[Changelog – China] MIUI 8 China Developer ROM 7.2.23 Changelog Preview: Calculator, Music and More

In today’s article, we will be discussing all the new features that come with the MIUI 8. The article will include the mention of the elimination of glitches within the MIFI app.calculator

Calculator – Calculating Discounts

What is great when it comes to the calculator app is that it will now support a number of calculations. An example would include paying for an $800 price tag with a discount of 15%.

In the calculator app, place the input 800-15%=. The calculation will be shown as 800-800×15%=680.

Music – Redesigned the Music Appmusic new music design xiaomi music design

We are proud of the new design that has been done for the MIUI music app.

There are new layout designs for the ‘Featured’, ‘Charts’, FM and “Special’ panels. There is also an improved music search for Local and online searches for music.

MIFI – All new Mi FinancialMifi Mifi Financial

With the MIFI feature, the new Mi Financial 5.0.0 comes complete with a new layout. The layout affects the page of settings. There has even been a fix done to get rid of any bugs that might have been a part of the previous version.