are very interested in quadcopters and really enjoy seeing them fly and learning how they work, or even just doing some cool tricks with them.

Currently, it is available from Gearbest with free shipping between June 15th and June 22nd. There are only 21 Hubsans available, so get yours soon and enjoy the flying experience it has to offer you!