SJ Cam SJ6 Legend: The Tiniest Camera Ever

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These days, there are many options for those wanting to take a picture. You could use your smart phone, tablet computer or your laptop. There are even things such as watches and ink pens that double as cameras or video recorders these days.

However, there will always be a place in the market for cameras. After all, the cameras in your devices aren’t dedicated simply to taking pictures, and they often don’t have the features photographers want. Pictures can turn out grainy and subjects’ eyes may be red.

Even though there is a place for cameras in today’s market, they need to be small and discrete enough to whip out at a moment’s notice without anyone even knowing there is a camera present. That is just one of the many benefits of the SJ6 Legend camera from Xiaomi.sjcam-sj6-legend-camera


  • Length: 5.90 CM

  • Width: 4.10 CM

  • Height: 2.11 Cm

  • Weight: 0.082 KG

  • Storage: 128G ram Micro SD card. Not included.

  • Battery: Removable 1000-Mah

  • Screen Size: 2.0 inches

  • Display Type: LTPS

  • Screen Resolution: 320×240SJCAM-SJ6-Legend-fb

Technical Details

  • Imaging Processor: Novatek 96660 SOC.

  • Image Sensor: Panisonic MN34120PA

  • Amount of Megapixels: 16

  • Lens: 166 ultra-wide angle

  • Video formats: 4K, 1080P and 760P

  • Built-in Mic and Speakers: Yes

  • Modes: Burst, Loop recording, video and photo.

  • Battery time: 100 minutes

  • Wi-Fi connectivity: Yes

  • Connectors: Micro-USB and Mini HDMI

  • Waterproof: Yes, if you have a case.

  • Video out: Yes, with HDMI

  • Anti-shake functionality: Yes.

  • Colors: This camera comes in black, silver and pink.SJCAM-SJ6-Legend-Buttons

What’s in The Box

  • 1x 1000-ma battery

  • 1x USB charging cable

  • 1 waterproof case.

  • 1 pack of mounting accessories in case you want to mount this camera to something that is moving.

  • 1 tripod/adapter

  • 1 user manual

Unboxing a Legend

The SJ Legend camera comes in a stylish black-and-white cardboard box. This box features a transparent window in the front. This window allows you to see your new camera before you have even gotten it out. On the top left of the box it clearly states that this is an SJcam product. Some of the features and specifications of the camera are also written on the back of the box.

Inside the outer box is a white inner box. This box must be opened before we can remove the camera. This box also has a scratch verification panel. Use this panel to make sure that your device is a genuine Legend as opposed to a rip-off. We can still see the camera, protected by a transparent plastic shell.

Next to the camera box, there is also a smaller box. That is where you will find all the accessories that come with the camera. They have even included a microfiber cleaning cloth for wiping down the camera screen when it gets dirty, as it will inevitably do seeing as it is a touch screen.


This camera is incredibly compact. This means you can carry it easily in a pocket, a purse or anywhere else you could possibly want to put it. The camera comes in three colors—black, white and silver, and is ensconced in a waterproof casing. This casing has several safety latches to ensure that you don’t accidentally open it. If you did open the case, the camera would be unharmed, but it is this casing that gives it the ability to be waterproof at all.

In design, this camera echoes cameras from earlier times. Unlike most cameras on the market today, this one is not sleek and modern-looking. Instead, it is boxy, with sharply pointed corners. There are no smooth, rounded edges here.

For those of you who wish to use this camera with a tripod, it comes with a mount for it. The mount is on the bottom. The camera even comes with a tripod adapter, in case the tripod you have is not the right size.

Ports and Connections

On one side of the camera are two ports. These are the HDMI port and the USB port. There is also a slot for a micro SD card. This can be a downside, if you want to swap the SD card from this camera to another as it is not the normal-sized SD card most of us are used to. Also, the storage for this card can only be as much as 128 Gigabytes. This can be an issue for those of you who generally store several hours of video on your camera at any given time. You will have to find a computer that can take micro SD to transfer the videos and pictures to. Also, the micro-SD card is not included.

Touch ScreenSJCAM-SJ6-Legend-1

This camera features two screens. The smaller of the two is the status reports screen. It is on the front of the camera and can show you whether it is on, if you are recording video, how many photos you have taken and much more. The other screen is the front-facing touch screen. The touch screen is good if you are taking selfies or if you want to take photos by setting up a timer. You can see yourself in the picture, and set things up just right.

There is one downside to this touch screen. It is really, really tiny, at only two inches. This makes it extremely hard to use for most people, so be aware when you buy this camera that the screen is going to be fiddly at best.


At the bottom of the camera is the battery door. Simply slide the little latch forward and you can remove the battery. This comes in handy if you have more than one battery for the camera and need to switch them. The battery life on this camera is not the best. It will only last 100 minutes, so you might want to keep some extra batteries charged and ready to go if you plan a very long photo session.

Power Switch

The power switch is on the side of the camera opposite the ports. There is really nothing wrong with this switch, and it works well.

Does the Legend Live Up to Its Name?

Before you can begin to use your new camera, you must charge it. After it is charged, you need to insert a memory card. If you don’t insert the memory card, the camera will give you an error message if you try to power it on. When it is fully charged and the memory card has been inserted, you can begin to snap pictures. On the side of the camera opposite the ports and near the power button, there is a quick settings button. This button allows you to make fast changes to any of your camera settings on the fly, perfect for removing red eye from your child’s birthday party pictures or adjusting shutter speed.

Smart-phone Connectivity

The SJCam Legend, unlike many cameras on the market, comes with Wi-Fi capabilities. Using the Wi-Fi settings, it can be connected to your iPhone or Android device. However, to utilize this functionality, it is necessary to first download the app and create an account to register your Legend. If you do not download the app, you cannot connect your camera. If you do download the app, you can use it to also transfer pictures and videos from the camera to your phone or other smart device and share them with friends.

The Legend: Pros

There are several pros to this camera that need to be discussed.

Firstly, the Legend features a live view of any video you are recording or a slide show of pictures. Also, you can use the touch screen to scroll through the video and pictures, allowing you and your friends to have easy viewing.

Secondly, this camera boasts a number of languages for versatility and ease of understanding, everything from Polske to traditional Chinese and everything in between. The designers of this device surely meant this to be a camera that anyone could use.

The third pro of this camera is one that can also be considered a con. On one hand, the small, thin design makes it an easy camera to use. You can put it nearly anywhere and it is versatile enough to handle whatever video or pictures you’re taking.

The Legend: Cons

On the other hand, this small size makes this an easy camera to lose. As before mentioned, the touch screen is also tiny and you need to fiddle with it and have good eyesight to be able to see it at all. There are no large-print options or accessibility settings as there would be on most other cameras.

Furthermore, at $169, this camera is ridiculously pricey. For that price, you would expect to get more for your money. You would also expect to get a top-end image processor for that kind of money, but that isn’t what you get here. Unfortunately, the legend also uses an older image processor, the Novatek 96660. This is the image processor that many of the cheaper camera models use, and Xiaomi could have done a far better job if they had provided a better processor.

Another con of the Legend is its lack of auto focus. Most cameras in this day and age will focus the shot for you. Though this camera features anti-shake technology, it won’t auto-focus. Nor is there a dedicated focus button. You simply have to aim as best you can and focus your shot that way. For the price, we would have expected an auto focus.

Final Thoughts

If, for some reason, you just have to have a camera with a tiny touch screen, this may just be the camera for you. It is also the first camera of its size that is capable of recording in real high-definition. However, it cannot record in 4K as it claims, and it has a number of downsides that might deter some people.

For what it can do, this camera is quite a deal at $159. However, most of this camera’s increased price is because of the use of a touch screen. If you ditch the touch screen, this is just a tiny camera that can record in high definition. If you don’t have a soul-crushing desire for a touch screen, then this isn’t the camera for you though it does have its advantages. This camera is waterproof, and it does have smart phone connectivity, even though that connectivity comes at the price of having to download an app, create an account and register your camera. However, if you do all these things, you can then use it to transfer pictures to your phone.

We also were not fond of the touch screen. It was really too tiny to get a good handle on, especially for men or people with larger fingertips, and the possibility of touching an icon you didn’t mean to touch was high.

However, the design and the touch screen did have their upsides too. We could watch video and do slide shows directly from the camera, though anyone watching would have to move in very close to see. The camera does feature a built-in microphone and speakers, something quite impressive for its tiny size. We could also upload video and photos from our camera to a smart device with a better screen size and do slide shows and home movies on the better screen, but the camera screen will work in a pinch.

The bottom line is this. Whether this camera is worth it or not depends on what you do with it. If you have a need for a touch screen, then this camera may be perfect for you. However, if you do not need a touch screen, there are much cheaper options out there. These cameras, though they do not have a touch screen and may not be able to record in high-definition video have longer battery life, have lenses you can remove and change out, and are overall much more customizable and in some cases more user-friendly, and because they are cheaper, they won’t break your bank account.

SJ Cam SJ6 Legend
Camera is well built
Beautiful touch screen
User-friendly navigation
WiFi and apps are great
Firmware could be better
Low amount of details in the dark
Frame rate issues
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