Miui 7: How to Get Google Search Bar On Xiaomi Home Screen

What Is a Google Search Bar?

As an essential in our day to day use of smartphones and other devices, developers have made it a priority to make the best gadgets even more user friendly compared to the past and this has led to certain developments too to accommodate the features installed. Various developers have come up with a number of ideas to help improve the use of gadgets and in the modern world, competition has forced different companies to be creative and hence led them to installing or innovating new ideas in each and every device they release to the market.

An example of this user friendly feature that is an essential part of many devices around is the introduction of the Google search bar in Xiaomi Home Screen. This is an essential item on the home screen since it makes searching the web much easier and better. The Google search bar is a way faster and a more personalized way of accessing the internet by the phone users. It is an innovative feature in that it faster in terms of locating an item on the web compared to the custom of locating the web icon on the devices before you even begin searching. It is rather tiresome and outdated with the installation of the Google search bar in our devices.

Currently if not all, most developers have introduced this feature to their home screen and Xiaomi phones are among them. To keep up with the trend and upgrading devices, the Xiaomi devices have the home screen Google search bar option that is really easy to include and experience the use of this tool.

Another important use of the Google search bar as compared to the custom of locating the web application is that the search bar comes with other features such as highlighting the search terms as they are being typed in the search engine to simplify the searching process in case an option provided is valid. This is on a real time basis since the option appears immediately the user is typing to make it faster and easier to search the web for various contents required by the user. This feature makes the search engine powerful and useful feature.

It is also has an added feature of the pop up ads that’s usually appearing where searching can be blocked from the search screen or it can be selected from a specific site by the user. This is rather efficient to the user to avoid the display of unnecessary content on the screen. It also makes the search detailed and specific which helps the items being searched and what appears as relevant information to the user.

Advantages of A Google Search Bargoogle-search-bar-miui-7

Some of the advantages have already been mentioned in the description but the Google search bar has added features that make it a more advantageous tool in our devices. Below are some of the vital features that make it a powerful and useful tool:

  • The search bar is easily accessible since it is located on the home screen make it easier for the user to conduct their required search with so much ease. This is unlike the previous way where one had to open the app drawer of the launcher to get the browser applications available before you can start a search.
  • During a search, the user only has to type keywords on the search engine and the results will appear instantly with little delay. This is a faster way to search for relevant content in the internet instead of typing a whole phrase or statement to get the exact content required by the user.
  • The Google search bar comes with an option of disabling the pop up ads that usually appear during a search. This can be easily avoided to save of time of locating search content and also avoiding clicking unnecessary items on the search screen. This feature is easy to use and locate since there is a button provided that can be turned on to avoid these pop up ads and also sometimes they can be allowed to appear only from a specific site if the user finds it relevant and useful at any moment.
  • Emails can be easily accessed with the Google search tool especially to those users with a Gmail account. This is because searching has been made easier in that one doesn’t have to locate the browser to conduct a search for mails.
  • Another useful feature that has really helped people who have typing errors and in case of errors on the search words inserted is the ability to provide correct suggestions as options of an alternative URL the user can use to search. Since the search depends entirely on the key words inserted it is therefore important to use correct URLs and even provide another option in case the user is not familiar with the searching key words. It also helps the user to avoid wrong searches that may lead to the viewing of inappropriate content.
  • An important advantage the Google search bar tool comes with is the provision of bookmarks on the search engine. This is to help spot an important content later on or even keep track of the searches made by a user anywhere. The bookmarks are readily accessible to the device user wherever they are making it effective and easier to use.

These are some of the key advantages that the Google search bar engine on Xiaomi devices has and with the developments made, it is deemed to be a key tool on a device in terms of effectiveness and making the devices more user friendly than before.

It has been modified to suit the user needs in terms of searches and options provided in the tool to make the search experience easier and better.it is a key option that is needed in our devices. Most of the current Xiaomi device users find themselves using this tool often compared to the provided or downloaded browser when it comes to quick searches and also direct/specific information required in the web.

As addition to the latest Xiaomi devices around the world in markets, it is a feature that makes the devices more preferable than other devices. The best part of it all is that the Google search bar is part of the latest MIUI 7 that is currently trending when it comes to user friendliness. Apart from the Google search bar it is important to note that the MIUI 7 also comes fitted with some very important features in its system and just to mention some key features included are;

  • A new improved theme to accompany it. The new animated themes are attractive and give the device a new enhanced look.
  • It comes with a kids control option that is specific when it comes to sharing of devices with other young ones. This feature is a protective measure where it uses passwords to access applications that may be vital to the owner and avoid tampering or viewing the files. This feature will block kids out of these applications.
  • It offers a unique data roaming service which helps the users to be flexible and effective. This is effective since one can buy data in any country they are in without being forced to change SIMs hence making it a more effective feature to the users.
  • It is a faster way of sending files across MI devices with so much ease. Users of the MIUI 7 can easily interact and send data to and fro with ease. Also it has a protected network to ensure that while sending the data they are not interrupted or leak to other places or other users who are around.
  • There is an option of video for contacts instead of the custom use of picture icons. This is an enhancement to improve how users interact with call being made giving them a whole new experience generally. Users can view a video when being called by a contact saved and are usually specific.
  • It has a face recognition option that can also be used to quickly and easily sort images in the gallery provided. This is also an enhanced security measure for the users of the MIUI 7
  • The users of MIUI 7 have their devices charging very fast as an added feature yet the phone has an improved ability to retain the power even longer to make its use effective and easier.
  • It provides an option of hiding some vital files from the public eye since some information stored can be rather personal and users feel uncomfortable relaying this information to other people.

MIUI 7 as an operating system developed by the Chinese company, Xiaomi is a rather powerful user interface in real time and help in enhancing the phone features. It is a user interface that is embedded on the android 5.1 (lollipop). It is among the recent powerful and most used user interface globally in many devices in the market.

The Google search bar engine embedded in the MIUI 7

Is a powerful feature because of the stated advantages above. Highlighting the key things that make it a much preferred feature to use compared to the normal browser is because it’s easy to use it under any circumstance and even to the less informed users it is much more user friendly. Another thing is that it very fast in terms of bringing back the search results required.

After looking at the key advantages of using the Google search bar it is also vital to note how to install the Google search bar to your device’s home screen. There are very easy steps one can follow to go by this and the below provided procedure is a way of introducing the Google search bar engine to your desktop with so much ease. For the users of Xiaomi android smartphones, the steps provided are the direct procedure to introducing the search engine quickly and start enjoying the experience of the Google search engine:

  1. Before starting any process, the user has to ensure that the Google app is installed on your MI device to begin the process of activating the tool.
  2. The Xiaomi devices using MIUI 7 come with a unique experience. To open the home screen settings, the user is required to pinch the screen to provide the menu for home screen settings. This is a much more user friendly option that can be done by even the least informed user and makes the device more interactive.
  3. After the menu has been provided, the user is required to tap on the widget option on the menu to try and locate the search tool.
  4. After opening the widget option, another alternative menu is provided and the user is required to tap on the Google app option to select the location where it is embedded.
  5. After tapping on the Google app option the user is required to drag the Google app provided option to any position that he/she may feel is suitable to place the search engine. Normally it is usually placed on a location it can be easily be referenced from on your home screen. After following the stated procedure keenly until the end, the user is now ready to use the Google search bar engine. The Google search bar is now added to your home screen on your Xiaomi device.

The Google search engine is an improved development compared to the browser downloaded or found in the devices in the market and it has proved to be an effective method of search the web with so much ease. With minimal steps required, the user is assured of a very fast and reliable experience when using the search engine. In the current modern world as new technology is being developed on a daily basis there is increased demand on a more user friendly device that can easily relate with the users. This is a feature the Xiaomi devices provide and the Google search bar engine is among the recent developments.