Jio 4G: How to Generate Offer Code on Xiaomi phones for Jio 4G SIM

The past few months have seen Reliance shake off every other telecom network to emerge as the clear winner in the race for luring customers with the best 4G telecom services in the country. Most of you folks reading this article most probably are aware of the Jio 4G sensation sweeping the country along with owning a Jio 4G SIM yourself! RIL Head, Mukesh Ambani made waves when he announced the welcome offer for all their brand new customers bringing them pure joy in the form of unlimited 4G data, unlimited free 4G data, voice, video calls and every other service associated with cell phones. Even after this offer ended Reliance offered its customers the same services at a price which is almost close to being free as compared to what the other networks are offering. Generate offer code jio xiaomi

Jio 4G logo Android phones

Jio 4G being the headline news that it is, leads to several 4G supportive handsets being released in the Country, with most of those handsets being released by Reliance themselves. People who can’t afford to buy a 4G phone or have already invested heavily in an expensive 3G handset need not fret, since RIL has come up with a solution for that too. They are providing something that is called a Jio-Fi device which is basically a Wi-Fi router that is capable of making any 3G phone access the amazing speeds offered by Jio 4G by simply using the Jio 4G signal in the form of a Wi-Fi signal. 
Initially one needed to possess an Offer Code to obtain a free Jio SIM, but it has been reported by various users across the country that they are facing problems when it came down to generating the actual offer code. Earlier RIL had partnered up with various smartphone brands like Samsung, LG, Asus, Panasonic and more for the code generation. There is a particular set of Xiaomi phones which are capable of supporting Jio 4G. But for reasons unknown these users cannot generate the necessary offer code to obtain the SIM. All those users have a guide which can be used to overcome all such problems. By following this guide you will be able to generate offer codes that are needed on any Xiaomi Jio 4G supportive smartphone:

Note: The following Offer Code Generation for Jio SIM also works for other OEM devices including Motorola, Micromax, Huawei, Lava, Intex, Sony, Lenovo and several other company smartphones.

Generate Offer Code on Xiaomi phones for Jio SIM

RIL has recently updated its My Jio app to the latest version number of 3.2.11 enabling users to conveniently generate Offer Codes required on any 4G Handset. By downloading and using this app the users can access the account where the plans are, access their usage statements and even look at the existing tariffs for their perusal. One can also access and find the store that is nearest to them, along with the hotspots that are close to them. All one has to do is download the latest version from a reliable link available on the internet and create the respective offer codes on your respective Xiaomi Mi & Redmi phones for a Jio 4G SIM.

Download My Jio 3.2.11 APK:

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