The New Nokia Smartphone

Exciting news for all the tech-heads out there – there is a new smartphone on the market, and it’s everything we’ve been looking for. It can be hard to make sense of all of the information that phone companies throw at you – RAM and GB and Snapdragon, what does it all mean?

To make more sense of what this revolutionary new phone offers, we’ve deciphered everything for you so that you know exactly what to expect without having to wade through heaps of techy jargon…

Nokia – Solid, Reliable

First of all, we all Welcome Nokia as today is the day when the company has come back into the smartphone business after a long wait of 3 Years. (It was in 2014 when company launched an Android tablet). Nokia 6 is the name of first Android Smartphone from Nokia that has been launched in China today. The best thing about this new Nokia phone is its pricing and also the features that it offers. Nokia has made the phone exclusive to China, but sources have said that it will be launched in other countries later this year. Let’s have a look at what Nokia 6 offers.

We all remember Nokia – solid, reliable phones with great battery life but not much in the way of style or street-cred. Well, it seems they’ve done a U-turn by becoming the latest mobile phone company to launch a smartphone, and a good one at that!

Don’t let the bland name put you off, the Nokia 6 is a smart little thing that will change your life in a way that Apple will never do. China is the first country Nokia have released this phone in, although it will be released elsewhere throughout 2017 so keep your eyes peeled.

This new smartphone is priced at around $250 USD, not bad for one with its capabilities. Compared to other smartphones on the market at the moment, it would be easy to assume that the Nokia 6 is less than great due to its low price. Don’t let that fool you – the fantastic price isn’t the only thing we love about this phone, so prepare to be blown away…

The main USP of this device is its Build and Design. It is made up of a solid block of 6000 series Aluminium. This gives it a solid feel in the hands and the device looks gorgeous as we can see in the images. The edges are rounded that provide an excellent grip in the hands. On the back, we have rear camera module, noise cancellation mic and below the rear camera is Nokia branding. We can see that the antenna Line is same as in the iPhone 7. On the front, we have the eyepiece, front camera and below that is a 5.5-inch screen. On the bottom, there are two capacitive keys and the home button has a fingerprint scanner embedded in it.

Nokia 6 Is an ExceptionNokia-6-hands-on

Nokia aren’t exactly known for producing sleek technology (we all remember the bulky phones of our youth), but the Nokia 6 is an exception to the rule. Easy to grip aluminum and soft, curved edges give it a smooth look, integrated with two brilliant cameras for all the selfie-lovers out there as well as the landscape iPhonagraphers.Nokia-6-specs

They’ve also added some much-needed noise cancelling technology to ensure your calls and videos are clear as crystal, perfect for conference calls and family videos alike. Much like the iPhones, this phone uses finger print technology as part of its security, meaning you can be safe in the knowledge that only you have access to all those selfies…

Without going into the science behind it too much, the Nokia 6 is made with the very best materials, and runs on 4GB as well as boasting a 64GB memory so that you can store videos, photos and downloads. Compatible memory cards can also be bought if you need a little more space for apps and software updates.

Admirable CameraNokia-6-camera

The cameras really are something to behold and are far superior to many of the more pricey smartphones on the market, with both 16 and 8MP capabilities respectively at the front and rear of the phone. The rear lens stretches to an impressive 84 degrees, not bad for such a dinky little thing. For those not sure about the intricacies behind the photos they take, trust us when see say that this is amazing for such a reasonably-priced phone!

So there you have it – a slightly unlikely hero in the smartphone world, the Nokia 6 offers everything that a more expensive phone does, but at a great price and in a user-friendly way. See you in China…