Unboxing and Review of Redmi Note 4X! Worth The Wait?

The long awaited Redmi Note 4X is finally here! We’ve been talking about this new addition to the Xiaomi family since December, but now that it was finally been released in February 2017 we can put the rumors to rest and give you an accurate description of all the features and specifications. If you’ve been holding out on buying a new phone because you’ve been waiting for the Snapdragon Edition then your wait is finally over, so read on for everything you’ll ever need to know about the Redmi Note 4X!


Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics company which sells mobile apps, laptops, phones, tablets and other devices. They have been around since 2010 and they are currently the 4th largest smart phone company in the world. Xiaomi mainly focuses on Asia, but they have expanded to South Africa, South America and beyond. Xiaomi is also the 4th most valuable technology start-up in the world.

This 7-year-old company was built on the basis that high-quality technology can be made affordable for everyone. One of Xiaomi’s biggest selling points is their commitment to creating high-quality hardware, software and internet services for lower prices than you could expect from other retailers. Xiaomi is able to keep their prices down because they own no physical stores and they do not use traditional advertising because they rely on social media and word of mouth advertising. This means that all the money that would be spent on rent, employees and advertising campaigns can be put into the products themselves.


Xiaomi as a company is known for making innovative technology affordable, and the Redmi Note 4X has definitely stayed true to that tradition. Redmi devices are normally budget-friendly and, even though it may not has as many features as some of Xiaomi’s other phones, the recently released Snapdragon edition still does enough to give bigger brands like Apple and Samsung a run for their money. The Redmi Note 4X handset is pretty much identical to what you would expect from a high-end smartphone and the sleek design would definitely not feel out of price in an Apple store.

What’s in The Box?

When you’re looking to buy a new phone you’ll want to know exactly what you’re going to get in the box. The Redmi Note 4X comes with a user-friendly manual, a charger, and a USB cable. You are able to order the phone in various colors including silver and black. When you receive the Redmi Note 4X it is very easy to set up, and it comes with various apps which will make it easier for you to start using the phone straight away. It also has a user-friendly interface which is suitable for even the most technologically phobic individuals.

Size & Design

The Redmi Note 4X weighs in at 5.5 inches and is, therefore, better classified as a ‘tablet’ rather than a straight forward phone. The layout of the Redmi Note 4X is pretty similar to its Redmi Note 4 predecessor, but the cameras and ports are in a slightly different place. The Redmi Note 4Xcomes with a plastic battery cover and features square edged corners which helps give the phone an expensive and comfortable feel.

The phone comes with easily accessible volume controls located on the right side of the phablet, which is also where you will find the power button. On the left of this device, you will find the sim card tray which is compatible with dual and single sims.

The micro USB charging point and speakers are located at the bottom of this device. Xiaomi has listened to their customer feedback and they’ve moved the speakers from the back of the phone (which can be quite impracticable as the sound becomes muffled whenever the phone is lying on its back) to the bottom of this device which should result in a much better quality of sound.

The Redmi Note 4Xcomes with an IR Blaster, 3.5mm audio jack located on the top of the device, and a voice cancellation microphone. The overall design is practical, simple, and elegant.

Hatsune Mikuhatsune

Calling all fans of Hatsune Miku! For anyone who doesn’t know, Hatsune Miku is a Vocaloid. A Vocaloid is basically a synthetic human voice which is typically used for singing. Vocaloids first started being used in 2004 and the first popular Vocaloids were actually created in England even though the trend is usually associated with Japan.

Miku Hatsune was created way back in 2007. As she is an animation she has remained 16 for the past ten years. She is 5’2, she is sometimes seen holding a leak, and she is a humanoid persona which uses a Vocaloid synthetic singing application, available on Windows or MacOS, as her voice. Hatsune Miku has long turquoise hair and wears a series of badass outfits. Hatsune has won awards, she sold over 60,000 units in 2011, and her song ‘World is Mine’ reached number 7 on the Amazon top 10 world singles. She often sings at jam-packed concerts where she appears on stage in front of thousands of fans as an animation. Miku Hatsune is still currently the most popular Vocaloid ever created.

If you like Hatsune Miku then you’ll love the fact that the Redmi Note 4X is available in two special edition Hatsune colors (Hatsune Green and Chery Pink), these phablets can be bought with her ‘signature’ on the back, and you can even get a stylized package, a printed protective case complete with an image of Hatsune Miku on the back, and a limited edition power bank all with unique Hatsune Miku imagery.


The Redmi Note 4X has a number of features that you should be aware of.

Remote Assistantremote

This phone can be used to remotely control other devices. This can be really helpful if you’re trying to show someone (i.e. a technologically inept parent) how to do something on their phone because this feature will let you do it for them without having to waste time on long and often confusing explanations.


  • The Redmi Note 4X comes with a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP selfie camera. These are really impressive specs when you consider that the iPhone 7 only has a 12MP rear camera and previous models have had a rear camera with just 5MP. The Redmi Note 4X camera is powerful enough to give you great quality images without breaking the bank, and you can also use this phone to record 1080P videos!

  • The camera also comes with f/2.0 aperture and a dual-tone LED flash which will help ensure even better quality images. There are a number of editing tools you can use to enhance your photos and things like the HDR-on mode and macro mode to enhance existing images, and as this camera will reduce the brightness when the quality of light isn’t favorable you can get pretty good photos after dark, a feat which is basically impossible with many other phones.

Fingerprint Scanningfinger print scanning

The Redmi Note 4X has fingerprint scanning listed as one of its features. Fingerprint scanning is a great way to keep your phone/tablet safe from muggers and nosy friends because all fingerprints are unique and therefore only you specific fingerprint will be accepted. You can make sure that no one can open your phone without using your fingerprint, you can keep all your banking and personal information safe, and you can also lock your social media apps.

Snapdragon 625cpu redmi 4xqualcomm

  • The Redmi Note 4Xcomes with a Snapdragon 625 processor. The processor is fairly powerful, it is pretty good at multitasking, and you can use it to play games just as long as they are not too detailed. The Snapdragon 625 doesn’t lag, it’s responsive and it will let you switch between surfing the internet, making a phone call and using chat messengers without slowing down.

  • The Snapdragon 65 processor uses 14nm technology to create a powerful performance without killing the battery. It comes with a Cortex A53 low-power processor and battery-saving features which will make sure the battery lasts without compromising on performance, and the Snapdragon 625 supports high-pixel photos so you can see every single detail.

  • Snapdragon devices are normally subjected to the ‘Benchmark tests’ and, whilst these can be helpful in determining quality, they don’t necessarily take the actual experience of using the phone into account. The Redmi Note 4X that we tested got a score of 62317 which was actually less than its predecessor even though the Redmi Note 4X may actually outperform it in real life.

Benchmark Testscpu for redmiScreenshot_2017-02-18-21-23-00-481_com.cpuid.cpu_z

  • This phablet has undergone many benchmark tests and, although they are not necessarily able to tell you what it is actually like to use the device, they can be a good indication of quality and they can give you a general idea of what to expect.

  • The benchmark test shows that the Redmi Note 4X is unlikely to overheat whilst in use as the temperature does not really increase throughout the battery life test.

  • The benchmark tests have also given this tablets video editing capabilities a score of 5414 and photo editing achieved a score of 7288.


All Redmi Note 4X devices will come with MIUI 8 already installed, but there are currently two variants: The V8.1.80 and V8.1.10.0. The V8.1.8.0 version can be used with EDL mode, but the other version is no longer compatible with EDL and will need to be used with bootloader.


This tablet supports 8 LTE bands and you can easily switch to the LTE network once you have your phone, although that will be the second sim will only run on GSM connectivity. You can choose which sim will be the LTE data sim as this phone supports Dual LTE. This tablet has good Wi-Fi connectivity and it supports Wi-Fi direct. It comes with Bluetooth 4.2, GLONASS, and GPS. It works well with Google Maps, it can connect to 4+ and wireless screen mirroring is also made possible via a Miracast protocol.


The Redmi Note 4X is compatible with MP4, AAC, FLAC, XVID, M4V, MP3, WB, AMR-NB, EAAC, PCM, WAV, APE and other audio and video formats. You are able to stream an entire movie without any problems and the tablet also works well with Spotify. You should also have no trouble indulging in YouTube videos or listening to your personal music downloads.

Battery LifeScreenshot_2017-02-19-09-02-43-961_com.futuremark.pcmark.android.benchmark Screenshot_2017-02-19-09-02-46-373_com.futuremark.pcmark.android.benchmark

The Redmi Note 4X was designed to have optimal battery life and the Snapdragon Qualcomm processor is known for their superior battery performance. The PC Mark Stress Test revealed that this tablet lasted for 15 hours and 27 minutes, a feat which is pretty impressive when compared to other brands.

According to the tests, you should be able to make a 2G call for up to 51 hours, watch videos for 18 hours, play games for 15 hours, leave the phone on 4G standby for 11 days, listen to songs for 16 hours and read for 22 hours before the battery dies.


So after reading through this review of the Redmi Note 4X, you are still faced with the same question you had when you started reading: should you or should you not upgrade from the old Redmi Note 4? The answer depends on what you are looking to get out of your device. If it is purely a question of value for money then it may not be worth it because the RAM and ROM sizes are the same, but on the other hand, this version has a better design, a better feel and some really good features. It also has a better battery performance and features the superior Snapdragon processor. It really comes down to whether RAM and ROM are important to you or whether you are more interested in battery life and the tablets appearance.

That’s all from me for now. If you have any comments or queries, please let me know in the section below. Thanks for reading!