All About Xiaomi In One Picture

Xiaomi Infographic Know More

How far do you know about Xiaomi? Do you know how many products the company has released so far? Who is the founder and what is his background? Do you know when the first Xiaomi phone was released? Do you know the fact that the multi-billion company was just a startup?

You will know all of those by simply paying attention to a creative infographic entitled “Xiaomi – history of startup unicorn,” published by TechInAsia.

The infographic shows information on when Xiaomi was founded and the company has 8 co-founders with Lei Jun as the most prominent one. Currently, the company employs Hugo Barra, which is former VP of Google’s Android, as the International VP.

Following that information, the infographic also tells the journey of Xiaomi from its first existence to the time of Redmi Note 2 was released. On the whole, the creative picture shows how the company grows massively being a tech giant company.

All About Xiaomi - The Infographic

  • Awaid Yasin

    I couldn’t find any place to start my own thread. I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. Yesterday, when I plugged for charging the display went out. Now when I press the power button, then screen does not turn on. The only thing that occurs are the three touch icons glowing for a second or so. The phone is working fine since when I call, the phone rings. I have tried to force shut it down. I kept holding on the power button for as long as half a minute. And I have tried all ways. I don’t know what to do.

    • farieznur

      The simplest solution you can try is to backup all data and do either reset back to factory settings or flash full MIUI ROM