Redmi Note 4 Android Nougat based MIUI Global Beta Update – Apply

There is nothing more exciting than the release of a new smartphone. The world gets a little smarter and your wallet gets a little emptier…but you’re happier. Well, how would you like to technologically advance while also helping ensure the quality of those devices you love so much? If that type of idea interests you, you should definitely look into Xiaomi’s latest recruiting endeavor.

Xiaomi is on the lookout for some hard-working and enthusiastic beta-users of the next release of the Redmi Note 4 and the Redmi Note 4X. Those chosen will be beta-ing the MIUI Global Beta update on the base of Android Nougat before its widespread release.

The deadline to submit your application to Xiaomi for interest in the position is March 22nd of 2017. So if any of the following we are about to further elaborate on interests you at all, look into sending in an application. You just might be chosen and get to make a little good karma for your keen, wholehearted feedback.

What Would You Be Beta-Ing?

As a recruit, you would be looking for any unusual occurrences, glitches, and bugs in the system as you are utilizing your phone on a normal basis.

You will also be instructed to perform specific actions to ensure that there is not complications in the pathway of completing said actions. Most of these include everyday instant messaging, e-mail automatic accumulation, and checking all the buttons and options needed in the basic settings app and menus.

All these issues would then be reported back to corporate and if the issue is occurring across the board, a fix will be enabled. Then, the process restarts and you check to see if the new version works without any hitches. This allows for the Xiaomi and MIUI teams to get the most effective feedback and create solutions to new FAQs in an efficient and timely manner.

Some of the more important features that will be questioned and tested, by you as the submitter, will include things regarding activity of the PC Suite, convenience of MI Flash Tools, Downloadable USB Driver function, and the effectivity of TWRP recovery.

The Responsibilities of the Few Recruited

Those recruited will all be expected to give feedback on some of the same possible issues. Some of these include what we have already discussed previously. Other things will be entirely individual to each specific member recruited to beta the update.

However, here is some insight as to what each member of the beta team will be responsible for checking and testing:

  • Sending a request to QQ beta to join their group as soon as possible
  • Checking the regulated beta updates every Tuesday and Friday throughout a 12-hour period
  • Discuss any newfound discoveries (good or bad) with the fellow QQ beta group members
  • Troubleshoot any possible solutions to non-technological problems in the QQ beta forum
  • Answer questions posted by the MI beta team in their sub forum
  • Report all bugs/issues/crashes to the MI beta team on time in their sub forum
  • Vote in a weekly poll about wat changes are the most necessary and/or prominent

How to Send In Your Application!scan qr code

To apply and once you are accepted as a beta recruit, download and install the MIUI Global Forum App onto your preferred device. Only use one, or you may end up with more work than you first desired.recruitment

Open the app and head to the homepage screen. Then, select recruitment and fill out the following form with your information. Use as many specifics as you can when applying. Then simply tap on the submit button and your application is on its way.fill in infoapplication submitted