How to Exit Child Mode On Any Xiaomi Device?

If your device is stuck in Child Mode and you have forgotten your Privacy Protection Password, this article will help you exit it in no time. Many times users will forget a password and when the time comes that they need it, they are in a bind. This works for any Mi or Redmi MIUI 8 Smartphone.

All Xaiomi Smartphones have the Child Mode feature that lets you restrict access to certain content when you are letting your child use your phone. When you set up Child Mode, you can choose the content that you want your child to have access to. This is so you can keep your children safe by choosing what apps they can and cannot use. It helps to keep them from using apps where they can talk to or chat with stranger such as social media sites or SMS apps.

If at any time you get stuck in Child Mode and cannot remember your Privacy Protection password, you can use the steps listed below to help you escape Child Mode. Although you will have to do a factory reset, this is not a big problem is the data on your phone is backed up. It takes very little time to do this and the instructions below will also help with this. These instructions work for any device that is made by Xiaomi. Please also be aware that this will only work with apps that are able to share with Gmail. The example used below is using the Gallery app. Any of the apps on your phone that can share with Gmail will have the same directions and outcome.

MIUI 8: How to Exit Child Mode to Device Settings when you have forgotten the Privacy Protection Password

  1. In this example you start by opening the Gallery app.
  2. Next you will choose a photo and then share it to your Gmail.
  3. When it takes you to the Gmail app you will need to compose and new email.
  4. There will be three dots in the upper right hand corner and you need to click on them.
  5. When the menu pops up you need to select the Settings option.Exit-Child-Mode-MIUI-8-1
  6. This will take you to the Settings Menu. You will again see three dots in the upper right hand corner and you will need to click on them.
  7. When the menu appears you will choose the Manage Accounts option.Manage Account
  8. A small window will appear and you will need to click Continue.
  9. After Clicking Continue you will be in the Settings App. You can deactivate Child Mode from here.Continue
  10. If you have forgotten your Privacy Protection Password, you will have to do a factory reset on your device to be able to exit Child Mode.
  11. Make sure that before you do a factory reset that you have backed up your data to your PC or sync it to the Mi Cloud. A factory reset will delete all of the data from your phone so this is a very important step.
  12. Go to Settings and choose Additional Settings. Click on Backup and Reset and then Factory Data Reset. All that is left is to click on Reset phone and then your phone will be reset to its original factory setting and you will no longer be in Child Mode.

*An addition tip for reset if that you can choose not to erase your user data, pictures, music and videos by not turning on Erase Stored Content.

By doing these simple steps above, you have gotten you phone out of Child Mode without the assistance of you Privacy Protection Password. Although you will have to redo you setting to the way you had them before it is very simple to do if you have done a complete backup of your phones content. In the future it is a great Idea to keep a record of important passwords just in case something like this happens.

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  • Ole karbolo

    its simple,call from another phone but dnt pick the call, there is that option of texting back if you can’t take the call, choose that option of write message back, from there you can now access messages, write google store link ( the other phone .open store download ‘settings shortcut” open there you save your ass. child mode off!!