How to Enable “Unknown Sources” to Download third-party apps on Xiaomi

If you are new to the Xiaomi MIUI 7 smartphone, it can be tricky to first navigate the device. One of the first things you’ll want to learn and have memorized in your head is how to enable “Unknown Sources”. Enabling “Unknown Sources” allows your phone to recognize foreign third party apps, and then readily download them at your discretion.

With this method you’ll be on your way to installing third party apps quickly and easily, without the opposition of the Xiaomi MI and/or Redmi smartphone from impeding the process automatically, nor having to sift through a bunch of unnecessary warning notifications.

Xiaomi disables this “Unknown Sources” feature from the start to ensure that the customer is receiving proper security and no one can access and download unwanted files without the owner’s permission. But for our purposes, we will be showing you how to enable “Unknown Sources” through your system’s settings app.

Follow the subsequent steps to properly enable your “Unknown Settings” feature:

Step 1. Entering the Settings app

This is simple, just open your App Drawer and look through your apps until you find the one labeled “Settings”. Once found, click or tap on the icon to open and launch the “Settings” app.

Step 2. Finding Additional Settingsmiui7-enable-unknown-source-option-01-375x600

Once the app has completely loaded, scroll down through the settings displayed. You should come across one option labeled “Additional Settings*,” accompanied by a grey circle with a white ellipse in the center. Press this option.

*(This feature should be nestled between Child Mode [with a green circle bubble with a white outlined pac man symbol in the center] and the start of the Accounts section)

Step 3. Moving to Privacymiui7-enable-unknown-source-options

The first option at the top of the column of options in “Additional Settings” should be labeled as “Privacy”. Click or tap on this option to open a new screen.

Step 4. Locating Unknown Sourcesunknown-source

Scroll down slowly through the options, to ensure you don’t pass it. Under the header of “Device Administration,” the second option should be labeled as “Unknown Sources” with the sub header reading “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources”. Beside this option should also be a grey switch located in a grey oval box.

Step 5. Enable your Unknown Sources

Simply tap on the grey bubble switch and it should change to the color orange. And with that, your unknown sources have been activated.

Enjoy the use of third party apps with quick and easy download! We hope this has helped you with this quick tutorial!